SpecialEffectsType Enumeration

Type of special effect. The DrawEffect, PaintTransition, PaintImage and PaintImageEffect methods use this enumeration. Possible values are:
Public Enum SpecialEffectsType  
   Inherits System.Enum 
   Implements System.IComparable, System.IConvertible, System.IFormattable  
public enum SpecialEffectsType 
public enum class SpecialEffectsType : public System.Enum, System.IComparable, System.IConvertible, System.IFormattable   
1000NoneClassNo special effect class
1000NoneNo effect
1001NoPictureNo picture (no background)
1001NoneMaxNumber of effects in this class.
2000WipeRightWipe left to right
2000WipeLToRWipe left to right
2000WipeClassLinear wipe class
2001WipeLeftWipe right to left
2001WipeRToLWipe right to left
2002WipeDownWipe top to bottom
2002WipeTToBWipe top to bottom
2003WipeUpWipe bottom to top
2003WipeBToTWipe bottom to top
2004WipeLTToRBWipe left-top to right-bottom
2005WipeLBToRTWipe left-bottom to right-top
2006WipeRTToLBWipe right-top to left-bottom
2007WipeRBToLTWipe right-bottom to left-top
2008WipeHInterLToRThenLToRWipe horizontal interlace left to right twice
2009WipeVInterTToBThenTToBWipe vertical interlace top to bottom twice
2010WipeHInterLToRThenRToLWipe horizontal interlace left to right then back
2011WipeVInterTToBThenBToTWipe vertical interlace top to bottom then back
2012WipeVInterLToRThenLToRWipe vertical interlace left to right twice
2013WipeVInterRToLThenRToLWipe vertical interlace right to left twice
2014WipeHInterTToBThenTToBWipe horizontal interlace top to bottom twice
2015WipeHInterBToTThenBToTWipe horizontal interlace bottom to top twice
2016WipeVInterLToRThenRToLWipe vertical interlace left to right then back
2017WipeVInterRToLThenLToRWipe vertical interlace right to left then back
2018WipeHInterTToBThenBToTWipe horizontal interlace top to bottom then back
2019WipeHInterBToTThenTToBWipe horizontal interlace bottom to top then back
2020WipeHInterLToRAndRToLWipe horizontal interlace left to right and right to left
2021WipeVInterTToBAndBToTWipe vertical interlace top to bottom and bottom to top
2022VInterlaceInwardWipe vertical interlace left and right to center
2022WipeVInterLAndRToCWipe vertical interlace left and right to center
2023WipeVInterCToLAndRWipe vertical interlace center to left and right
2023HInterlaceOutwardWipe vertical interlace center to left and right
2024WipeHInterTAndBToCWipe horizontal interlace top and bottom to center
2024HInterlaceInwardWipe horizontal interlace top and bottom to center
2025WipeHInterCToTAndBWipe horizontal interlace center to top and bottom
2025VInterlaceOutwardWipe horizontal interlace center to top and bottom
2026WipeVInterLAndRToCThenCToLAndRWipe vertical interlace left and right to center then back
2027WipeVInterCToLAndRThenLAndRToCWipe vertical interlace center to left and right then back
2028WipeHInterTAndBToCThenCToTAndBWipe horizontal interlace top and bottom to center then back
2029WipeHInterCToTAndBThenTAndBToCWipe horizontal interlace center to top and bottom then back
2030HMiddleInwardWipe2 left-top and right-bottom to center
2030Wipe2LTAndRBToCWipe2 left-top and right-bottom to center
2031VMiddleInwardWipe2 left-bottom and right-top to center
2031Wipe2LBAndRTToCWipe2 left-bottom and right-top to center
2032VMiddleWipe2 center to left-top and right-bottom
2032Wipe2CToLTAndRBWipe2 center to left-top and right-bottom
2033HMiddleWipe2 center to left-bottom and right-top
2033Wipe2CToLBAndRTWipe2 center to left-bottom and right-top
2034Wipe2LBAndRBToTWipe2 left-bottom and right-bottom to top
2035Wipe2LTAndRTToBWipe2 left-top and right-top to bottom
2036Wipe2RTAndRBToLWipe2 right-top and right-bottom to left
2037Wipe2LTAndLBToRWipe2 left-top and left-bottom to right
2038Wipe2LTToBAndRBToTWipe2 left top to bottom and right bottom to top
2039Wipe2TLToRAndBRToLWipe2 top left to right and bottom right to left
2040Wipe4CornersOutWipe4 corners out
2041Wipe4CToLAndRThenTAndBWipe4 center to left and right then top and bottom
2042Wipe4TAndBThenLAndRToCWipe4 top and bottom then left and right to center
2043Wipe4LLLLWipe4 left left left left
2044Wipe4LLLRWipe4 left left left right
2045Wipe4LLLTWipe4 left left left top
2046Wipe4LLLBWipe4 left left left bottom
2047Wipe4LLRLWipe4 left left right left
2048Wipe4LLRRWipe4 left left right right
2049Wipe4LLRTWipe4 left left right top
2050Wipe4LLRBWipe4 left left right bottom
2051Wipe4LLTLWipe4 left left top left
2052Wipe4LLTRWipe4 left left top right
2053Wipe4LLTTWipe4 left left top top
2054Wipe4LLTBWipe4 left left top bottom
2055Wipe4LLBLWipe4 left left bottom left
2056Wipe4LLBRWipe4 left left bottom right
2057Wipe4LLBTWipe4 left left bottom top
2058Wipe4LLBBWipe4 left left bottom bottom
2059Wipe4LRLLWipe4 left right left left
2060Wipe4LRLRWipe4 left right left right
2061Wipe4LRLTWipe4 left right left top
2062Wipe4LRLBWipe4 left right left bottom
2063Wipe4LRRLWipe4 left right right left
2064Wipe4LRRRWipe4 left right right right
2065Wipe4LRRTWipe4 left right right top
2066Wipe4LRRBWipe4 left right right bottom
2067Wipe4LRTLWipe4 left right top left
2068Wipe4LRTRWipe4 left right top right
2069Wipe4LRTTWipe4 left right top top
2070Wipe4LRTBWipe4 left right top bottom
2071Wipe4LRBLWipe4 left right bottom left
2072Wipe4LRBRWipe4 left right bottom right
2073Wipe4LRBTWipe4 left right bottom top
2074Wipe4LRBBWipe4 left right bottom bottom
2075Wipe4LTLLWipe4 left top left left
2076Wipe4LTLRWipe4 left top left right
2077Wipe4LTLTWipe4 left top left top
2078Wipe4LTLBWipe4 left top left bottom
2079Wipe4LTRLWipe4 left top right left
2080Wipe4LTRRWipe4 left top right right
2081Wipe4LTRTWipe4 left top right top
2082Wipe4LTRBWipe4 left top right bottom
2083Wipe4LTTLWipe4 left top top left
2084Wipe4LTTRWipe4 left top top right
2085Wipe4LTTTWipe4 left top top top
2086Wipe4LTTBWipe4 left top top bottom
2087Wipe4LTBLWipe4 left top bottom left
2088Wipe4LTBRWipe4 left top bottom right
2089Wipe4LTBTWipe4 left top bottom top
2090Wipe4LTBBWipe4 left top bottom bottom
2091Wipe4LBLLWipe4 left bottom left left
2092Wipe4LBLRWipe4 left bottom left right
2093Wipe4LBLTWipe4 left bottom left top
2094Wipe4LBLBWipe4 left bottom left bottom
2095Wipe4LBRLWipe4 left bottom right left
2096Wipe4LBRRWipe4 left bottom right right
2097Wipe4LBRTWipe4 left bottom right top
2098Wipe4LBRBWipe4 left bottom right bottom
2099Wipe4LBTLWipe4 left bottom top left
2100Wipe4LBTRWipe4 left bottom top right
2101Wipe4LBTTWipe4 left bottom top top
2102Wipe4LBTBWipe4 left bottom top bottom
2103Wipe4LBBLWipe4 left bottom bottom left
2104Wipe4LBBRWipe4 left bottom bottom right
2105Wipe4LBBTWipe4 left bottom bottom top
2106Wipe4LBBBWipe4 left bottom bottom bottom
2107Wipe4RLLLWipe4 right left left left
2108Wipe4RLLRWipe4 right left left right
2109Wipe4RLLTWipe4 right left left top
2110Wipe4RLLBWipe4 right left left bottom
2111Wipe4RLRLWipe4 right left right left
2112Wipe4RLRRWipe4 right left right right
2113Wipe4RLRTWipe4 right left right top
2114Wipe4RLRBWipe4 right left right bottom
2115Wipe4RLTLWipe4 right left top left
2116Wipe4RLTRWipe4 right left top right
2117Wipe4RLTTWipe4 right left top top
2118Wipe4RLTBWipe4 right left top bottom
2119Wipe4RLBLWipe4 right left bottom left
2120Wipe4RLBRWipe4 right left bottom right
2121Wipe4RLBTWipe4 right left bottom top
2122Wipe4RLBBWipe4 right left bottom bottom
2123Wipe4RRLLWipe4 right right left left
2124Wipe4RRLRWipe4 right right left right
2125Wipe4RRLTWipe4 right right left top
2126Wipe4RRLBWipe4 right right left bottom
2127Wipe4RRRLWipe4 right right right left
2128Wipe4RRRRWipe4 right right right right
2129Wipe4RRRTWipe4 right right right top
2130Wipe4RRRBWipe4 right right right bottom
2131Wipe4RRTLWipe4 right right top left
2132Wipe4RRTRWipe4 right right top right
2133Wipe4RRTTWipe4 right right top top
2134Wipe4RRTBWipe4 right right top bottom
2135Wipe4RRBLWipe4 right right bottom left
2136Wipe4RRBRWipe4 right right bottom right
2137Wipe4RRBTWipe4 right right bottom top
2138Wipe4RRBBWipe4 right right bottom bottom
2139Wipe4RTLLWipe4 right top left left
2140Wipe4RTLRWipe4 right top left right
2141Wipe4RTLTWipe4 right top left top
2142Wipe4RTLBWipe4 right top left bottom
2143Wipe4RTRLWipe4 right top right left
2144Wipe4RTRRWipe4 right top right right
2145Wipe4RTRTWipe4 right top right top
2146Wipe4RTRBWipe4 right top right bottom
2147Wipe4RTTLWipe4 right top top left
2148Wipe4RTTRWipe4 right top top right
2149Wipe4RTTTWipe4 right top top top
2150Wipe4RTTBWipe4 right top top bottom
2151Wipe4RTBLWipe4 right top bottom left
2152Wipe4RTBRWipe4 right top bottom right
2153Wipe4RTBTWipe4 right top bottom top
2154Wipe4RTBBWipe4 right top bottom bottom
2155Wipe4RBLLWipe4 right bottom left left
2156Wipe4RBLRWipe4 right bottom left right
2157Wipe4RBLTWipe4 right bottom left top
2158Wipe4RBLBWipe4 right bottom left bottom
2159Wipe4RBRLWipe4 right bottom right left
2160Wipe4RBRRWipe4 right bottom right right
2161Wipe4RBRTWipe4 right bottom right top
2162Wipe4RBRBWipe4 right bottom right bottom
2163Wipe4RBTLWipe4 right bottom top left
2164Wipe4RBTRWipe4 right bottom top right
2165Wipe4RBTTWipe4 right bottom top top
2166Wipe4RBTBWipe4 right bottom top bottom
2167Wipe4RBBLWipe4 right bottom bottom left
2168Wipe4RBBRWipe4 right bottom bottom right
2169Wipe4RBBTWipe4 right bottom bottom top
2170Wipe4RBBBWipe4 right bottom bottom bottom
2171Wipe4TLLLWipe4 top left left left
2172Wipe4TLLRWipe4 top left left right
2173Wipe4TLLTWipe4 top left left top
2174Wipe4TLLBWipe4 top left left bottom
2175Wipe4TLRLWipe4 top left right left
2176Wipe4TLRRWipe4 top left right right
2177Wipe4TLRTWipe4 top left right top
2178Wipe4TLRBWipe4 top left right bottom
2179Wipe4TLTLWipe4 top left top left
2180Wipe4TLTRWipe4 top left top right
2181Wipe4TLTTWipe4 top left top top
2182Wipe4TLTBWipe4 top left top bottom
2183Wipe4TLBLWipe4 top left bottom left
2184Wipe4TLBRWipe4 top left bottom right
2185Wipe4TLBTWipe4 top left bottom top
2186Wipe4TLBBWipe4 top left bottom bottom
2187Wipe4TRLLWipe4 top right left left
2188Wipe4TRLRWipe4 top right left right
2189Wipe4TRLTWipe4 top right left top
2190Wipe4TRLBWipe4 top right left bottom
2191Wipe4TRRLWipe4 top right right left
2192Wipe4TRRRWipe4 top right right right
2193Wipe4TRRTWipe4 top right right top
2194Wipe4TRRBWipe4 top right right bottom
2195Wipe4TRTLWipe4 top right top left
2196Wipe4TRTRWipe4 top right top right
2197Wipe4TRTTWipe4 top right top top
2198Wipe4TRTBWipe4 top right top bottom
2199Wipe4TRBLWipe4 top right bottom left
2200Wipe4TRBRWipe4 top right bottom right
2201Wipe4TRBTWipe4 top right bottom top
2202Wipe4TRBBWipe4 top right bottom bottom
2203Wipe4TTLLWipe4 top top left left
2204Wipe4TTLRWipe4 top top left right
2205Wipe4TTLTWipe4 top top left top
2206Wipe4TTLBWipe4 top top left bottom
2207Wipe4TTRLWipe4 top top right left
2208Wipe4TTRRWipe4 top top right right
2209Wipe4TTRTWipe4 top top right top
2210Wipe4TTRBWipe4 top top right bottom
2211Wipe4TTTLWipe4 top top top left
2212Wipe4TTTRWipe4 top top top right
2213Wipe4TTTTWipe4 top top top top
2214Wipe4TTTBWipe4 top top top bottom
2215Wipe4TTBLWipe4 top top bottom left
2216Wipe4TTBRWipe4 top top bottom right
2217Wipe4TTBTWipe4 top top bottom top
2218Wipe4TTBBWipe4 top top bottom bottom
2219Wipe4TBLLWipe4 top bottom left left
2220Wipe4TBLRWipe4 top bottom left right
2221Wipe4TBLTWipe4 top bottom left top
2222Wipe4TBLBWipe4 top bottom left bottom
2223Wipe4TBRLWipe4 top bottom right left
2224Wipe4TBRRWipe4 top bottom right right
2225Wipe4TBRTWipe4 top bottom right top
2226Wipe4TBRBWipe4 top bottom right bottom
2227Wipe4TBTLWipe4 top bottom top left
2228Wipe4TBTRWipe4 top bottom top right
2229Wipe4TBTTWipe4 top bottom top top
2230Wipe4TBTBWipe4 top bottom top bottom
2231Wipe4TBBLWipe4 top bottom bottom left
