typedef struct _PAINTDLGTEXTINFO 
   L_INT nSize; 
   L_INT32 dwFlags; 
   L_TCHAR * pszTitle; 
   L_TCHAR * pszText; 
   LOGFONTW logFont; 
   L_INT nBorderWidth; 
   COLORREF crBorderColor; 
   PAINTTEXTBACKSTYLE nBackgroundStyle; 
   COLORREF crBackgroundColor; 
   L_TCHAR ** ppszBackgroundTileBitmap; 
   L_UINT uBackgroundTileBitmapCount; 
   L_INT nActiveBackgroundTileBitmapItem; 
   PAINTALIGNMENT nAlignment; 
   L_INT nOpacity; 
   L_TCHAR ** ppszPaperTexture; 
   L_UINT uPaperTextureCount; 
   L_INT nActivePaperTextureItem; 
   PAINTTRANSFORM TransformInfo; 

The PAINTDLGTEXTINFO structure contains information about the Text dialog.



Size of this structure.


User interface flags for the dialog. Determines the layout and action of the dialog.

Possible values are:

Setting Description
PAINT_DLG_TEXT_SHOWALL [0x00000001] Show all controls
PAINT_DLG_TEXT_SHOWTEXT [0x00000002] Show Text control
PAINT_DLG_TEXT_SHOWBKGRNDSTYLE [0x00000004] Show Background style control
PAINT_DLG_TEXT_SHOWBKGRNDOPAQUECOLOR [0x00000008] Show Background Opaque color control
PAINT_DLG_TEXT_SHOWBKGRNDTILE [0x00000010] Show Background tile control
PAINT_DLG_TEXT_SHOWBORDERSTYLE [0x00000020] Show Border style control
PAINT_DLG_TEXT_SHOWBORDERWIDTH [0x00000040] Show border width control
PAINT_DLG_TEXT_SHOWBORDERCOLOR [0x00000080] Show Border color control
PAINT_DLG_TEXT_SHOWHORZALIGNMENT [0x00000100] Show Horizontal Alignment control
PAINT_DLG_TEXT_SHOWVERTALIGNMENT [0x00000200] Show Vertical Alignment control
PAINT_DLG_TEXT_SHOWROTATE [0x00000400] Show Rotate control
PAINT_DLG_TEXT_SHOWSCALE [0x00000800] Show Scale control
PAINT_DLG_TEXT_SHOWTRUETYPEFONT [0x00001000] Show True type font control
PAINT_DLG_TEXT_SHOWOPACITY [0x00002000] Show Opacity control
PAINT_DLG_TEXT_SHOWTEXTURE [0x00004000] Show Paper texture control
PAINT_DLG_TEXT_SHOWDEFAULT [0x00008000] Show Default control
PAINT_DLG_TEXT_INITUSEDEFAULT [0x00010000] Use the initial default values for the dialog control


Character string containing the Dialog box caption text.


Character string containing the text string to be drawn. The toolkit will copy this string to its internal data.


Handle to the font used to paint the text. This font should be a true type font. The toolkit will not copy this handle. Therefore, this font handle should still valid after setting this field.


An enumerated type that indicates the text border (outline) style. For a list of possible values, refer to PAINTTEXTBORDERBRUSHSTYLE.


Value indicating the width of the text border, in pixels. Valid values are 1 to 100.


COLORREF value that contains the text border (outline) color.


An enumerated type that indicates the text background style. For a list of possible values, refer to PAINTTEXTBACKSTYLE.


COLORREF value that contains the text background color.


Array of strings containing the names of the images used to fill the background tile bitmap combo box.


Number of strings in ppszBackgroundTileBitmap.


Index of the currently selected image in the background tile combo box.


An enumerated type that indicates text alignment. For a list of possible values, refer to PAINTALIGNMENT.


Value that indicates the transparency of the text when combined with the painting canvas. Valid values are 0 to 255. A color or an image with an opacity of 255 is transparent A color or an image with an opacity of 0 is completely opaque (solid).


Array of strings containing the names of the images used to fill the paper texture combo box.


Number of strings in ppszPaperTexture.


Index of the currently selected image in the paper texture combo box.


Structure that contains information used to transform the text output.

The nRotate structure field of TransformInfo will effect the text output result only when the nAlignment field is: (PAINT_ALIGNMENT_HCENTER | PAINT_ALIGNMENT_VCENTER ) Otherwise, the toolkit will consider nRotate to be 0.


An image of the Text dialog can be seen below.


When the uBackgroundTileBitmapCount field value is set to 0 or when the ppszBackgroundTileBitmap field value is set to NULL, the structure members shown below will automatically be set to the following values:

ppszBackgroundTileBitmap = NULL    
uBackgroundTileBitmapCount = 0    
nActiveBackgroundTileBitmapItem = -1  

The nActivePaperTextureItem field value will be 1 when the user selects "none" from the paper texture combo box.

When the value of the nActivePaperTextureItem is set to 1, the current selection in the paper texture combo box will be "none".

When the user presses the default button, the dialog box will reset to the default values, for all fields, except nActiveBackgroundTileBitmapItem. The nActivebackgroundTileBitmapItem field will be the value it was before the last call to the Dialog box.

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