L_INT nFactor; 

The DISPALPHAACTIONPROPS structure contains additional properties for controlling the Window Level action.



A structure that contains the general action properties. This member is applied on the container level.


Value that indicates the factor used in the function operation specified in the uFillType member of the DISPWLEVELACTIONPROPS. This nFactor member is used only if uFillType is FILLLUT_EXPONENTIAL, FILLLUT_LOGARITHMIC or FILLLUT_SIGMOID. If FILLLUT_EXPONENTIAL or FILLLUT_SIGMOID flag is selected, the value of nFactor can be any integer (+/-). If FILLLUT_LOGARITHMIC flag is selected its value should be >= 0. If nFactor = 0, the lookup table will be filled linearly. This member is applied on the sub cell level.


For each action supported by the image viewer, there are general properties and specific properties. The general properties are those that are common to all actions and are applied at the container level. Each structure specific for an action contains a member that is a DISPCONTAINERACTIONPROPS structure and one or more other members. The DISPCONTAINERACTIONPROPS structure contains "general properties" that are common to all actions. The other members of the structures are considered "general properties" or "specific properties", depending on whether they are applied at the container level or the cell level. Those members that are applied at the container level are also considered "general properties". Members that are applied at the cell level or the sub-cell level are considered "specific properties".

To get or set the general action properties and any "Container-level" properties in this structure, call LImageViewerCell::GetActionProperties or LImageViewerCell::SetActionProperties with uFlags to CONTAINER_ACTION_CONTAINERLEVEL.

To get or set the specific action properties, "Cell-level" or "Sub-cell level" properties in this structure, call LImageViewer::GetActionProperties or LImageViewer::SetActionProperties with uFlags to CONTAINER_ACTION_CELLLEVEL.

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