2232Wipe4TBBRWipe4 top bottom bottom right
2233Wipe4TBBTWipe4 top bottom bottom top
2234Wipe4TBBBWipe4 top bottom bottom bottom
2235Wipe4BLLLWipe4 bottom left left left
2236Wipe4BLLRWipe4 bottom left left right
2237Wipe4BLLTWipe4 bottom left left top
2238Wipe4BLLBWipe4 bottom left left bottom
2239Wipe4BLRLWipe4 bottom left right left
2240Wipe4BLRRWipe4 bottom left right right
2241Wipe4BLRTWipe4 bottom left right top
2242Wipe4BLRBWipe4 bottom left right bottom
2243Wipe4BLTLWipe4 bottom left top left
2244Wipe4BLTRWipe4 bottom left top right
2245Wipe4BLTTWipe4 bottom left top top
2246Wipe4BLTBWipe4 bottom left top bottom
2247Wipe4BLBLWipe4 bottom left bottom left
2248Wipe4BLBRWipe4 bottom left bottom right
2249Wipe4BLBTWipe4 bottom left bottom top
2250Wipe4BLBBWipe4 bottom left bottom bottom
2251Wipe4BRLLWipe4 bottom right left left
2252Wipe4BRLRWipe4 bottom right left right
2253Wipe4BRLTWipe4 bottom right left top
2254Wipe4BRLBWipe4 bottom right left bottom
2255Wipe4BRRLWipe4 bottom right right left
2256Wipe4BRRRWipe4 bottom right right right
2257Wipe4BRRTWipe4 bottom right right top
2258Wipe4BRRBWipe4 bottom right right bottom
2259Wipe4BRTLWipe4 bottom right top left
2260Wipe4BRTRWipe4 bottom right top right
2261Wipe4BRTTWipe4 bottom right top top
2262Wipe4BRTBWipe4 bottom right top bottom
2263Wipe4BRBLWipe4 bottom right bottom left
2264Wipe4BRBRWipe4 bottom right bottom right
2265Wipe4BRBTWipe4 bottom right bottom top
2266Wipe4BRBBWipe4 bottom right bottom bottom
2267Wipe4BTLLWipe4 bottom top left left
2268Wipe4BTLRWipe4 bottom top left right
2269Wipe4BTLTWipe4 bottom top left top
2270Wipe4BTLBWipe4 bottom top left bottom
2271Wipe4BTRLWipe4 bottom top right left
2272Wipe4BTRRWipe4 bottom top right right
2273Wipe4BTRTWipe4 bottom top right top
2274Wipe4BTRBWipe4 bottom top right bottom
2275Wipe4BTTLWipe4 bottom top top left
2276Wipe4BTTRWipe4 bottom top top right
2277Wipe4BTTTWipe4 bottom top top top
2278Wipe4BTTBWipe4 bottom top top bottom
2279Wipe4BTBLWipe4 bottom top bottom left
2280Wipe4BTBRWipe4 bottom top bottom right
2281Wipe4BTBTWipe4 bottom top bottom top
2282Wipe4BTBBWipe4 bottom top bottom bottom
2283Wipe4BBLLWipe4 bottom bottom left left
2284Wipe4BBLRWipe4 bottom bottom left right
2285Wipe4BBLTWipe4 bottom bottom left top
2286Wipe4BBLBWipe4 bottom bottom left bottom
2287Wipe4BBRLWipe4 bottom bottom right left
2288Wipe4BBRRWipe4 bottom bottom right right
2289Wipe4BBRTWipe4 bottom bottom right top
2290Wipe4BBRBWipe4 bottom bottom right bottom
2291Wipe4BBTLWipe4 bottom bottom top left
2292Wipe4BBTRWipe4 bottom bottom top right
2293Wipe4BBTTWipe4 bottom bottom top top
2294Wipe4BBTBWipe4 bottom bottom top bottom
2295Wipe4BBBLWipe4 bottom bottom bottom left
2296Wipe4BBBRWipe4 bottom bottom bottom right
2297Wipe4BBBTWipe4 bottom bottom bottom top
2298Wipe4BBBBWipe4 bottom bottom bottom bottom
2299Wipe4LTLTLTLTWipe4 left-top left-top left-top left-top
2300Wipe4LTLTLTLBWipe4 left-top left-top left-top left-bottom
2301Wipe4LTLTLTRTWipe4 left-top left-top left-top right-top
2302Wipe4LTLTLTRBWipe4 left-top left-top left-top right-bottom
2303Wipe4LTLTLBLTWipe4 left-top left-top left-bottom left-top
2304Wipe4LTLTLBLBWipe4 left-top left-top left-bottom left-bottom
2305Wipe4LTLTLBRTWipe4 left-top left-top left-bottom right-top
2306Wipe4LTLTLBRBWipe4 left-top left-top left-bottom right-bottom
2307Wipe4LTLTRTLTWipe4 left-top left-top right-top left-top
2308Wipe4LTLTRTLBWipe4 left-top left-top right-top left-bottom
2309Wipe4LTLTRTRTWipe4 left-top left-top right-top right-top
2310Wipe4LTLTRTRBWipe4 left-top left-top right-top right-bottom
2311Wipe4LTLTRBLTWipe4 left-top left-top right-bottom left-top
2312Wipe4LTLTRBLBWipe4 left-top left-top right-bottom left-bottom
2313Wipe4LTLTRBRTWipe4 left-top left-top right-bottom right-top
2314Wipe4LTLTRBRBWipe4 left-top left-top right-bottom right-bottom
2315Wipe4LTLBLTLTWipe4 left-top left-bottom left-top left-top
2316Wipe4LTLBLTLBWipe4 left-top left-bottom left-top left-bottom
2317Wipe4LTLBLTRTWipe4 left-top left-bottom left-top right-top
2318Wipe4LTLBLTRBWipe4 left-top left-bottom left-top right-bottom
2319Wipe4LTLBLBLTWipe4 left-top left-bottom left-bottom left-top
2320Wipe4LTLBLBLBWipe4 left-top left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
2321Wipe4LTLBLBRTWipe4 left-top left-bottom left-bottom right-top
2322Wipe4LTLBLBRBWipe4 left-top left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
2323Wipe4LTLBRTLTWipe4 left-top left-bottom right-top left-top
2324Wipe4LTLBRTLBWipe4 left-top left-bottom right-top left-bottom
2325Wipe4LTLBRTRTWipe4 left-top left-bottom right-top right-top
2326Wipe4LTLBRTRBWipe4 left-top left-bottom right-top right-bottom
2327Wipe4LTLBRBLTWipe4 left-top left-bottom right-bottom left-top
2328Wipe4LTLBRBLBWipe4 left-top left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
2329Wipe4LTLBRBRTWipe4 left-top left-bottom right-bottom right-top
2330Wipe4LTLBRBRBWipe4 left-top left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
2331Wipe4LTRTLTLTWipe4 left-top right-top left-top left-top
2332Wipe4LTRTLTLBWipe4 left-top right-top left-top left-bottom
2333Wipe4LTRTLTRTWipe4 left-top right-top left-top right-top
2334Wipe4LTRTLTRBWipe4 left-top right-top left-top right-bottom
2335Wipe4LTRTLBLTWipe4 left-top right-top left-bottom left-top
2336Wipe4LTRTLBLBWipe4 left-top right-top left-bottom left-bottom
2337Wipe4LTRTLBRTWipe4 left-top right-top left-bottom right-top
2338Wipe4LTRTLBRBWipe4 left-top right-top left-bottom right-bottom
2339Wipe4LTRTRTLTWipe4 left-top right-top right-top left-top
2340Wipe4LTRTRTLBWipe4 left-top right-top right-top left-bottom
2341Wipe4LTRTRTRTWipe4 left-top right-top right-top right-top
2342Wipe4LTRTRTRBWipe4 left-top right-top right-top right-bottom
2343Wipe4LTRTRBLTWipe4 left-top right-top right-bottom left-top
2344Wipe4LTRTRBLBWipe4 left-top right-top right-bottom left-bottom
2345Wipe4LTRTRBRTWipe4 left-top right-top right-bottom right-top
2346Wipe4LTRTRBRBWipe4 left-top right-top right-bottom right-bottom
2347Wipe4LTRBLTLTWipe4 left-top right-bottom left-top left-top
2348Wipe4LTRBLTLBWipe4 left-top right-bottom left-top left-bottom
2349Wipe4LTRBLTRTWipe4 left-top right-bottom left-top right-top
2350Wipe4LTRBLTRBWipe4 left-top right-bottom left-top right-bottom
2351Wipe4LTRBLBLTWipe4 left-top right-bottom left-bottom left-top
2352Wipe4LTRBLBLBWipe4 left-top right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
2353Wipe4LTRBLBRTWipe4 left-top right-bottom left-bottom right-top
2354Wipe4LTRBLBRBWipe4 left-top right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
2355Wipe4LTRBRTLTWipe4 left-top right-bottom right-top left-top
2356Wipe4LTRBRTLBWipe4 left-top right-bottom right-top left-bottom
2357Wipe4LTRBRTRTWipe4 left-top right-bottom right-top right-top
2358Wipe4LTRBRTRBWipe4 left-top right-bottom right-top right-bottom
2359Wipe4LTRBRBLTWipe4 left-top right-bottom right-bottom left-top
2360Wipe4LTRBRBLBWipe4 left-top right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
2361Wipe4LTRBRBRTWipe4 left-top right-bottom right-bottom right-top
2362Wipe4LTRBRBRBWipe4 left-top right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
2363Wipe4LBLTLTLTWipe4 left-bottom left-top left-top left-top
2364Wipe4LBLTLTLBWipe4 left-bottom left-top left-top left-bottom
2365Wipe4LBLTLTRTWipe4 left-bottom left-top left-top right-top
2366Wipe4LBLTLTRBWipe4 left-bottom left-top left-top right-bottom
2367Wipe4LBLTLBLTWipe4 left-bottom left-top left-bottom left-top
2368Wipe4LBLTLBLBWipe4 left-bottom left-top left-bottom left-bottom
2369Wipe4LBLTLBRTWipe4 left-bottom left-top left-bottom right-top
2370Wipe4LBLTLBRBWipe4 left-bottom left-top left-bottom right-bottom
2371Wipe4LBLTRTLTWipe4 left-bottom left-top right-top left-top
2372Wipe4LBLTRTLBWipe4 left-bottom left-top right-top left-bottom
2373Wipe4LBLTRTRTWipe4 left-bottom left-top right-top right-top
2374Wipe4LBLTRTRBWipe4 left-bottom left-top right-top right-bottom
2375Wipe4LBLTRBLTWipe4 left-bottom left-top right-bottom left-top
2376Wipe4LBLTRBLBWipe4 left-bottom left-top right-bottom left-bottom
2377Wipe4LBLTRBRTWipe4 left-bottom left-top right-bottom right-top
2378Wipe4LBLTRBRBWipe4 left-bottom left-top right-bottom right-bottom
2379Wipe4LBLBLTLTWipe4 left-bottom left-bottom left-top left-top
2380Wipe4LBLBLTLBWipe4 left-bottom left-bottom left-top left-bottom
2381Wipe4LBLBLTRTWipe4 left-bottom left-bottom left-top right-top
2382Wipe4LBLBLTRBWipe4 left-bottom left-bottom left-top right-bottom
2383Wipe4LBLBLBLTWipe4 left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom left-top
2384Wipe4LBLBLBLBWipe4 left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
2385Wipe4LBLBLBRTWipe4 left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom right-top
2386Wipe4LBLBLBRBWipe4 left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
2387Wipe4LBLBRTLTWipe4 left-bottom left-bottom right-top left-top
2388Wipe4LBLBRTLBWipe4 left-bottom left-bottom right-top left-bottom
2389Wipe4LBLBRTRTWipe4 left-bottom left-bottom right-top right-top
2390Wipe4LBLBRTRBWipe4 left-bottom left-bottom right-top right-bottom
2391Wipe4LBLBRBLTWipe4 left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom left-top
2392Wipe4LBLBRBLBWipe4 left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
2393Wipe4LBLBRBRTWipe4 left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom right-top
2394Wipe4LBLBRBRBWipe4 left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
2395Wipe4LBRTLTLTWipe4 left-bottom right-top left-top left-top
2396Wipe4LBRTLTLBWipe4 left-bottom right-top left-top left-bottom
2397Wipe4LBRTLTRTWipe4 left-bottom right-top left-top right-top
2398Wipe4LBRTLTRBWipe4 left-bottom right-top left-top right-bottom
2399Wipe4LBRTLBLTWipe4 left-bottom right-top left-bottom left-top
2400Wipe4LBRTLBLBWipe4 left-bottom right-top left-bottom left-bottom
2401Wipe4LBRTLBRTWipe4 left-bottom right-top left-bottom right-top
2402Wipe4LBRTLBRBWipe4 left-bottom right-top left-bottom right-bottom
2403Wipe4LBRTRTLTWipe4 left-bottom right-top right-top left-top
2404Wipe4LBRTRTLBWipe4 left-bottom right-top right-top left-bottom
2405Wipe4LBRTRTRTWipe4 left-bottom right-top right-top right-top
2406Wipe4LBRTRTRBWipe4 left-bottom right-top right-top right-bottom
2407Wipe4LBRTRBLTWipe4 left-bottom right-top right-bottom left-top
2408Wipe4LBRTRBLBWipe4 left-bottom right-top right-bottom left-bottom
2409Wipe4LBRTRBRTWipe4 left-bottom right-top right-bottom right-top
2410Wipe4LBRTRBRBWipe4 left-bottom right-top right-bottom right-bottom
2411Wipe4LBRBLTLTWipe4 left-bottom right-bottom left-top left-top
2412Wipe4LBRBLTLBWipe4 left-bottom right-bottom left-top left-bottom
2413Wipe4LBRBLTRTWipe4 left-bottom right-bottom left-top right-top
2414Wipe4LBRBLTRBWipe4 left-bottom right-bottom left-top right-bottom
2415Wipe4LBRBLBLTWipe4 left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom left-top
2416Wipe4LBRBLBLBWipe4 left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
2417Wipe4LBRBLBRTWipe4 left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom right-top
2418Wipe4LBRBLBRBWipe4 left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
2419Wipe4LBRBRTLTWipe4 left-bottom right-bottom right-top left-top
2420Wipe4LBRBRTLBWipe4 left-bottom right-bottom right-top left-bottom
2421Wipe4LBRBRTRTWipe4 left-bottom right-bottom right-top right-top
2422Wipe4LBRBRTRBWipe4 left-bottom right-bottom right-top right-bottom
2423Wipe4LBRBRBLTWipe4 left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom left-top
2424Wipe4LBRBRBLBWipe4 left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
2425Wipe4LBRBRBRTWipe4 left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom right-top
2426Wipe4LBRBRBRBWipe4 left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
