TwainExceptionCode Enumeration

Used as a value for TwainException.Code property.
public enum TwainExceptionCode   
Public Enum TwainExceptionCode  
public enum class TwainExceptionCode   
-589CapabilitySequenceError Capability has dependency on other capability
-588CapabilityBadOperation Operation not supported by capability
-587StopScan The feeder is stopped by the user
-586CheckDeviceOnline The device has been powered off
-585FileWriteError Error writing to the specified file
-584PaperDoubleFeed Transfer failed because of a feeder error
-583PaperJam Transfer failed because of a feeder error
-582NotEmpty Directory is not empty and can not be deleted
-581FileNotFound Input file name not found or output file name invalid
-580FileExists Specified output file name already exists
-579Denied Operation denied (device not ready)
-578CustomBase Custom return code base
-577InvalidAccessRight Invalid access right to file
-576NotValidFile Invalid file
-575ReadFromFile Error reading from file
-574InvalidVersionNumber Invalid version number
-573WriteToFile Error trying write to a file
-572InvalidHandle Invalid handle was passed
-571OpenFile Can't open required file
-570CapabilityNegotiationNotEnded Capability negotiation ended before the current operation
-569InvalidState TWAIN source state is not valid for the required operation
-568BadValue Invalid capability value
-567SourceNotOpen TWAIN source not being open
-566CapabilityNotSupported Required capability not supported
-565EndOfList End of the enumeration list
-564CheckStatus An error in the status of the TWAIN source
-562NotInitialized TWAIN source not initialized
-561InvalidDll Invalid DLL
-560NoTwainLibrary No Twain Library
-90Cancel Operation was cancelled
-86BadProtocol Unrecognized MSG DG DAT combination
-84OperationError Source or Source Manager reported an error to the user and handled the error; no application action required.
-83MaxConnections Data source is connected to maximum possible applications
-82NoDataSource No Data Source
-81LowMemory Not enough memory to perform operation
-80FailureUnknown Failure due to unknown cause

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