Error Codes

The LEADTOOLS Media Streaming SDK returns error and success notifications to applications in the form of HRESULT values.

A return code's LOWORD portion is the return code itself, in hexadecimal format.

The COM Win32 HRESULT documentation contains more information, including how to use the FAILED and SUCCEEDED macros to test return values.

Some components will convert DOS error codes to 0x8003zzzz, where "zzzz" is the error code. For example, the DOS error code ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND (0x03) is converted to 0x80030003. For a complete list, see the GetLastError function in the Microsoft Platform SDK documentation.

Code Value Description
LTMS_E_WRONG_STATE 0x80048000 The server is in the wrong state to perform the requested operation.
LTMS_E_INVALID_LICENSE 0x80048001 The license is not valid.
LTMS_E_STREAMING_NOT_ENABLED 0x80048002 The license does not allow streaming.
LTMS_E_NOT_LICENSED 0x80048004 The server is not licensed.
LTMS_E_LICENSE_EXPIRED 0x80048005 The license has expired.
LTMS_E_SERVER_LICENSE_CONNECT 0x80048006 Failed to connect to the license server.
LTMS_E_SERVER_LICENSE 0x80048007 The license does not support server operation.
LTMS_E_SERVER_LICENSE_NOT_ACTIVATED 0x80048008 The license is not activated.
LTMS_E_SERVER_DEVICES_NOT_LOCKED 0x80048009 The Media Streaming server devices are unlocked.
LTMS_E_SERVER_DEVICES_LOCKED 0x8004800A The Media Streaming server devices are locked.
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