2427Wipe4RTLTLTLTWipe4 right-top left-top left-top left-top
2428Wipe4RTLTLTLBWipe4 right-top left-top left-top left-bottom
2429Wipe4RTLTLTRTWipe4 right-top left-top left-top right-top
2430Wipe4RTLTLTRBWipe4 right-top left-top left-top right-bottom
2431Wipe4RTLTLBLTWipe4 right-top left-top left-bottom left-top
2432Wipe4RTLTLBLBWipe4 right-top left-top left-bottom left-bottom
2433Wipe4RTLTLBRTWipe4 right-top left-top left-bottom right-top
2434Wipe4RTLTLBRBWipe4 right-top left-top left-bottom right-bottom
2435Wipe4RTLTRTLTWipe4 right-top left-top right-top left-top
2436Wipe4RTLTRTLBWipe4 right-top left-top right-top left-bottom
2437Wipe4RTLTRTRTWipe4 right-top left-top right-top right-top
2438Wipe4RTLTRTRBWipe4 right-top left-top right-top right-bottom
2439Wipe4RTLTRBLTWipe4 right-top left-top right-bottom left-top
2440Wipe4RTLTRBLBWipe4 right-top left-top right-bottom left-bottom
2441Wipe4RTLTRBRTWipe4 right-top left-top right-bottom right-top
2442Wipe4RTLTRBRBWipe4 right-top left-top right-bottom right-bottom
2443Wipe4RTLBLTLTWipe4 right-top left-bottom left-top left-top
2444Wipe4RTLBLTLBWipe4 right-top left-bottom left-top left-bottom
2445Wipe4RTLBLTRTWipe4 right-top left-bottom left-top right-top
2446Wipe4RTLBLTRBWipe4 right-top left-bottom left-top right-bottom
2447Wipe4RTLBLBLTWipe4 right-top left-bottom left-bottom left-top
2448Wipe4RTLBLBLBWipe4 right-top left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
2449Wipe4RTLBLBRTWipe4 right-top left-bottom left-bottom right-top
2450Wipe4RTLBLBRBWipe4 right-top left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
2451Wipe4RTLBRTLTWipe4 right-top left-bottom right-top left-top
2452Wipe4RTLBRTLBWipe4 right-top left-bottom right-top left-bottom
2453Wipe4RTLBRTRTWipe4 right-top left-bottom right-top right-top
2454Wipe4RTLBRTRBWipe4 right-top left-bottom right-top right-bottom
2455Wipe4RTLBRBLTWipe4 right-top left-bottom right-bottom left-top
2456Wipe4RTLBRBLBWipe4 right-top left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
2457Wipe4RTLBRBRTWipe4 right-top left-bottom right-bottom right-top
2458Wipe4RTLBRBRBWipe4 right-top left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
2459Wipe4RTRTLTLTWipe4 right-top right-top left-top left-top
2460Wipe4RTRTLTLBWipe4 right-top right-top left-top left-bottom
2461Wipe4RTRTLTRTWipe4 right-top right-top left-top right-top
2462Wipe4RTRTLTRBWipe4 right-top right-top left-top right-bottom
2463Wipe4RTRTLBLTWipe4 right-top right-top left-bottom left-top
2464Wipe4RTRTLBLBWipe4 right-top right-top left-bottom left-bottom
2465Wipe4RTRTLBRTWipe4 right-top right-top left-bottom right-top
2466Wipe4RTRTLBRBWipe4 right-top right-top left-bottom right-bottom
2467Wipe4RTRTRTLTWipe4 right-top right-top right-top left-top
2468Wipe4RTRTRTLBWipe4 right-top right-top right-top left-bottom
2469Wipe4RTRTRTRTWipe4 right-top right-top right-top right-top
2470Wipe4RTRTRTRBWipe4 right-top right-top right-top right-bottom
2471Wipe4RTRTRBLTWipe4 right-top right-top right-bottom left-top
2472Wipe4RTRTRBLBWipe4 right-top right-top right-bottom left-bottom
2473Wipe4RTRTRBRTWipe4 right-top right-top right-bottom right-top
2474Wipe4RTRTRBRBWipe4 right-top right-top right-bottom right-bottom
2475Wipe4RTRBLTLTWipe4 right-top right-bottom left-top left-top
2476Wipe4RTRBLTLBWipe4 right-top right-bottom left-top left-bottom
2477Wipe4RTRBLTRTWipe4 right-top right-bottom left-top right-top
2478Wipe4RTRBLTRBWipe4 right-top right-bottom left-top right-bottom
2479Wipe4RTRBLBLTWipe4 right-top right-bottom left-bottom left-top
2480Wipe4RTRBLBLBWipe4 right-top right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
2481Wipe4RTRBLBRTWipe4 right-top right-bottom left-bottom right-top
2482Wipe4RTRBLBRBWipe4 right-top right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
2483Wipe4RTRBRTLTWipe4 right-top right-bottom right-top left-top
2484Wipe4RTRBRTLBWipe4 right-top right-bottom right-top left-bottom
2485Wipe4RTRBRTRTWipe4 right-top right-bottom right-top right-top
2486Wipe4RTRBRTRBWipe4 right-top right-bottom right-top right-bottom
2487Wipe4RTRBRBLTWipe4 right-top right-bottom right-bottom left-top
2488Wipe4RTRBRBLBWipe4 right-top right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
2489Wipe4RTRBRBRTWipe4 right-top right-bottom right-bottom right-top
2490Wipe4RTRBRBRBWipe4 right-top right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
2491Wipe4RBLTLTLTWipe4 right-bottom left-top left-top left-top
2492Wipe4RBLTLTLBWipe4 right-bottom left-top left-top left-bottom
2493Wipe4RBLTLTRTWipe4 right-bottom left-top left-top right-top
2494Wipe4RBLTLTRBWipe4 right-bottom left-top left-top right-bottom
2495Wipe4RBLTLBLTWipe4 right-bottom left-top left-bottom left-top
2496Wipe4RBLTLBLBWipe4 right-bottom left-top left-bottom left-bottom
2497Wipe4RBLTLBRTWipe4 right-bottom left-top left-bottom right-top
2498Wipe4RBLTLBRBWipe4 right-bottom left-top left-bottom right-bottom
2499Wipe4RBLTRTLTWipe4 right-bottom left-top right-top left-top
2500Wipe4RBLTRTLBWipe4 right-bottom left-top right-top left-bottom
2501Wipe4RBLTRTRTWipe4 right-bottom left-top right-top right-top
2502Wipe4RBLTRTRBWipe4 right-bottom left-top right-top right-bottom
2503Wipe4RBLTRBLTWipe4 right-bottom left-top right-bottom left-top
2504Wipe4RBLTRBLBWipe4 right-bottom left-top right-bottom left-bottom
2505Wipe4RBLTRBRTWipe4 right-bottom left-top right-bottom right-top
2506Wipe4RBLTRBRBWipe4 right-bottom left-top right-bottom right-bottom
2507Wipe4RBLBLTLTWipe4 right-bottom left-bottom left-top left-top
2508Wipe4RBLBLTLBWipe4 right-bottom left-bottom left-top left-bottom
2509Wipe4RBLBLTRTWipe4 right-bottom left-bottom left-top right-top
2510Wipe4RBLBLTRBWipe4 right-bottom left-bottom left-top right-bottom
2511Wipe4RBLBLBLTWipe4 right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom left-top
2512Wipe4RBLBLBLBWipe4 right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
2513Wipe4RBLBLBRTWipe4 right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom right-top
2514Wipe4RBLBLBRBWipe4 right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
2515Wipe4RBLBRTLTWipe4 right-bottom left-bottom right-top left-top
2516Wipe4RBLBRTLBWipe4 right-bottom left-bottom right-top left-bottom
2517Wipe4RBLBRTRTWipe4 right-bottom left-bottom right-top right-top
2518Wipe4RBLBRTRBWipe4 right-bottom left-bottom right-top right-bottom
2519Wipe4RBLBRBLTWipe4 right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom left-top
2520Wipe4RBLBRBLBWipe4 right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
2521Wipe4RBLBRBRTWipe4 right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom right-top
2522Wipe4RBLBRBRBWipe4 right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
2523Wipe4RBRTLTLTWipe4 right-bottom right-top left-top left-top
2524Wipe4RBRTLTLBWipe4 right-bottom right-top left-top left-bottom
2525Wipe4RBRTLTRTWipe4 right-bottom right-top left-top right-top
2526Wipe4RBRTLTRBWipe4 right-bottom right-top left-top right-bottom
2527Wipe4RBRTLBLTWipe4 right-bottom right-top left-bottom left-top
2528Wipe4RBRTLBLBWipe4 right-bottom right-top left-bottom left-bottom
2529Wipe4RBRTLBRTWipe4 right-bottom right-top left-bottom right-top
2530Wipe4RBRTLBRBWipe4 right-bottom right-top left-bottom right-bottom
2531Wipe4RBRTRTLTWipe4 right-bottom right-top right-top left-top
2532Wipe4RBRTRTLBWipe4 right-bottom right-top right-top left-bottom
2533Wipe4RBRTRTRTWipe4 right-bottom right-top right-top right-top
2534Wipe4RBRTRTRBWipe4 right-bottom right-top right-top right-bottom
2535Wipe4RBRTRBLTWipe4 right-bottom right-top right-bottom left-top
2536Wipe4RBRTRBLBWipe4 right-bottom right-top right-bottom left-bottom
2537Wipe4RBRTRBRTWipe4 right-bottom right-top right-bottom right-top
2538Wipe4RBRTRBRBWipe4 right-bottom right-top right-bottom right-bottom
2539Wipe4RBRBLTLTWipe4 right-bottom right-bottom left-top left-top
2540Wipe4RBRBLTLBWipe4 right-bottom right-bottom left-top left-bottom
2541Wipe4RBRBLTRTWipe4 right-bottom right-bottom left-top right-top
2542Wipe4RBRBLTRBWipe4 right-bottom right-bottom left-top right-bottom
2543Wipe4RBRBLBLTWipe4 right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom left-top
2544Wipe4RBRBLBLBWipe4 right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
2545Wipe4RBRBLBRTWipe4 right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom right-top
2546Wipe4RBRBLBRBWipe4 right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
2547Wipe4RBRBRTLTWipe4 right-bottom right-bottom right-top left-top
2548Wipe4RBRBRTLBWipe4 right-bottom right-bottom right-top left-bottom
2549Wipe4RBRBRTRTWipe4 right-bottom right-bottom right-top right-top
2550Wipe4RBRBRTRBWipe4 right-bottom right-bottom right-top right-bottom
2551Wipe4RBRBRBLTWipe4 right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom left-top
2552Wipe4RBRBRBLBWipe4 right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
2553Wipe4RBRBRBRTWipe4 right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom right-top
2554Wipe4RBRBRBRBWipe4 right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
2554WipeMaxNumber of effects in this class.
3000WipeRectangleClassRectangular wipe class
3000OutToInWipe rectangle in
3000WipeRectangleInWipe rectangle in
3001WipeRectangleOutWipe rectangle out
3001InToOutWipe rectangle out
3002WipeRectangleInterInThenInWipe rectangle interlace in then in
3002OutToInInterlaceWipe rectangle interlace in then in
3003InToOutInterlaceWipe rectangle interlace out then out
3003WipeRectangleInterOutThenOutWipe rectangle interlace out then out
3004WipeRectangleInterInThenOutWipe rectangle interlace in then out
3005WipeRectangleInterOutThenInWipe rectangle interlace out then in
3005WipeRectangleMaxNumber of effects in this class.
4000WipeCircleCCWFromLWipe circle center CW from left
4000WipeCircleClassCircular wipe class
4001WipeCircleCCCWFromLWipe circle center CCW from left
4002WipeCircleCCWFromRWipe circle center CW from right
4003WipeCircleCCCWFromRWipe circle center CCW from right
4004WipeCircleCCWFromTWipe circle center CW from top
4005WipeCircleCCCWFromTWipe circle center CCW from top
4006WipeCircleCCWFromBWipe circle center CW from bottom
4007WipeCircleCCCWFromBWipe circle center CCW from bottom
4008WipeCircleLCCWFromBWipe circle left CCW from bottom
4009WipeCircleLCWFromTWipe circle left CW from top
4010WipeCircleRCWFromBWipe circle right CW from bottom
4011WipeCircleRCCWFromTWipe circle right CCW from top
4012WipeCircleTCCWFromLWipe circle top CCW from left
4013WipeCircleTCWFromRWipe circle top CW from right
4014WipeCircleBCWFromLWipe circle bottom CW from left
4015WipeCircleBCCWFromRWipe circle bottom CCW from right
4016WipeCircle2CCWFromLAndFromRWipe circle2 center CW from left and from right
4017WipeCircle2CCCWFromLAndFromRWipe circle2 center CCW from left and from right
4018WipeCircle2CCWFromTAndFromBWipe circle2 center CW from top and from bottom
4019WipeCircle2CCCWFromTAndFromBWipe circle2 center CCW from top and from bottom
4020WipeCircle2LCWFromTAndCCWFromBWipe circle2 left CW from top and CCW from bottom
4021WipeCircle2LCCWToTAndCWToBWipe circle2 left CCW to top and CW to bottom
4022WipeCircle2RCCWFromTAndCWFromBWipe circle2 right CCW from top and CW from bottom
4023WipeCircle2RCWToTAndCCWToBWipe circle2 right CW to top and CCW to bottom
4024WipeCircle2TCCWFromLAndCWFromRWipe circle2 top CCW from left and CW from right
4025WipeCircle2TCWToLAndCCWToRWipe circle2 top CW to left and CCW to right
4026WipeCircle2BCWFromLAndCCWFromRWipe circle2 bottom CW from left and CCW from right
4027WipeCircle2BCCWToLAndCWToRWipe circle2 bottom CCW to left and CW to right
4028WipeCircle4CCWCCWCCWCWWipe circle4 center CW CCW CCW CW
4029WipeCircleMaxNumber of effects in this class.
