typedef struct tagDISPANIMATIONPROPS 
   L_UINT uStructSize; 
   L_INT nFrames; 
   L_UINT uInterval; 
   L_UINT uFlags; 

The DISPANIMATIONPROPS structure contains options for controlling the animation feature.



Size of this structure in bytes, for versioning. Use the sizeof() function to calculate this value.


Flag that indicates how the animation will go through the frames. Possible values are:

Value Meaning
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_SHOW_ALL [-1] Go through all the frames. This is the default value.
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_SHOW_ODD [0] Go through the odd frames.
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_SHOW_EVEN [1] Go through the even frames.
> 2 Each time skip number of frames equal to the passed value.


Value that represents the time-out, in milliseconds. Every time uInterval elapsed, the animation will go to the next frame.


Flags that indicate the behavior of the animation. You can combine values together when appropriate by using a bitwise OR (|). Possible values listed below.

uFlags that identify the animation direction:

Value Meaning
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_DIRECTION_FORWARD [0x00000000] The animation will move forward.
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_DIRECTION_BACKWARD [0x00001000] The animation will move backward.

uFlags that identify the behavior of the animation when it reaches the last frame:

Value Meaning
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_LOOP_SEQUENCE [0x00000000] when the animation reaches the last frame, it will start from the beginning.
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_LOOP_SWEEP [0x00010000] when the animation reaches the last frame, it will bounce back.
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_LOOP_SHUFFLE [0x00020000] the animation will pick a random frame anytime.

uFlags that indicate the type of painting to use when painting each frame:

Value Meaning
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_PAINT_NORMAL [0x00000000] No interpolation.
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_PAINT_RESAMPLE [0x00000001] Resample interpolation.
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_PAINT_BICUBIC [0x00000002] Bicubic interpolation.

Miscellaneous uFlags:

Value Meaning
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_SHOW_ANNOTATION [0x00000010] Show the annotation object while animating the cell.
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_SHOW_REGION [0x00000100] Show the ROI frames while animating the cell.
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_PLAYONSELECTION [0x00100000] Stop when cell is deselected and play when it is selected.
CONTAINER_ANIMATION_STOP_AT_END [0x01000000] Stop when animation reaches the end.


This structure is used by the following functions:



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