Media Folder Name Restrictions

The video files that will be streamed should be placed in the Media\vod folder. They can be in subfolders of vod, but the subfolders cannot have the following extensions:

That is because the media server treats URLS containing the extensions mentioned above as special paths. Just to be clear, the files can (and should) have these extensions, but the folders containing them cannot.

For example, you can stream a file from %ltmsMediaFolder%\vod\myfolder.zzz\myfile.mp4, but you cannot stream a file from %ltmsMediaFolder%\vod\myfolder.mp4\myfile.mp4. And %ltmsMediaFolder% is the media folder, which has a default value of <INSTDIR>\examples\multimedia\LTMS\Server\Media.

See the ltmsPathResolver Object for more details on %ltmsMediaFolder% and the predefined strings. 

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