4029WipeCircle4CCCWCWCWCCWWipe circle4 center CCW CW CW CCW
5000PushRToLPush right to left
5000PushClassPush class
5001PushLToRPush left to right
5002PushBToTPush bottom to top
5003PushTToBPush top to bottom
5004Push2TRToLAndBLToRPush2 top right to left and bottom left to right
5005Push2TLToRAndBRToLPush2 top left to right and bottom right to left
5006Push2LBToTAndRTToBPush2 left bottom to top and right top to bottom
5007Push2LTToBAndRBToTPush2 left top to bottom and right bottom to top
5008Push4LLLLPush4 left left left left
5009Push4LLLRPush4 left left left right
5010Push4LLLTPush4 left left left top
5011Push4LLLBPush4 left left left bottom
5012Push4LLRLPush4 left left right left
5013Push4LLRRPush4 left left right right
5014Push4LLRTPush4 left left right top
5015Push4LLRBPush4 left left right bottom
5016Push4LLTLPush4 left left top left
5017Push4LLTRPush4 left left top right
5018Push4LLTTPush4 left left top top
5019Push4LLTBPush4 left left top bottom
5020Push4LLBLPush4 left left bottom left
5021Push4LLBRPush4 left left bottom right
5022Push4LLBTPush4 left left bottom top
5023Push4LLBBPush4 left left bottom bottom
5024Push4LRLLPush4 left right left left
5025Push4LRLRPush4 left right left right
5026Push4LRLTPush4 left right left top
5027Push4LRLBPush4 left right left bottom
5028Push4LRRLPush4 left right right left
5029Push4LRRRPush4 left right right right
5030Push4LRRTPush4 left right right top
5031Push4LRRBPush4 left right right bottom
5032Push4LRTLPush4 left right top left
5033Push4LRTRPush4 left right top right
5034Push4LRTTPush4 left right top top
5035Push4LRTBPush4 left right top bottom
5036Push4LRBLPush4 left right bottom left
5037Push4LRBRPush4 left right bottom right
5038Push4LRBTPush4 left right bottom top
5039Push4LRBBPush4 left right bottom bottom
5040Push4LTLLPush4 left top left left
5041Push4LTLRPush4 left top left right
5042Push4LTLTPush4 left top left top
5043Push4LTLBPush4 left top left bottom
5044Push4LTRLPush4 left top right left
5045Push4LTRRPush4 left top right right
5046Push4LTRTPush4 left top right top
5047Push4LTRBPush4 left top right bottom
5048Push4LTTLPush4 left top top left
5049Push4LTTRPush4 left top top right
5050Push4LTTTPush4 left top top top
5051Push4LTTBPush4 left top top bottom
5052Push4LTBLPush4 left top bottom left
5053Push4LTBRPush4 left top bottom right
5054Push4LTBTPush4 left top bottom top
5055Push4LTBBPush4 left top bottom bottom
5056Push4LBLLPush4 left bottom left left
5057Push4LBLRPush4 left bottom left right
5058Push4LBLTPush4 left bottom left top
5059Push4LBLBPush4 left bottom left bottom
5060Push4LBRLPush4 left bottom right left
5061Push4LBRRPush4 left bottom right right
5062Push4LBRTPush4 left bottom right top
5063Push4LBRBPush4 left bottom right bottom
5064Push4LBTLPush4 left bottom top left
5065Push4LBTRPush4 left bottom top right
5066Push4LBTTPush4 left bottom top top
5067Push4LBTBPush4 left bottom top bottom
5068Push4LBBLPush4 left bottom bottom left
5069Push4LBBRPush4 left bottom bottom right
5070Push4LBBTPush4 left bottom bottom top
5071Push4LBBBPush4 left bottom bottom bottom
5072Push4RLLLPush4 right left left left
5073Push4RLLRPush4 right left left right
5074Push4RLLTPush4 right left left top
5075Push4RLLBPush4 right left left bottom
5076Push4RLRLPush4 right left right left
5077Push4RLRRPush4 right left right right
5078Push4RLRTPush4 right left right top
5079Push4RLRBPush4 right left right bottom
5080Push4RLTLPush4 right left top left
5081Push4RLTRPush4 right left top right
5082Push4RLTTPush4 right left top top
5083Push4RLTBPush4 right left top bottom
5084Push4RLBLPush4 right left bottom left
5085Push4RLBRPush4 right left bottom right
5086Push4RLBTPush4 right left bottom top
5087Push4RLBBPush4 right left bottom bottom
5088Push4RRLLPush4 right right left left
5089Push4RRLRPush4 right right left right
5090Push4RRLTPush4 right right left top
5091Push4RRLBPush4 right right left bottom
5092Push4RRRLPush4 right right right left
5093Push4RRRRPush4 right right right right
5094Push4RRRTPush4 right right right top
5095Push4RRRBPush4 right right right bottom
5096Push4RRTLPush4 right right top left
5097Push4RRTRPush4 right right top right
5098Push4RRTTPush4 right right top top
5099Push4RRTBPush4 right right top bottom
5100Push4RRBLPush4 right right bottom left
5101Push4RRBRPush4 right right bottom right
5102Push4RRBTPush4 right right bottom top
5103Push4RRBBPush4 right right bottom bottom
5104Push4RTLLPush4 right top left left
5105Push4RTLRPush4 right top left right
5106Push4RTLTPush4 right top left top
5107Push4RTLBPush4 right top left bottom
5108Push4RTRLPush4 right top right left
5109Push4RTRRPush4 right top right right
5110Push4RTRTPush4 right top right top
5111Push4RTRBPush4 right top right bottom
5112Push4RTTLPush4 right top top left
5113Push4RTTRPush4 right top top right
5114Push4RTTTPush4 right top top top
5115Push4RTTBPush4 right top top bottom
5116Push4RTBLPush4 right top bottom left
5117Push4RTBRPush4 right top bottom right
5118Push4RTBTPush4 right top bottom top
5119Push4RTBBPush4 right top bottom bottom
5120Push4RBLLPush4 right bottom left left
5121Push4RBLRPush4 right bottom left right
5122Push4RBLTPush4 right bottom left top
5123Push4RBLBPush4 right bottom left bottom
5124Push4RBRLPush4 right bottom right left
5125Push4RBRRPush4 right bottom right right
5126Push4RBRTPush4 right bottom right top
5127Push4RBRBPush4 right bottom right bottom
5128Push4RBTLPush4 right bottom top left
5129Push4RBTRPush4 right bottom top right
5130Push4RBTTPush4 right bottom top top
5131Push4RBTBPush4 right bottom top bottom
5132Push4RBBLPush4 right bottom bottom left
5133Push4RBBRPush4 right bottom bottom right
5134Push4RBBTPush4 right bottom bottom top
5135Push4RBBBPush4 right bottom bottom bottom
5136Push4TLLLPush4 top left left left
5137Push4TLLRPush4 top left left right
5138Push4TLLTPush4 top left left top
5139Push4TLLBPush4 top left left bottom
5140Push4TLRLPush4 top left right left
5141Push4TLRRPush4 top left right right
5142Push4TLRTPush4 top left right top
5143Push4TLRBPush4 top left right bottom
5144Push4TLTLPush4 top left top left
5145Push4TLTRPush4 top left top right
5146Push4TLTTPush4 top left top top
5147Push4TLTBPush4 top left top bottom
5148Push4TLBLPush4 top left bottom left
5149Push4TLBRPush4 top left bottom right
5150Push4TLBTPush4 top left bottom top
5151Push4TLBBPush4 top left bottom bottom
5152Push4TRLLPush4 top right left left
5153Push4TRLRPush4 top right left right
5154Push4TRLTPush4 top right left top
5155Push4TRLBPush4 top right left bottom
5156Push4TRRLPush4 top right right left
5157Push4TRRRPush4 top right right right
5158Push4TRRTPush4 top right right top
5159Push4TRRBPush4 top right right bottom
5160Push4TRTLPush4 top right top left
5161Push4TRTRPush4 top right top right
5162Push4TRTTPush4 top right top top
5163Push4TRTBPush4 top right top bottom
5164Push4TRBLPush4 top right bottom left
5165Push4TRBRPush4 top right bottom right
5166Push4TRBTPush4 top right bottom top
5167Push4TRBBPush4 top right bottom bottom
5168Push4TTLLPush4 top top left left
5169Push4TTLRPush4 top top left right
5170Push4TTLTPush4 top top left top
5171Push4TTLBPush4 top top left bottom
5172Push4TTRLPush4 top top right left
5173Push4TTRRPush4 top top right right
5174Push4TTRTPush4 top top right top
5175Push4TTRBPush4 top top right bottom
5176Push4TTTLPush4 top top top left
5177Push4TTTRPush4 top top top right
5178Push4TTTTPush4 top top top top
5179Push4TTTBPush4 top top top bottom
5180Push4TTBLPush4 top top bottom left
5181Push4TTBRPush4 top top bottom right
5182Push4TTBTPush4 top top bottom top
5183Push4TTBBPush4 top top bottom bottom
5184Push4TBLLPush4 top bottom left left
5185Push4TBLRPush4 top bottom left right
5186Push4TBLTPush4 top bottom left top
5187Push4TBLBPush4 top bottom left bottom
5188Push4TBRLPush4 top bottom right left
5189Push4TBRRPush4 top bottom right right
5190Push4TBRTPush4 top bottom right top
5191Push4TBRBPush4 top bottom right bottom
5192Push4TBTLPush4 top bottom top left
5193Push4TBTRPush4 top bottom top right
5194Push4TBTTPush4 top bottom top top
5195Push4TBTBPush4 top bottom top bottom
5196Push4TBBLPush4 top bottom bottom left
5197Push4TBBRPush4 top bottom bottom right
5198Push4TBBTPush4 top bottom bottom top
5199Push4TBBBPush4 top bottom bottom bottom
5200Push4BLLLPush4 bottom left left left
5201Push4BLLRPush4 bottom left left right
5202Push4BLLTPush4 bottom left left top
5203Push4BLLBPush4 bottom left left bottom
5204Push4BLRLPush4 bottom left right left
5205Push4BLRRPush4 bottom left right right
5206Push4BLRTPush4 bottom left right top
5207Push4BLRBPush4 bottom left right bottom
5208Push4BLTLPush4 bottom left top left
5209Push4BLTRPush4 bottom left top right
5210Push4BLTTPush4 bottom left top top
5211Push4BLTBPush4 bottom left top bottom
5212Push4BLBLPush4 bottom left bottom left
5213Push4BLBRPush4 bottom left bottom right
5214Push4BLBTPush4 bottom left bottom top
5215Push4BLBBPush4 bottom left bottom bottom
5216Push4BRLLPush4 bottom right left left
5217Push4BRLRPush4 bottom right left right
5218Push4BRLTPush4 bottom right left top
5219Push4BRLBPush4 bottom right left bottom
5220Push4BRRLPush4 bottom right right left
5221Push4BRRRPush4 bottom right right right
5222Push4BRRTPush4 bottom right right top
5223Push4BRRBPush4 bottom right right bottom
5224Push4BRTLPush4 bottom right top left
5225Push4BRTRPush4 bottom right top right
5226Push4BRTTPush4 bottom right top top
5227Push4BRTBPush4 bottom right top bottom
5228Push4BRBLPush4 bottom right bottom left
5229Push4BRBRPush4 bottom right bottom right
5230Push4BRBTPush4 bottom right bottom top
5231Push4BRBBPush4 bottom right bottom bottom
5232Push4BTLLPush4 bottom top left left
5233Push4BTLRPush4 bottom top left right
5234Push4BTLTPush4 bottom top left top
5235Push4BTLBPush4 bottom top left bottom
5236Push4BTRLPush4 bottom top right left
5237Push4BTRRPush4 bottom top right right
5238Push4BTRTPush4 bottom top right top
5239Push4BTRBPush4 bottom top right bottom
5240Push4BTTLPush4 bottom top top left
5241Push4BTTRPush4 bottom top top right
5242Push4BTTTPush4 bottom top top top
5243Push4BTTBPush4 bottom top top bottom
5244Push4BTBLPush4 bottom top bottom left
5245Push4BTBRPush4 bottom top bottom right
5246Push4BTBTPush4 bottom top bottom top
5247Push4BTBBPush4 bottom top bottom bottom
5248Push4BBLLPush4 bottom bottom left left
5249Push4BBLRPush4 bottom bottom left right
5250Push4BBLTPush4 bottom bottom left top
5251Push4BBLBPush4 bottom bottom left bottom
5252Push4BBRLPush4 bottom bottom right left
5253Push4BBRRPush4 bottom bottom right right
5254Push4BBRTPush4 bottom bottom right top
5255Push4BBRBPush4 bottom bottom right bottom
5256Push4BBTLPush4 bottom bottom top left
5257Push4BBTRPush4 bottom bottom top right
5258Push4BBTTPush4 bottom bottom top top
5259Push4BBTBPush4 bottom bottom top bottom
5260Push4BBBLPush4 bottom bottom bottom left
5261Push4BBBRPush4 bottom bottom bottom right
5262Push4BBBTPush4 bottom bottom bottom top
5263Push4BBBBPush4 bottom bottom bottom bottom
5263PushMaxNumber of effects in this class.
