Programming with LEADTOOLS DICOM

The following topics provide a systematic approach to understanding how to program with the LEADTOOLS DICOM C API.

Getting Started

Unlocking DICOM Features

Considering Development Systems

Using LEADTOOLS with Your C/C++ Compiler

Working with the DICOM files

Working with Data Sets

Working with Information Object Definitions

Working with Tags

Working with Unique Identifiers

Working with Value Representations

Working With DICOM Encapsulated Documents

Working with Key Elements

DICOM Macros

Creating and Loading a Data Set

Overlays Overview

LUT Encoding Overview

Working with Context Groups

Working with DICOM Waveforms

Working With DICOM Encapsulated Documents

Working With DICOM Tables

Working with DICOM Connections and Message Transfer

Working with DICOM Network Connections

Working with DICOM Associate Connections

Working with Command Sets

Creating a DICOM Network Connection

Creating a DICOM Associate Connection

Creating an SCU

Creating an SCP

Sending Messages

Receiving Messages

Moving Composite Data

Diagram of an SCU-SCP Set-Up

Closing a DICOM Associate Connection

Security Profiles

Security Profiles

Working with Digital Signatures

ISCL Security

General Integrated Secure Communication Layer (ISCL) Information


Establishing an ISCL Line Connection

Adding Security to a DICOM Connection

Sending and Receiving Messages

Closing an ISCL Connection

TLS Security

General Transport Layer Secure (TLS) Information

Adding TLS Security to a DICOM Connection

Negotiating a Ciphersuite

DICOM Annotations

Working with DICOM Annotations

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