Customizable Sub-cell Title Bar

A title bar that contains up to eight developer-defined check boxes can be docked at the top of every sub-cell inside the image viewer, four on each side. The check box icons can be selected and deselected programmatically or manually.

Examples of behavior that might be assigned to these icons include:

Title Bar

By default, the title bar is not visible. When made visible, the default display uses the Windows Theme colors.

Title Bar Icons

Up to eight icons can be displayed on the title bar, four on each side. Each may be individually displayed/hidden and designated writeable/read-only. By default, when the title bar is made visible, four writeable icons are made active at the right-hand side of the toolbar. When made visible, the default deselected color is black, the selected color is blue, and the hover color is a green outline.

Title Bar Demo

To see a sample of the title bar and icon display options and properties, from the Image Viewer Demo main menu, select Properties -->Container Properties, then click the Titlebar tab.

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Customizeable Title Bar

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