6000SlideRToLSlide right to left
6000SlideClassSlide class
6001SlideLToRSlide left to right
6002SlideBToTSlide bottom to top
6003SlideTToBSlide top to bottom
6004SlideLTToRBSlide left-top to right-bottom
6005SlideRTToLBSlide right-top to left-bottom
6006SlideLBToRTSlide left-bottom to right-top
6007SlideRBToLTSlide right-bottom to left-top
6008SlideHInterLToRAndRToLSlide horizontal interlace left to right and right to left
6009SlideVInterTToBAndBToTSlide vertical interlace top to bottom and bottom to top
6010Slide2TRToLAndBLToRSlide2 top right to left and bottom left to right
6011Slide2TLToRAndBRToLSlide2 top left to right and bottom right to left
6012Slide2LBToTAndRTToBSlide2 left bottom to top and right top to bottom
6013Slide2LTToBAndRBToTSlide2 left top to bottom and right bottom to top
6014Slide4LLLLSlide4 left left left left
6015Slide4LLLRSlide4 left left left right
6016Slide4LLLTSlide4 left left left top
6017Slide4LLLBSlide4 left left left bottom
6018Slide4LLRLSlide4 left left right left
6019Slide4LLRRSlide4 left left right right
6020Slide4LLRTSlide4 left left right top
6021Slide4LLRBSlide4 left left right bottom
6022Slide4LLTLSlide4 left left top left
6023Slide4LLTRSlide4 left left top right
6024Slide4LLTTSlide4 left left top top
6025Slide4LLTBSlide4 left left top bottom
6026Slide4LLBLSlide4 left left bottom left
6027Slide4LLBRSlide4 left left bottom right
6028Slide4LLBTSlide4 left left bottom top
6029Slide4LLBBSlide4 left left bottom bottom
6030Slide4LRLLSlide4 left right left left
6031Slide4LRLRSlide4 left right left right
6032Slide4LRLTSlide4 left right left top
6033Slide4LRLBSlide4 left right left bottom
6034Slide4LRRLSlide4 left right right left
6035Slide4LRRRSlide4 left right right right
6036Slide4LRRTSlide4 left right right top
6037Slide4LRRBSlide4 left right right bottom
6038Slide4LRTLSlide4 left right top left
6039Slide4LRTRSlide4 left right top right
6040Slide4LRTTSlide4 left right top top
6041Slide4LRTBSlide4 left right top bottom
6042Slide4LRBLSlide4 left right bottom left
6043Slide4LRBRSlide4 left right bottom right
6044Slide4LRBTSlide4 left right bottom top
6045Slide4LRBBSlide4 left right bottom bottom
6046Slide4LTLLSlide4 left top left left
6047Slide4LTLRSlide4 left top left right
6048Slide4LTLTSlide4 left top left top
6049Slide4LTLBSlide4 left top left bottom
6050Slide4LTRLSlide4 left top right left
6051Slide4LTRRSlide4 left top right right
6052Slide4LTRTSlide4 left top right top
6053Slide4LTRBSlide4 left top right bottom
6054Slide4LTTLSlide4 left top top left
6055Slide4LTTRSlide4 left top top right
6056Slide4LTTTSlide4 left top top top
6057Slide4LTTBSlide4 left top top bottom
6058Slide4LTBLSlide4 left top bottom left
6059Slide4LTBRSlide4 left top bottom right
6060Slide4LTBTSlide4 left top bottom top
6061Slide4LTBBSlide4 left top bottom bottom
6062Slide4LBLLSlide4 left bottom left left
6063Slide4LBLRSlide4 left bottom left right
6064Slide4LBLTSlide4 left bottom left top
6065Slide4LBLBSlide4 left bottom left bottom
6066Slide4LBRLSlide4 left bottom right left
6067Slide4LBRRSlide4 left bottom right right
6068Slide4LBRTSlide4 left bottom right top
6069Slide4LBRBSlide4 left bottom right bottom
6070Slide4LBTLSlide4 left bottom top left
6071Slide4LBTRSlide4 left bottom top right
6072Slide4LBTTSlide4 left bottom top top
6073Slide4LBTBSlide4 left bottom top bottom
6074Slide4LBBLSlide4 left bottom bottom left
6075Slide4LBBRSlide4 left bottom bottom right
6076Slide4LBBTSlide4 left bottom bottom top
6077Slide4LBBBSlide4 left bottom bottom bottom
6078Slide4RLLLSlide4 right left left left
6079Slide4RLLRSlide4 right left left right
6080Slide4RLLTSlide4 right left left top
6081Slide4RLLBSlide4 right left left bottom
6082Slide4RLRLSlide4 right left right left
6083Slide4RLRRSlide4 right left right right
6084Slide4RLRTSlide4 right left right top
6085Slide4RLRBSlide4 right left right bottom
6086Slide4RLTLSlide4 right left top left
6087Slide4RLTRSlide4 right left top right
6088Slide4RLTTSlide4 right left top top
6089Slide4RLTBSlide4 right left top bottom
6090Slide4RLBLSlide4 right left bottom left
6091Slide4RLBRSlide4 right left bottom right
6092Slide4RLBTSlide4 right left bottom top
6093Slide4RLBBSlide4 right left bottom bottom
6094Slide4RRLLSlide4 right right left left
6095Slide4RRLRSlide4 right right left right
6096Slide4RRLTSlide4 right right left top
6097Slide4RRLBSlide4 right right left bottom
6098Slide4RRRLSlide4 right right right left
6099Slide4RRRRSlide4 right right right right
6100Slide4RRRTSlide4 right right right top
6101Slide4RRRBSlide4 right right right bottom
6102Slide4RRTLSlide4 right right top left
6103Slide4RRTRSlide4 right right top right
6104Slide4RRTTSlide4 right right top top
6105Slide4RRTBSlide4 right right top bottom
6106Slide4RRBLSlide4 right right bottom left
6107Slide4RRBRSlide4 right right bottom right
6108Slide4RRBTSlide4 right right bottom top
6109Slide4RRBBSlide4 right right bottom bottom
6110Slide4RTLLSlide4 right top left left
6111Slide4RTLRSlide4 right top left right
6112Slide4RTLTSlide4 right top left top
6113Slide4RTLBSlide4 right top left bottom
6114Slide4RTRLSlide4 right top right left
6115Slide4RTRRSlide4 right top right right
6116Slide4RTRTSlide4 right top right top
6117Slide4RTRBSlide4 right top right bottom
6118Slide4RTTLSlide4 right top top left
6119Slide4RTTRSlide4 right top top right
6120Slide4RTTTSlide4 right top top top
6121Slide4RTTBSlide4 right top top bottom
6122Slide4RTBLSlide4 right top bottom left
6123Slide4RTBRSlide4 right top bottom right
6124Slide4RTBTSlide4 right top bottom top
6125Slide4RTBBSlide4 right top bottom bottom
6126Slide4RBLLSlide4 right bottom left left
6127Slide4RBLRSlide4 right bottom left right
6128Slide4RBLTSlide4 right bottom left top
6129Slide4RBLBSlide4 right bottom left bottom
6130Slide4RBRLSlide4 right bottom right left
6131Slide4RBRRSlide4 right bottom right right
6132Slide4RBRTSlide4 right bottom right top
6133Slide4RBRBSlide4 right bottom right bottom
6134Slide4RBTLSlide4 right bottom top left
6135Slide4RBTRSlide4 right bottom top right
6136Slide4RBTTSlide4 right bottom top top
6137Slide4RBTBSlide4 right bottom top bottom
6138Slide4RBBLSlide4 right bottom bottom left
6139Slide4RBBRSlide4 right bottom bottom right
6140Slide4RBBTSlide4 right bottom bottom top
6141Slide4RBBBSlide4 right bottom bottom bottom
6142Slide4TLLLSlide4 top left left left
6143Slide4TLLRSlide4 top left left right
6144Slide4TLLTSlide4 top left left top
6145Slide4TLLBSlide4 top left left bottom
6146Slide4TLRLSlide4 top left right left
6147Slide4TLRRSlide4 top left right right
6148Slide4TLRTSlide4 top left right top
6149Slide4TLRBSlide4 top left right bottom
6150Slide4TLTLSlide4 top left top left
6151Slide4TLTRSlide4 top left top right
6152Slide4TLTTSlide4 top left top top
6153Slide4TLTBSlide4 top left top bottom
6154Slide4TLBLSlide4 top left bottom left
6155Slide4TLBRSlide4 top left bottom right
6156Slide4TLBTSlide4 top left bottom top
6157Slide4TLBBSlide4 top left bottom bottom
6158Slide4TRLLSlide4 top right left left
6159Slide4TRLRSlide4 top right left right
6160Slide4TRLTSlide4 top right left top
6161Slide4TRLBSlide4 top right left bottom
6162Slide4TRRLSlide4 top right right left
6163Slide4TRRRSlide4 top right right right
6164Slide4TRRTSlide4 top right right top
6165Slide4TRRBSlide4 top right right bottom
6166Slide4TRTLSlide4 top right top left
6167Slide4TRTRSlide4 top right top right
6168Slide4TRTTSlide4 top right top top
6169Slide4TRTBSlide4 top right top bottom
6170Slide4TRBLSlide4 top right bottom left
6171Slide4TRBRSlide4 top right bottom right
6172Slide4TRBTSlide4 top right bottom top
6173Slide4TRBBSlide4 top right bottom bottom
6174Slide4TTLLSlide4 top top left left
6175Slide4TTLRSlide4 top top left right
6176Slide4TTLTSlide4 top top left top
6177Slide4TTLBSlide4 top top left bottom
6178Slide4TTRLSlide4 top top right left
6179Slide4TTRRSlide4 top top right right
6180Slide4TTRTSlide4 top top right top
6181Slide4TTRBSlide4 top top right bottom
6182Slide4TTTLSlide4 top top top left
6183Slide4TTTRSlide4 top top top right
6184Slide4TTTTSlide4 top top top top
6185Slide4TTTBSlide4 top top top bottom
6186Slide4TTBLSlide4 top top bottom left
6187Slide4TTBRSlide4 top top bottom right
6188Slide4TTBTSlide4 top top bottom top
6189Slide4TTBBSlide4 top top bottom bottom
6190Slide4TBLLSlide4 top bottom left left
6191Slide4TBLRSlide4 top bottom left right
6192Slide4TBLTSlide4 top bottom left top
6193Slide4TBLBSlide4 top bottom left bottom
6194Slide4TBRLSlide4 top bottom right left
6195Slide4TBRRSlide4 top bottom right right
6196Slide4TBRTSlide4 top bottom right top
6197Slide4TBRBSlide4 top bottom right bottom
6198Slide4TBTLSlide4 top bottom top left
6199Slide4TBTRSlide4 top bottom top right
6200Slide4TBTTSlide4 top bottom top top
6201Slide4TBTBSlide4 top bottom top bottom
6202Slide4TBBLSlide4 top bottom bottom left
6203Slide4TBBRSlide4 top bottom bottom right
6204Slide4TBBTSlide4 top bottom bottom top
6205Slide4TBBBSlide4 top bottom bottom bottom
6206Slide4BLLLSlide4 bottom left left left
6207Slide4BLLRSlide4 bottom left left right
6208Slide4BLLTSlide4 bottom left left top
6209Slide4BLLBSlide4 bottom left left bottom
6210Slide4BLRLSlide4 bottom left right left
6211Slide4BLRRSlide4 bottom left right right
6212Slide4BLRTSlide4 bottom left right top
6213Slide4BLRBSlide4 bottom left right bottom
6214Slide4BLTLSlide4 bottom left top left
6215Slide4BLTRSlide4 bottom left top right
6216Slide4BLTTSlide4 bottom left top top
6217Slide4BLTBSlide4 bottom left top bottom
6218Slide4BLBLSlide4 bottom left bottom left
6219Slide4BLBRSlide4 bottom left bottom right
6220Slide4BLBTSlide4 bottom left bottom top
6221Slide4BLBBSlide4 bottom left bottom bottom
6222Slide4BRLLSlide4 bottom right left left
6223Slide4BRLRSlide4 bottom right left right
6224Slide4BRLTSlide4 bottom right left top
6225Slide4BRLBSlide4 bottom right left bottom
6226Slide4BRRLSlide4 bottom right right left
6227Slide4BRRRSlide4 bottom right right right
6228Slide4BRRTSlide4 bottom right right top
6229Slide4BRRBSlide4 bottom right right bottom
6230Slide4BRTLSlide4 bottom right top left
6231Slide4BRTRSlide4 bottom right top right
6232Slide4BRTTSlide4 bottom right top top
6233Slide4BRTBSlide4 bottom right top bottom
6234Slide4BRBLSlide4 bottom right bottom left
6235Slide4BRBRSlide4 bottom right bottom right
6236Slide4BRBTSlide4 bottom right bottom top
6237Slide4BRBBSlide4 bottom right bottom bottom
6238Slide4BTLLSlide4 bottom top left left
6239Slide4BTLRSlide4 bottom top left right
6240Slide4BTLTSlide4 bottom top left top
6241Slide4BTLBSlide4 bottom top left bottom
6242Slide4BTRLSlide4 bottom top right left
6243Slide4BTRRSlide4 bottom top right right
6244Slide4BTRTSlide4 bottom top right top
6245Slide4BTRBSlide4 bottom top right bottom
6246Slide4BTTLSlide4 bottom top top left
6247Slide4BTTRSlide4 bottom top top right
6248Slide4BTTTSlide4 bottom top top top
6249Slide4BTTBSlide4 bottom top top bottom
6250Slide4BTBLSlide4 bottom top bottom left
6251Slide4BTBRSlide4 bottom top bottom right
6252Slide4BTBTSlide4 bottom top bottom top
6253Slide4BTBBSlide4 bottom top bottom bottom
6254Slide4BBLLSlide4 bottom bottom left left
6255Slide4BBLRSlide4 bottom bottom left right
6256Slide4BBLTSlide4 bottom bottom left top
6257Slide4BBLBSlide4 bottom bottom left bottom
6258Slide4BBRLSlide4 bottom bottom right left
6259Slide4BBRRSlide4 bottom bottom right right
6260Slide4BBRTSlide4 bottom bottom right top
6261Slide4BBRBSlide4 bottom bottom right bottom
6262Slide4BBTLSlide4 bottom bottom top left
6263Slide4BBTRSlide4 bottom bottom top right
6264Slide4BBTTSlide4 bottom bottom top top
6265Slide4BBTBSlide4 bottom bottom top bottom
6266Slide4BBBLSlide4 bottom bottom bottom left
6267Slide4BBBRSlide4 bottom bottom bottom right
6268Slide4BBBTSlide4 bottom bottom bottom top
6269Slide4BBBBSlide4 bottom bottom bottom bottom
6270Slide4LTLTLTLTSlide4 left-top left-top left-top left-top
6271Slide4LTLTLTLBSlide4 left-top left-top left-top left-bottom
6272Slide4LTLTLTRTSlide4 left-top left-top left-top right-top
6273Slide4LTLTLTRBSlide4 left-top left-top left-top right-bottom
6274Slide4LTLTLBLTSlide4 left-top left-top left-bottom left-top
6275Slide4LTLTLBLBSlide4 left-top left-top left-bottom left-bottom
6276Slide4LTLTLBRTSlide4 left-top left-top left-bottom right-top
6277Slide4LTLTLBRBSlide4 left-top left-top left-bottom right-bottom
6278Slide4LTLTRTLTSlide4 left-top left-top right-top left-top
6279Slide4LTLTRTLBSlide4 left-top left-top right-top left-bottom
6280Slide4LTLTRTRTSlide4 left-top left-top right-top right-top
6281Slide4LTLTRTRBSlide4 left-top left-top right-top right-bottom
6282Slide4LTLTRBLTSlide4 left-top left-top right-bottom left-top
6283Slide4LTLTRBLBSlide4 left-top left-top right-bottom left-bottom
6284Slide4LTLTRBRTSlide4 left-top left-top right-bottom right-top
6285Slide4LTLTRBRBSlide4 left-top left-top right-bottom right-bottom
6286Slide4LTLBLTLTSlide4 left-top left-bottom left-top left-top
6287Slide4LTLBLTLBSlide4 left-top left-bottom left-top left-bottom
6288Slide4LTLBLTRTSlide4 left-top left-bottom left-top right-top
6289Slide4LTLBLTRBSlide4 left-top left-bottom left-top right-bottom
6290Slide4LTLBLBLTSlide4 left-top left-bottom left-bottom left-top
6291Slide4LTLBLBLBSlide4 left-top left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
6292Slide4LTLBLBRTSlide4 left-top left-bottom left-bottom right-top
6293Slide4LTLBLBRBSlide4 left-top left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
6294Slide4LTLBRTLTSlide4 left-top left-bottom right-top left-top
6295Slide4LTLBRTLBSlide4 left-top left-bottom right-top left-bottom
6296Slide4LTLBRTRTSlide4 left-top left-bottom right-top right-top
6297Slide4LTLBRTRBSlide4 left-top left-bottom right-top right-bottom
6298Slide4LTLBRBLTSlide4 left-top left-bottom right-bottom left-top
6299Slide4LTLBRBLBSlide4 left-top left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
6300Slide4LTLBRBRTSlide4 left-top left-bottom right-bottom right-top
6301Slide4LTLBRBRBSlide4 left-top left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
6302Slide4LTRTLTLTSlide4 left-top right-top left-top left-top
6303Slide4LTRTLTLBSlide4 left-top right-top left-top left-bottom
6304Slide4LTRTLTRTSlide4 left-top right-top left-top right-top
6305Slide4LTRTLTRBSlide4 left-top right-top left-top right-bottom
6306Slide4LTRTLBLTSlide4 left-top right-top left-bottom left-top
6307Slide4LTRTLBLBSlide4 left-top right-top left-bottom left-bottom
6308Slide4LTRTLBRTSlide4 left-top right-top left-bottom right-top
6309Slide4LTRTLBRBSlide4 left-top right-top left-bottom right-bottom
6310Slide4LTRTRTLTSlide4 left-top right-top right-top left-top
6311Slide4LTRTRTLBSlide4 left-top right-top right-top left-bottom
6312Slide4LTRTRTRTSlide4 left-top right-top right-top right-top
6313Slide4LTRTRTRBSlide4 left-top right-top right-top right-bottom
6314Slide4LTRTRBLTSlide4 left-top right-top right-bottom left-top
6315Slide4LTRTRBLBSlide4 left-top right-top right-bottom left-bottom
6316Slide4LTRTRBRTSlide4 left-top right-top right-bottom right-top
6317Slide4LTRTRBRBSlide4 left-top right-top right-bottom right-bottom
6318Slide4LTRBLTLTSlide4 left-top right-bottom left-top left-top
6319Slide4LTRBLTLBSlide4 left-top right-bottom left-top left-bottom
