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TwainDataTransferProperties Structure Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property AppendToFile Gets or sets flag indicates whether to append pages to the end of the file when saving a multipage file.
Public Property BufferedMemoryCompression Gets and set the compression to be used when having the transfer mode set to be memory.
Public Property DumpMemoryBuffersToFile Gets or sets flag indicates whether to use the file name specified in FileName property to dump the memory buffers received from the scanner.
Public Property static  | Shared in VB Empty Returns a TwainDataTransferProperties structure with default values.
Public Property FileName Gets or sets the file name used in the file transfer mode.
Public Property FillOrder Gets or sets indicate how bytes in the image are to be filled by the source.
Public Property MemoryBufferSize Gets or sets the memory buffer size to be used in data transfer.
Public Property SaveToOneFile Gets or sets flag indicates whether to save a multiple pages to a single file.
Public Property ScanFileFormat Gets or sets the file format to use when saving the files from the TWAIN source.
Public Property TransferMechanism Gets or sets transfer mode to be used by the TWAIN source.

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