Overview: Delimitation of the Sequence of Items

Delimitation of the last Item of a Sequence of Items, encapsulated in a Data Element of Value Representation SQ, shall be in one of the two following ways:

The encoder of a Sequence of Items may choose either one of the two ways of encoding. Both ways of encoding shall be supported by decoders of the Sequence of Items.


If an encapsulated Data Set includes the Specific Character Set Attribute, it shall apply only to the encapsulated Data Set. If the Attribute Specific Character Set is not explicitly included in an encapsulated Data Set, then the Specific Character Set value of the encapsulating Data Set applies.

Character Set Description
DE Data Element
DE-SQ Sequence of Items
DE-SQD Sequence Delimitation Item
DE-I Item
DE-ID Item Delimitation Data Element

Please note the DE-SQD and DE-ID items are added internally. You do not have to explicitly add these items.

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