6320Slide4LTRBLTRTSlide4 left-top right-bottom left-top right-top
6321Slide4LTRBLTRBSlide4 left-top right-bottom left-top right-bottom
6322Slide4LTRBLBLTSlide4 left-top right-bottom left-bottom left-top
6323Slide4LTRBLBLBSlide4 left-top right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
6324Slide4LTRBLBRTSlide4 left-top right-bottom left-bottom right-top
6325Slide4LTRBLBRBSlide4 left-top right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
6326Slide4LTRBRTLTSlide4 left-top right-bottom right-top left-top
6327Slide4LTRBRTLBSlide4 left-top right-bottom right-top left-bottom
6328Slide4LTRBRTRTSlide4 left-top right-bottom right-top right-top
6329Slide4LTRBRTRBSlide4 left-top right-bottom right-top right-bottom
6330Slide4LTRBRBLTSlide4 left-top right-bottom right-bottom left-top
6331Slide4LTRBRBLBSlide4 left-top right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
6332Slide4LTRBRBRTSlide4 left-top right-bottom right-bottom right-top
6333Slide4LTRBRBRBSlide4 left-top right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
6334Slide4LBLTLTLTSlide4 left-bottom left-top left-top left-top
6335Slide4LBLTLTLBSlide4 left-bottom left-top left-top left-bottom
6336Slide4LBLTLTRTSlide4 left-bottom left-top left-top right-top
6337Slide4LBLTLTRBSlide4 left-bottom left-top left-top right-bottom
6338Slide4LBLTLBLTSlide4 left-bottom left-top left-bottom left-top
6339Slide4LBLTLBLBSlide4 left-bottom left-top left-bottom left-bottom
6340Slide4LBLTLBRTSlide4 left-bottom left-top left-bottom right-top
6341Slide4LBLTLBRBSlide4 left-bottom left-top left-bottom right-bottom
6342Slide4LBLTRTLTSlide4 left-bottom left-top right-top left-top
6343Slide4LBLTRTLBSlide4 left-bottom left-top right-top left-bottom
6344Slide4LBLTRTRTSlide4 left-bottom left-top right-top right-top
6345Slide4LBLTRTRBSlide4 left-bottom left-top right-top right-bottom
6346Slide4LBLTRBLTSlide4 left-bottom left-top right-bottom left-top
6347Slide4LBLTRBLBSlide4 left-bottom left-top right-bottom left-bottom
6348Slide4LBLTRBRTSlide4 left-bottom left-top right-bottom right-top
6349Slide4LBLTRBRBSlide4 left-bottom left-top right-bottom right-bottom
6350Slide4LBLBLTLTSlide4 left-bottom left-bottom left-top left-top
6351Slide4LBLBLTLBSlide4 left-bottom left-bottom left-top left-bottom
6352Slide4LBLBLTRTSlide4 left-bottom left-bottom left-top right-top
6353Slide4LBLBLTRBSlide4 left-bottom left-bottom left-top right-bottom
6354Slide4LBLBLBLTSlide4 left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom left-top
6355Slide4LBLBLBLBSlide4 left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
6356Slide4LBLBLBRTSlide4 left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom right-top
6357Slide4LBLBLBRBSlide4 left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
6358Slide4LBLBRTLTSlide4 left-bottom left-bottom right-top left-top
6359Slide4LBLBRTLBSlide4 left-bottom left-bottom right-top left-bottom
6360Slide4LBLBRTRTSlide4 left-bottom left-bottom right-top right-top
6361Slide4LBLBRTRBSlide4 left-bottom left-bottom right-top right-bottom
6362Slide4LBLBRBLTSlide4 left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom left-top
6363Slide4LBLBRBLBSlide4 left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
6364Slide4LBLBRBRTSlide4 left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom right-top
6365Slide4LBLBRBRBSlide4 left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
6366Slide4LBRTLTLTSlide4 left-bottom right-top left-top left-top
6367Slide4LBRTLTLBSlide4 left-bottom right-top left-top left-bottom
6368Slide4LBRTLTRTSlide4 left-bottom right-top left-top right-top
6369Slide4LBRTLTRBSlide4 left-bottom right-top left-top right-bottom
6370Slide4LBRTLBLTSlide4 left-bottom right-top left-bottom left-top
6371Slide4LBRTLBLBSlide4 left-bottom right-top left-bottom left-bottom
6372Slide4LBRTLBRTSlide4 left-bottom right-top left-bottom right-top
6373Slide4LBRTLBRBSlide4 left-bottom right-top left-bottom right-bottom
6374Slide4LBRTRTLTSlide4 left-bottom right-top right-top left-top
6375Slide4LBRTRTLBSlide4 left-bottom right-top right-top left-bottom
6376Slide4LBRTRTRTSlide4 left-bottom right-top right-top right-top
6377Slide4LBRTRTRBSlide4 left-bottom right-top right-top right-bottom
6378Slide4LBRTRBLTSlide4 left-bottom right-top right-bottom left-top
6379Slide4LBRTRBLBSlide4 left-bottom right-top right-bottom left-bottom
6380Slide4LBRTRBRTSlide4 left-bottom right-top right-bottom right-top
6381Slide4LBRTRBRBSlide4 left-bottom right-top right-bottom right-bottom
6382Slide4LBRBLTLTSlide4 left-bottom right-bottom left-top left-top
6383Slide4LBRBLTLBSlide4 left-bottom right-bottom left-top left-bottom
6384Slide4LBRBLTRTSlide4 left-bottom right-bottom left-top right-top
6385Slide4LBRBLTRBSlide4 left-bottom right-bottom left-top right-bottom
6386Slide4LBRBLBLTSlide4 left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom left-top
6387Slide4LBRBLBLBSlide4 left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
6388Slide4LBRBLBRTSlide4 left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom right-top
6389Slide4LBRBLBRBSlide4 left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
6390Slide4LBRBRTLTSlide4 left-bottom right-bottom right-top left-top
6391Slide4LBRBRTLBSlide4 left-bottom right-bottom right-top left-bottom
6392Slide4LBRBRTRTSlide4 left-bottom right-bottom right-top right-top
6393Slide4LBRBRTRBSlide4 left-bottom right-bottom right-top right-bottom
6394Slide4LBRBRBLTSlide4 left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom left-top
6395Slide4LBRBRBLBSlide4 left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
6396Slide4LBRBRBRTSlide4 left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom right-top
6397Slide4LBRBRBRBSlide4 left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
6398Slide4RTLTLTLTSlide4 right-top left-top left-top left-top
6399Slide4RTLTLTLBSlide4 right-top left-top left-top left-bottom
6400Slide4RTLTLTRTSlide4 right-top left-top left-top right-top
6401Slide4RTLTLTRBSlide4 right-top left-top left-top right-bottom
6402Slide4RTLTLBLTSlide4 right-top left-top left-bottom left-top
6403Slide4RTLTLBLBSlide4 right-top left-top left-bottom left-bottom
6404Slide4RTLTLBRTSlide4 right-top left-top left-bottom right-top
6405Slide4RTLTLBRBSlide4 right-top left-top left-bottom right-bottom
6406Slide4RTLTRTLTSlide4 right-top left-top right-top left-top
6407Slide4RTLTRTLBSlide4 right-top left-top right-top left-bottom
6408Slide4RTLTRTRTSlide4 right-top left-top right-top right-top
6409Slide4RTLTRTRBSlide4 right-top left-top right-top right-bottom
6410Slide4RTLTRBLTSlide4 right-top left-top right-bottom left-top
6411Slide4RTLTRBLBSlide4 right-top left-top right-bottom left-bottom
6412Slide4RTLTRBRTSlide4 right-top left-top right-bottom right-top
6413Slide4RTLTRBRBSlide4 right-top left-top right-bottom right-bottom
6414Slide4RTLBLTLTSlide4 right-top left-bottom left-top left-top
6415Slide4RTLBLTLBSlide4 right-top left-bottom left-top left-bottom
6416Slide4RTLBLTRTSlide4 right-top left-bottom left-top right-top
6417Slide4RTLBLTRBSlide4 right-top left-bottom left-top right-bottom
6418Slide4RTLBLBLTSlide4 right-top left-bottom left-bottom left-top
6419Slide4RTLBLBLBSlide4 right-top left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
6420Slide4RTLBLBRTSlide4 right-top left-bottom left-bottom right-top
6421Slide4RTLBLBRBSlide4 right-top left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
6422Slide4RTLBRTLTSlide4 right-top left-bottom right-top left-top
6423Slide4RTLBRTLBSlide4 right-top left-bottom right-top left-bottom
6424Slide4RTLBRTRTSlide4 right-top left-bottom right-top right-top
6425Slide4RTLBRTRBSlide4 right-top left-bottom right-top right-bottom
6426Slide4RTLBRBLTSlide4 right-top left-bottom right-bottom left-top
6427Slide4RTLBRBLBSlide4 right-top left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
6428Slide4RTLBRBRTSlide4 right-top left-bottom right-bottom right-top
6429Slide4RTLBRBRBSlide4 right-top left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
6430Slide4RTRTLTLTSlide4 right-top right-top left-top left-top
6431Slide4RTRTLTLBSlide4 right-top right-top left-top left-bottom
6432Slide4RTRTLTRTSlide4 right-top right-top left-top right-top
6433Slide4RTRTLTRBSlide4 right-top right-top left-top right-bottom
6434Slide4RTRTLBLTSlide4 right-top right-top left-bottom left-top
6435Slide4RTRTLBLBSlide4 right-top right-top left-bottom left-bottom
6436Slide4RTRTLBRTSlide4 right-top right-top left-bottom right-top
6437Slide4RTRTLBRBSlide4 right-top right-top left-bottom right-bottom
6438Slide4RTRTRTLTSlide4 right-top right-top right-top left-top
6439Slide4RTRTRTLBSlide4 right-top right-top right-top left-bottom
6440Slide4RTRTRTRTSlide4 right-top right-top right-top right-top
6441Slide4RTRTRTRBSlide4 right-top right-top right-top right-bottom
6442Slide4RTRTRBLTSlide4 right-top right-top right-bottom left-top
6443Slide4RTRTRBLBSlide4 right-top right-top right-bottom left-bottom
6444Slide4RTRTRBRTSlide4 right-top right-top right-bottom right-top
6445Slide4RTRTRBRBSlide4 right-top right-top right-bottom right-bottom
6446Slide4RTRBLTLTSlide4 right-top right-bottom left-top left-top
6447Slide4RTRBLTLBSlide4 right-top right-bottom left-top left-bottom
6448Slide4RTRBLTRTSlide4 right-top right-bottom left-top right-top
6449Slide4RTRBLTRBSlide4 right-top right-bottom left-top right-bottom
6450Slide4RTRBLBLTSlide4 right-top right-bottom left-bottom left-top
6451Slide4RTRBLBLBSlide4 right-top right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
6452Slide4RTRBLBRTSlide4 right-top right-bottom left-bottom right-top
6453Slide4RTRBLBRBSlide4 right-top right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
6454Slide4RTRBRTLTSlide4 right-top right-bottom right-top left-top
6455Slide4RTRBRTLBSlide4 right-top right-bottom right-top left-bottom
6456Slide4RTRBRTRTSlide4 right-top right-bottom right-top right-top
6457Slide4RTRBRTRBSlide4 right-top right-bottom right-top right-bottom
6458Slide4RTRBRBLTSlide4 right-top right-bottom right-bottom left-top
6459Slide4RTRBRBLBSlide4 right-top right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
6460Slide4RTRBRBRTSlide4 right-top right-bottom right-bottom right-top
6461Slide4RTRBRBRBSlide4 right-top right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
6462Slide4RBLTLTLTSlide4 right-bottom left-top left-top left-top
6463Slide4RBLTLTLBSlide4 right-bottom left-top left-top left-bottom
6464Slide4RBLTLTRTSlide4 right-bottom left-top left-top right-top
6465Slide4RBLTLTRBSlide4 right-bottom left-top left-top right-bottom
6466Slide4RBLTLBLTSlide4 right-bottom left-top left-bottom left-top
6467Slide4RBLTLBLBSlide4 right-bottom left-top left-bottom left-bottom
6468Slide4RBLTLBRTSlide4 right-bottom left-top left-bottom right-top
6469Slide4RBLTLBRBSlide4 right-bottom left-top left-bottom right-bottom
6470Slide4RBLTRTLTSlide4 right-bottom left-top right-top left-top
6471Slide4RBLTRTLBSlide4 right-bottom left-top right-top left-bottom
6472Slide4RBLTRTRTSlide4 right-bottom left-top right-top right-top
6473Slide4RBLTRTRBSlide4 right-bottom left-top right-top right-bottom
6474Slide4RBLTRBLTSlide4 right-bottom left-top right-bottom left-top
6475Slide4RBLTRBLBSlide4 right-bottom left-top right-bottom left-bottom
6476Slide4RBLTRBRTSlide4 right-bottom left-top right-bottom right-top
6477Slide4RBLTRBRBSlide4 right-bottom left-top right-bottom right-bottom
6478Slide4RBLBLTLTSlide4 right-bottom left-bottom left-top left-top
6479Slide4RBLBLTLBSlide4 right-bottom left-bottom left-top left-bottom
6480Slide4RBLBLTRTSlide4 right-bottom left-bottom left-top right-top
6481Slide4RBLBLTRBSlide4 right-bottom left-bottom left-top right-bottom
6482Slide4RBLBLBLTSlide4 right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom left-top
6483Slide4RBLBLBLBSlide4 right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
6484Slide4RBLBLBRTSlide4 right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom right-top
6485Slide4RBLBLBRBSlide4 right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
6486Slide4RBLBRTLTSlide4 right-bottom left-bottom right-top left-top
6487Slide4RBLBRTLBSlide4 right-bottom left-bottom right-top left-bottom
6488Slide4RBLBRTRTSlide4 right-bottom left-bottom right-top right-top
6489Slide4RBLBRTRBSlide4 right-bottom left-bottom right-top right-bottom
6490Slide4RBLBRBLTSlide4 right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom left-top
6491Slide4RBLBRBLBSlide4 right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
6492Slide4RBLBRBRTSlide4 right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom right-top
6493Slide4RBLBRBRBSlide4 right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
6494Slide4RBRTLTLTSlide4 right-bottom right-top left-top left-top
6495Slide4RBRTLTLBSlide4 right-bottom right-top left-top left-bottom
6496Slide4RBRTLTRTSlide4 right-bottom right-top left-top right-top
6497Slide4RBRTLTRBSlide4 right-bottom right-top left-top right-bottom
6498Slide4RBRTLBLTSlide4 right-bottom right-top left-bottom left-top
6499Slide4RBRTLBLBSlide4 right-bottom right-top left-bottom left-bottom
6500Slide4RBRTLBRTSlide4 right-bottom right-top left-bottom right-top
6501Slide4RBRTLBRBSlide4 right-bottom right-top left-bottom right-bottom
6502Slide4RBRTRTLTSlide4 right-bottom right-top right-top left-top
6503Slide4RBRTRTLBSlide4 right-bottom right-top right-top left-bottom
6504Slide4RBRTRTRTSlide4 right-bottom right-top right-top right-top
6505Slide4RBRTRTRBSlide4 right-bottom right-top right-top right-bottom
6506Slide4RBRTRBLTSlide4 right-bottom right-top right-bottom left-top
6507Slide4RBRTRBLBSlide4 right-bottom right-top right-bottom left-bottom
6508Slide4RBRTRBRTSlide4 right-bottom right-top right-bottom right-top
6509Slide4RBRTRBRBSlide4 right-bottom right-top right-bottom right-bottom
6510Slide4RBRBLTLTSlide4 right-bottom right-bottom left-top left-top
6511Slide4RBRBLTLBSlide4 right-bottom right-bottom left-top left-bottom
6512Slide4RBRBLTRTSlide4 right-bottom right-bottom left-top right-top
6513Slide4RBRBLTRBSlide4 right-bottom right-bottom left-top right-bottom
6514Slide4RBRBLBLTSlide4 right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom left-top
6515Slide4RBRBLBLBSlide4 right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
6516Slide4RBRBLBRTSlide4 right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom right-top
6517Slide4RBRBLBRBSlide4 right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
6518Slide4RBRBRTLTSlide4 right-bottom right-bottom right-top left-top
6519Slide4RBRBRTLBSlide4 right-bottom right-bottom right-top left-bottom
6520Slide4RBRBRTRTSlide4 right-bottom right-bottom right-top right-top
6521Slide4RBRBRTRBSlide4 right-bottom right-bottom right-top right-bottom
6522Slide4RBRBRBLTSlide4 right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom left-top
6523Slide4RBRBRBLBSlide4 right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
6524Slide4RBRBRBRTSlide4 right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom right-top
6525Slide4RBRBRBRBSlide4 right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
6525SlideMaxNumber of effects in this class.
