Windows 10 Update Effects On Edge

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update includes changes to Microsoft Edge that affect how Flash content is displayed. Microsoft is encouraging developers to use more modern alternatives to Flash for improved performance and security. It is now known that Microsoft Edge version 38 and above prevents Adobe Flash player (RTMP and HDS protocols) from streaming content. This will likely affect any developer enabling Flash with the LEADTOOLS Media Server and testing on Microsoft Edge. There should be no problem when accessing the server from clients that are on other machines.

Perform the following steps to change Microsoft Edge browser behavior:

  1. Load Microsoft Edge.
  2. In its Address box, type "about:flags" to open the "about:flags Developer Settings" property page.
  3. The Developer settings group has an "allow localhost loopback (this might put your device at risk)" check box. Make sure the check box is selected.
  4. Restart Edge for the setting to take effect
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