#include "ltdic.h"

L_VOID pEXT_CALLBACK Your Function(hNet, nPresentationID, nMessageID, pszClass, pszInstance, nStatus, pUserData)

Notifies a connection that an N-DELETE-RSP command was received. This function is available in the PACS Imaging.



A DICOM Network handle to the peer member of the connection.

L_UCHAR nPresentationID

Presentation ID. The presentation ID provides information about both the class type of the data and the transfer syntax to use when transferring the data.

L_UINT16 nMessageID

Message ID. Each message sent by a member of a connection should have a unique ID. Since a member of a connection may send several messages, this ID allows that member to identify when a specific request has been completed.

L_TCHAR * pszClass

Class affected by the request. This will be an SOP Class or an SOP MetaClass.

L_TCHAR * pszInstance

The instance of the class. A server may, for example, have three instances of the Nuclear Medicine Class. This value identifies the data with a specific instance.

L_UINT16 nStatus

The status of the original request. For a list of possible values, refer to Status Constants.

L_VOID * pUserData

Void pointer that you can use to access a variable or structure containing data that your callback function needs. This gives you a way to receive data indirectly from the function that uses this callback function.

Keep in mind that this is a void pointer, which must be cast to the appropriate data type within your callback function.




A call to this function is generated on a peer member of a connection when L_DicomSendNDeleteResponse is called locally.

To use this callback function, RECEIVENDELETERESPONSECALLBACK must be set using L_DicomSetCallback.

Required DLLs and Libraries


Win32, x64

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static HWND hList; /* handle to list box */ 
L_VOID EXT_CALLBACK OnReceiveNDeleteResponse  (HDICOMNET hNet, L_UCHAR nPresentationID, L_UINT16 nMessageID, L_TCHAR *pszClass, L_TCHAR *pszInstance, L_UINT16 nStatus, L_VOID *pUserData) 
   L_TCHAR szMsg[800]; 
   ListBox_AddString(hList, TEXT("Command Set - N-DELETE-RESPONSE")); 
   wsprintf(szMsg, TEXT("     Presentation ID: %d"), nPresentationID); 
   ListBox_AddString(hList, szMsg); 
   wsprintf(szMsg, TEXT("     Message ID: %d"), nMessageID); 
   ListBox_AddString(hList, szMsg); 
   wsprintf(szMsg, TEXT("     Affected SOP Class: %s"), pszClass); 
   ListBox_AddString(hList, szMsg); 
   wsprintf(szMsg, TEXT("     Affected SOP Instance: %s"), pszInstance); 
   ListBox_AddString(hList, szMsg); 
   wsprintf(szMsg, TEXT("     Status: %d"), nStatus); 
   ListBox_AddString(hList, szMsg); 
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