7000RollClassRoll class
7000RollLToRRoll left to right
7001RollRToLRoll right to left
7002RollTToBRoll top to bottom
7003RollBToTRoll bottom to top
7004Roll2TRToLAndBLToRRoll2 top right to left and bottom left to right
7005Roll2TLToRAndBRToLRoll2 top left to right and bottom right to left
7006Roll2LBToTAndRTToBRoll2 left bottom to top and right top to bottom
7007Roll2LTToBAndRBToTRoll2 left top to bottom and right bottom to top
7008Roll4LLLLRoll4 left left left left
7009Roll4LLLRRoll4 left left left right
7010Roll4LLLTRoll4 left left left top
7011Roll4LLLBRoll4 left left left bottom
7012Roll4LLRLRoll4 left left right left
7013Roll4LLRRRoll4 left left right right
7014Roll4LLRTRoll4 left left right top
7015Roll4LLRBRoll4 left left right bottom
7016Roll4LLTLRoll4 left left top left
7017Roll4LLTRRoll4 left left top right
7018Roll4LLTTRoll4 left left top top
7019Roll4LLTBRoll4 left left top bottom
7020Roll4LLBLRoll4 left left bottom left
7021Roll4LLBRRoll4 left left bottom right
7022Roll4LLBTRoll4 left left bottom top
7023Roll4LLBBRoll4 left left bottom bottom
7024Roll4LRLLRoll4 left right left left
7025Roll4LRLRRoll4 left right left right
7026Roll4LRLTRoll4 left right left top
7027Roll4LRLBRoll4 left right left bottom
7028Roll4LRRLRoll4 left right right left
7029Roll4LRRRRoll4 left right right right
7030Roll4LRRTRoll4 left right right top
7031Roll4LRRBRoll4 left right right bottom
7032Roll4LRTLRoll4 left right top left
7033Roll4LRTRRoll4 left right top right
7034Roll4LRTTRoll4 left right top top
7035Roll4LRTBRoll4 left right top bottom
7036Roll4LRBLRoll4 left right bottom left
7037Roll4LRBRRoll4 left right bottom right
7038Roll4LRBTRoll4 left right bottom top
7039Roll4LRBBRoll4 left right bottom bottom
7040Roll4LTLLRoll4 left top left left
7041Roll4LTLRRoll4 left top left right
7042Roll4LTLTRoll4 left top left top
7043Roll4LTLBRoll4 left top left bottom
7044Roll4LTRLRoll4 left top right left
7045Roll4LTRRRoll4 left top right right
7046Roll4LTRTRoll4 left top right top
7047Roll4LTRBRoll4 left top right bottom
7048Roll4LTTLRoll4 left top top left
7049Roll4LTTRRoll4 left top top right
7050Roll4LTTTRoll4 left top top top
7051Roll4LTTBRoll4 left top top bottom
7052Roll4LTBLRoll4 left top bottom left
7053Roll4LTBRRoll4 left top bottom right
7054Roll4LTBTRoll4 left top bottom top
7055Roll4LTBBRoll4 left top bottom bottom
7056Roll4LBLLRoll4 left bottom left left
7057Roll4LBLRRoll4 left bottom left right
7058Roll4LBLTRoll4 left bottom left top
7059Roll4LBLBRoll4 left bottom left bottom
7060Roll4LBRLRoll4 left bottom right left
7061Roll4LBRRRoll4 left bottom right right
7062Roll4LBRTRoll4 left bottom right top
7063Roll4LBRBRoll4 left bottom right bottom
7064Roll4LBTLRoll4 left bottom top left
7065Roll4LBTRRoll4 left bottom top right
7066Roll4LBTTRoll4 left bottom top top
7067Roll4LBTBRoll4 left bottom top bottom
7068Roll4LBBLRoll4 left bottom bottom left
7069Roll4LBBRRoll4 left bottom bottom right
7070Roll4LBBTRoll4 left bottom bottom top
7071Roll4LBBBRoll4 left bottom bottom bottom
7072Roll4RLLLRoll4 right left left left
7073Roll4RLLRRoll4 right left left right
7074Roll4RLLTRoll4 right left left top
7075Roll4RLLBRoll4 right left left bottom
7076Roll4RLRLRoll4 right left right left
7077Roll4RLRRRoll4 right left right right
7078Roll4RLRTRoll4 right left right top
7079Roll4RLRBRoll4 right left right bottom
7080Roll4RLTLRoll4 right left top left
7081Roll4RLTRRoll4 right left top right
7082Roll4RLTTRoll4 right left top top
7083Roll4RLTBRoll4 right left top bottom
7084Roll4RLBLRoll4 right left bottom left
7085Roll4RLBRRoll4 right left bottom right
7086Roll4RLBTRoll4 right left bottom top
7087Roll4RLBBRoll4 right left bottom bottom
7088Roll4RRLLRoll4 right right left left
7089Roll4RRLRRoll4 right right left right
7090Roll4RRLTRoll4 right right left top
7091Roll4RRLBRoll4 right right left bottom
7092Roll4RRRLRoll4 right right right left
7093Roll4RRRRRoll4 right right right right
7094Roll4RRRTRoll4 right right right top
7095Roll4RRRBRoll4 right right right bottom
7096Roll4RRTLRoll4 right right top left
7097Roll4RRTRRoll4 right right top right
7098Roll4RRTTRoll4 right right top top
7099Roll4RRTBRoll4 right right top bottom
7100Roll4RRBLRoll4 right right bottom left
7101Roll4RRBRRoll4 right right bottom right
7102Roll4RRBTRoll4 right right bottom top
7103Roll4RRBBRoll4 right right bottom bottom
7104Roll4RTLLRoll4 right top left left
7105Roll4RTLRRoll4 right top left right
7106Roll4RTLTRoll4 right top left top
7107Roll4RTLBRoll4 right top left bottom
7108Roll4RTRLRoll4 right top right left
7109Roll4RTRRRoll4 right top right right
7110Roll4RTRTRoll4 right top right top
7111Roll4RTRBRoll4 right top right bottom
7112Roll4RTTLRoll4 right top top left
7113Roll4RTTRRoll4 right top top right
7114Roll4RTTTRoll4 right top top top
7115Roll4RTTBRoll4 right top top bottom
7116Roll4RTBLRoll4 right top bottom left
7117Roll4RTBRRoll4 right top bottom right
7118Roll4RTBTRoll4 right top bottom top
7119Roll4RTBBRoll4 right top bottom bottom
7120Roll4RBLLRoll4 right bottom left left
7121Roll4RBLRRoll4 right bottom left right
7122Roll4RBLTRoll4 right bottom left top
7123Roll4RBLBRoll4 right bottom left bottom
7124Roll4RBRLRoll4 right bottom right left
7125Roll4RBRRRoll4 right bottom right right
7126Roll4RBRTRoll4 right bottom right top
7127Roll4RBRBRoll4 right bottom right bottom
7128Roll4RBTLRoll4 right bottom top left
7129Roll4RBTRRoll4 right bottom top right
7130Roll4RBTTRoll4 right bottom top top
7131Roll4RBTBRoll4 right bottom top bottom
7132Roll4RBBLRoll4 right bottom bottom left
7133Roll4RBBRRoll4 right bottom bottom right
7134Roll4RBBTRoll4 right bottom bottom top
7135Roll4RBBBRoll4 right bottom bottom bottom
7136Roll4TLLLRoll4 top left left left
7137Roll4TLLRRoll4 top left left right
7138Roll4TLLTRoll4 top left left top
7139Roll4TLLBRoll4 top left left bottom
7140Roll4TLRLRoll4 top left right left
7141Roll4TLRRRoll4 top left right right
7142Roll4TLRTRoll4 top left right top
7143Roll4TLRBRoll4 top left right bottom
7144Roll4TLTLRoll4 top left top left
7145Roll4TLTRRoll4 top left top right
7146Roll4TLTTRoll4 top left top top
7147Roll4TLTBRoll4 top left top bottom
7148Roll4TLBLRoll4 top left bottom left
7149Roll4TLBRRoll4 top left bottom right
7150Roll4TLBTRoll4 top left bottom top
7151Roll4TLBBRoll4 top left bottom bottom
7152Roll4TRLLRoll4 top right left left
7153Roll4TRLRRoll4 top right left right
7154Roll4TRLTRoll4 top right left top
7155Roll4TRLBRoll4 top right left bottom
7156Roll4TRRLRoll4 top right right left
7157Roll4TRRRRoll4 top right right right
7158Roll4TRRTRoll4 top right right top
7159Roll4TRRBRoll4 top right right bottom
7160Roll4TRTLRoll4 top right top left
7161Roll4TRTRRoll4 top right top right
7162Roll4TRTTRoll4 top right top top
7163Roll4TRTBRoll4 top right top bottom
7164Roll4TRBLRoll4 top right bottom left
7165Roll4TRBRRoll4 top right bottom right
7166Roll4TRBTRoll4 top right bottom top
7167Roll4TRBBRoll4 top right bottom bottom
7168Roll4TTLLRoll4 top top left left
7169Roll4TTLRRoll4 top top left right
7170Roll4TTLTRoll4 top top left top
7171Roll4TTLBRoll4 top top left bottom
7172Roll4TTRLRoll4 top top right left
7173Roll4TTRRRoll4 top top right right
7174Roll4TTRTRoll4 top top right top
7175Roll4TTRBRoll4 top top right bottom
7176Roll4TTTLRoll4 top top top left
7177Roll4TTTRRoll4 top top top right
7178Roll4TTTTRoll4 top top top top
7179Roll4TTTBRoll4 top top top bottom
7180Roll4TTBLRoll4 top top bottom left
7181Roll4TTBRRoll4 top top bottom right
7182Roll4TTBTRoll4 top top bottom top
7183Roll4TTBBRoll4 top top bottom bottom
7184Roll4TBLLRoll4 top bottom left left
7185Roll4TBLRRoll4 top bottom left right
7186Roll4TBLTRoll4 top bottom left top
7187Roll4TBLBRoll4 top bottom left bottom
7188Roll4TBRLRoll4 top bottom right left
7189Roll4TBRRRoll4 top bottom right right
7190Roll4TBRTRoll4 top bottom right top
7191Roll4TBRBRoll4 top bottom right bottom
7192Roll4TBTLRoll4 top bottom top left
7193Roll4TBTRRoll4 top bottom top right
7194Roll4TBTTRoll4 top bottom top top
7195Roll4TBTBRoll4 top bottom top bottom
7196Roll4TBBLRoll4 top bottom bottom left
7197Roll4TBBRRoll4 top bottom bottom right
7198Roll4TBBTRoll4 top bottom bottom top
7199Roll4TBBBRoll4 top bottom bottom bottom
7200Roll4BLLLRoll4 bottom left left left
7201Roll4BLLRRoll4 bottom left left right
7202Roll4BLLTRoll4 bottom left left top
7203Roll4BLLBRoll4 bottom left left bottom
7204Roll4BLRLRoll4 bottom left right left
7205Roll4BLRRRoll4 bottom left right right
7206Roll4BLRTRoll4 bottom left right top
7207Roll4BLRBRoll4 bottom left right bottom
7208Roll4BLTLRoll4 bottom left top left
7209Roll4BLTRRoll4 bottom left top right
7210Roll4BLTTRoll4 bottom left top top
7211Roll4BLTBRoll4 bottom left top bottom
7212Roll4BLBLRoll4 bottom left bottom left
7213Roll4BLBRRoll4 bottom left bottom right
7214Roll4BLBTRoll4 bottom left bottom top
7215Roll4BLBBRoll4 bottom left bottom bottom
7216Roll4BRLLRoll4 bottom right left left
7217Roll4BRLRRoll4 bottom right left right
7218Roll4BRLTRoll4 bottom right left top
7219Roll4BRLBRoll4 bottom right left bottom
7220Roll4BRRLRoll4 bottom right right left
7221Roll4BRRRRoll4 bottom right right right
7222Roll4BRRTRoll4 bottom right right top
7223Roll4BRRBRoll4 bottom right right bottom
7224Roll4BRTLRoll4 bottom right top left
7225Roll4BRTRRoll4 bottom right top right
7226Roll4BRTTRoll4 bottom right top top
7227Roll4BRTBRoll4 bottom right top bottom
7228Roll4BRBLRoll4 bottom right bottom left
7229Roll4BRBRRoll4 bottom right bottom right
7230Roll4BRBTRoll4 bottom right bottom top
7231Roll4BRBBRoll4 bottom right bottom bottom
7232Roll4BTLLRoll4 bottom top left left
7233Roll4BTLRRoll4 bottom top left right
7234Roll4BTLTRoll4 bottom top left top
7235Roll4BTLBRoll4 bottom top left bottom
7236Roll4BTRLRoll4 bottom top right left
7237Roll4BTRRRoll4 bottom top right right
7238Roll4BTRTRoll4 bottom top right top
7239Roll4BTRBRoll4 bottom top right bottom
7240Roll4BTTLRoll4 bottom top top left
7241Roll4BTTRRoll4 bottom top top right
7242Roll4BTTTRoll4 bottom top top top
7243Roll4BTTBRoll4 bottom top top bottom
7244Roll4BTBLRoll4 bottom top bottom left
7245Roll4BTBRRoll4 bottom top bottom right
7246Roll4BTBTRoll4 bottom top bottom top
7247Roll4BTBBRoll4 bottom top bottom bottom
7248Roll4BBLLRoll4 bottom bottom left left
7249Roll4BBLRRoll4 bottom bottom left right
7250Roll4BBLTRoll4 bottom bottom left top
7251Roll4BBLBRoll4 bottom bottom left bottom
7252Roll4BBRLRoll4 bottom bottom right left
7253Roll4BBRRRoll4 bottom bottom right right
7254Roll4BBRTRoll4 bottom bottom right top
7255Roll4BBRBRoll4 bottom bottom right bottom
7256Roll4BBTLRoll4 bottom bottom top left
7257Roll4BBTRRoll4 bottom bottom top right
7258Roll4BBTTRoll4 bottom bottom top top
7259Roll4BBTBRoll4 bottom bottom top bottom
7260Roll4BBBLRoll4 bottom bottom bottom left
7261Roll4BBBRRoll4 bottom bottom bottom right
7262Roll4BBBTRoll4 bottom bottom bottom top
7263RollMaxNumber of effects in this class.
