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TwainDeviceEvent Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by TwainDeviceEvent.

Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property AutomaticCapture Gets or sets number of images camera will capture.
Public Property BatteryMinutes Gets or sets minutes of battery power remaining
Public Property BatteryPercentage Gets or sets percentage of battery power remaining.
Public Property DeviceName Gets or sets the name of the device that generated the event.
Public Property Event Defines the event that has taken place.
Public Property FlashUsed2 Gets or sets current flash setting.
Public Property PowerSupply Gets or sets current power supply in use.
Public Property TimeBeforeFirstCapture Gets or sets number of seconds before first capture.
Public Property TimeBetweenCaptures Gets or sets hundredths of a second between captures.
Public Property XResolution Gets or sets current X Resolution.
Public Property YResolution Gets or sets current Y Resolution.

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