7263Roll4BBBBRoll4 bottom bottom bottom bottom
8000RotateLToRRotate left to right
8000RotateClassRotate class
8001RotateRToLRotate right to left
8002RotateTToBRotate top to bottom
8003RotateBToTRotate bottom to top
8004Rotate4LLLLRotate4 left left left left
8005Rotate4LLLRRotate4 left left left right
8006Rotate4LLLTRotate4 left left left top
8007Rotate4LLLBRotate4 left left left bottom
8008Rotate4LLRLRotate4 left left right left
8009Rotate4LLRRRotate4 left left right right
8010Rotate4LLRTRotate4 left left right top
8011Rotate4LLRBRotate4 left left right bottom
8012Rotate4LLTLRotate4 left left top left
8013Rotate4LLTRRotate4 left left top right
8014Rotate4LLTTRotate4 left left top top
8015Rotate4LLTBRotate4 left left top bottom
8016Rotate4LLBLRotate4 left left bottom left
8017Rotate4LLBRRotate4 left left bottom right
8018Rotate4LLBTRotate4 left left bottom top
8019Rotate4LLBBRotate4 left left bottom bottom
8020Rotate4LRLLRotate4 left right left left
8021Rotate4LRLRRotate4 left right left right
8022Rotate4LRLTRotate4 left right left top
8023Rotate4LRLBRotate4 left right left bottom
8024Rotate4LRRLRotate4 left right right left
8025Rotate4LRRRRotate4 left right right right
8026Rotate4LRRTRotate4 left right right top
8027Rotate4LRRBRotate4 left right right bottom
8028Rotate4LRTLRotate4 left right top left
8029Rotate4LRTRRotate4 left right top right
8030Rotate4LRTTRotate4 left right top top
8031Rotate4LRTBRotate4 left right top bottom
8032Rotate4LRBLRotate4 left right bottom left
8033Rotate4LRBRRotate4 left right bottom right
8034Rotate4LRBTRotate4 left right bottom top
8035Rotate4LRBBRotate4 left right bottom bottom
8036Rotate4LTLLRotate4 left top left left
8037Rotate4LTLRRotate4 left top left right
8038Rotate4LTLTRotate4 left top left top
8039Rotate4LTLBRotate4 left top left bottom
8040Rotate4LTRLRotate4 left top right left
8041Rotate4LTRRRotate4 left top right right
8042Rotate4LTRTRotate4 left top right top
8043Rotate4LTRBRotate4 left top right bottom
8044Rotate4LTTLRotate4 left top top left
8045Rotate4LTTRRotate4 left top top right
8046Rotate4LTTTRotate4 left top top top
8047Rotate4LTTBRotate4 left top top bottom
8048Rotate4LTBLRotate4 left top bottom left
8049Rotate4LTBRRotate4 left top bottom right
8050Rotate4LTBTRotate4 left top bottom top
8051Rotate4LTBBRotate4 left top bottom bottom
8052Rotate4LBLLRotate4 left bottom left left
8053Rotate4LBLRRotate4 left bottom left right
8054Rotate4LBLTRotate4 left bottom left top
8055Rotate4LBLBRotate4 left bottom left bottom
8056Rotate4LBRLRotate4 left bottom right left
8057Rotate4LBRRRotate4 left bottom right right
8058Rotate4LBRTRotate4 left bottom right top
8059Rotate4LBRBRotate4 left bottom right bottom
8060Rotate4LBTLRotate4 left bottom top left
8061Rotate4LBTRRotate4 left bottom top right
8062Rotate4LBTTRotate4 left bottom top top
8063Rotate4LBTBRotate4 left bottom top bottom
8064Rotate4LBBLRotate4 left bottom bottom left
8065Rotate4LBBRRotate4 left bottom bottom right
8066Rotate4LBBTRotate4 left bottom bottom top
8067Rotate4LBBBRotate4 left bottom bottom bottom
8068Rotate4RLLLRotate4 right left left left
8069Rotate4RLLRRotate4 right left left right
8070Rotate4RLLTRotate4 right left left top
8071Rotate4RLLBRotate4 right left left bottom
8072Rotate4RLRLRotate4 right left right left
8073Rotate4RLRRRotate4 right left right right
8074Rotate4RLRTRotate4 right left right top
8075Rotate4RLRBRotate4 right left right bottom
8076Rotate4RLTLRotate4 right left top left
8077Rotate4RLTRRotate4 right left top right
8078Rotate4RLTTRotate4 right left top top
8079Rotate4RLTBRotate4 right left top bottom
8080Rotate4RLBLRotate4 right left bottom left
8081Rotate4RLBRRotate4 right left bottom right
8082Rotate4RLBTRotate4 right left bottom top
8083Rotate4RLBBRotate4 right left bottom bottom
8084Rotate4RRLLRotate4 right right left left
8085Rotate4RRLRRotate4 right right left right
8086Rotate4RRLTRotate4 right right left top
8087Rotate4RRLBRotate4 right right left bottom
8088Rotate4RRRLRotate4 right right right left
8089Rotate4RRRRRotate4 right right right right
8090Rotate4RRRTRotate4 right right right top
8091Rotate4RRRBRotate4 right right right bottom
8092Rotate4RRTLRotate4 right right top left
8093Rotate4RRTRRotate4 right right top right
8094Rotate4RRTTRotate4 right right top top
8095Rotate4RRTBRotate4 right right top bottom
8096Rotate4RRBLRotate4 right right bottom left
8097Rotate4RRBRRotate4 right right bottom right
8098Rotate4RRBTRotate4 right right bottom top
8099Rotate4RRBBRotate4 right right bottom bottom
8100Rotate4RTLLRotate4 right top left left
8101Rotate4RTLRRotate4 right top left right
8102Rotate4RTLTRotate4 right top left top
8103Rotate4RTLBRotate4 right top left bottom
8104Rotate4RTRLRotate4 right top right left
8105Rotate4RTRRRotate4 right top right right
8106Rotate4RTRTRotate4 right top right top
8107Rotate4RTRBRotate4 right top right bottom
8108Rotate4RTTLRotate4 right top top left
8109Rotate4RTTRRotate4 right top top right
8110Rotate4RTTTRotate4 right top top top
8111Rotate4RTTBRotate4 right top top bottom
8112Rotate4RTBLRotate4 right top bottom left
8113Rotate4RTBRRotate4 right top bottom right
8114Rotate4RTBTRotate4 right top bottom top
8115Rotate4RTBBRotate4 right top bottom bottom
8116Rotate4RBLLRotate4 right bottom left left
8117Rotate4RBLRRotate4 right bottom left right
8118Rotate4RBLTRotate4 right bottom left top
8119Rotate4RBLBRotate4 right bottom left bottom
8120Rotate4RBRLRotate4 right bottom right left
8121Rotate4RBRRRotate4 right bottom right right
8122Rotate4RBRTRotate4 right bottom right top
8123Rotate4RBRBRotate4 right bottom right bottom
8124Rotate4RBTLRotate4 right bottom top left
8125Rotate4RBTRRotate4 right bottom top right
8126Rotate4RBTTRotate4 right bottom top top
8127Rotate4RBTBRotate4 right bottom top bottom
8128Rotate4RBBLRotate4 right bottom bottom left
8129Rotate4RBBRRotate4 right bottom bottom right
8130Rotate4RBBTRotate4 right bottom bottom top
8131Rotate4RBBBRotate4 right bottom bottom bottom
8132Rotate4TLLLRotate4 top left left left
8133Rotate4TLLRRotate4 top left left right
8134Rotate4TLLTRotate4 top left left top
8135Rotate4TLLBRotate4 top left left bottom
8136Rotate4TLRLRotate4 top left right left
8137Rotate4TLRRRotate4 top left right right
8138Rotate4TLRTRotate4 top left right top
8139Rotate4TLRBRotate4 top left right bottom
8140Rotate4TLTLRotate4 top left top left
8141Rotate4TLTRRotate4 top left top right
8142Rotate4TLTTRotate4 top left top top
8143Rotate4TLTBRotate4 top left top bottom
8144Rotate4TLBLRotate4 top left bottom left
8145Rotate4TLBRRotate4 top left bottom right
8146Rotate4TLBTRotate4 top left bottom top
8147Rotate4TLBBRotate4 top left bottom bottom
8148Rotate4TRLLRotate4 top right left left
8149Rotate4TRLRRotate4 top right left right
8150Rotate4TRLTRotate4 top right left top
8151Rotate4TRLBRotate4 top right left bottom
8152Rotate4TRRLRotate4 top right right left
8153Rotate4TRRRRotate4 top right right right
8154Rotate4TRRTRotate4 top right right top
8155Rotate4TRRBRotate4 top right right bottom
8156Rotate4TRTLRotate4 top right top left
8157Rotate4TRTRRotate4 top right top right
8158Rotate4TRTTRotate4 top right top top
8159Rotate4TRTBRotate4 top right top bottom
8160Rotate4TRBLRotate4 top right bottom left
8161Rotate4TRBRRotate4 top right bottom right
8162Rotate4TRBTRotate4 top right bottom top
8163Rotate4TRBBRotate4 top right bottom bottom
8164Rotate4TTLLRotate4 top top left left
8165Rotate4TTLRRotate4 top top left right
8166Rotate4TTLTRotate4 top top left top
8167Rotate4TTLBRotate4 top top left bottom
8168Rotate4TTRLRotate4 top top right left
8169Rotate4TTRRRotate4 top top right right
8170Rotate4TTRTRotate4 top top right top
8171Rotate4TTRBRotate4 top top right bottom
8172Rotate4TTTLRotate4 top top top left
8173Rotate4TTTRRotate4 top top top right
8174Rotate4TTTTRotate4 top top top top
8175Rotate4TTTBRotate4 top top top bottom
8176Rotate4TTBLRotate4 top top bottom left
8177Rotate4TTBRRotate4 top top bottom right
8178Rotate4TTBTRotate4 top top bottom top
8179Rotate4TTBBRotate4 top top bottom bottom
8180Rotate4TBLLRotate4 top bottom left left
8181Rotate4TBLRRotate4 top bottom left right
8182Rotate4TBLTRotate4 top bottom left top
8183Rotate4TBLBRotate4 top bottom left bottom
8184Rotate4TBRLRotate4 top bottom right left
8185Rotate4TBRRRotate4 top bottom right right
8186Rotate4TBRTRotate4 top bottom right top
8187Rotate4TBRBRotate4 top bottom right bottom
8188Rotate4TBTLRotate4 top bottom top left
8189Rotate4TBTRRotate4 top bottom top right
8190Rotate4TBTTRotate4 top bottom top top
8191Rotate4TBTBRotate4 top bottom top bottom
8192Rotate4TBBLRotate4 top bottom bottom left
8193Rotate4TBBRRotate4 top bottom bottom right
8194Rotate4TBBTRotate4 top bottom bottom top
8195Rotate4TBBBRotate4 top bottom bottom bottom
8196Rotate4BLLLRotate4 bottom left left left
8197Rotate4BLLRRotate4 bottom left left right
8198Rotate4BLLTRotate4 bottom left left top
8199Rotate4BLLBRotate4 bottom left left bottom
8200Rotate4BLRLRotate4 bottom left right left
8201Rotate4BLRRRotate4 bottom left right right
8202Rotate4BLRTRotate4 bottom left right top
8203Rotate4BLRBRotate4 bottom left right bottom
8204Rotate4BLTLRotate4 bottom left top left
8205Rotate4BLTRRotate4 bottom left top right
8206Rotate4BLTTRotate4 bottom left top top
8207Rotate4BLTBRotate4 bottom left top bottom
8208Rotate4BLBLRotate4 bottom left bottom left
8209Rotate4BLBRRotate4 bottom left bottom right
8210Rotate4BLBTRotate4 bottom left bottom top
8211Rotate4BLBBRotate4 bottom left bottom bottom
8212Rotate4BRLLRotate4 bottom right left left
8213Rotate4BRLRRotate4 bottom right left right
8214Rotate4BRLTRotate4 bottom right left top
8215Rotate4BRLBRotate4 bottom right left bottom
8216Rotate4BRRLRotate4 bottom right right left
8217Rotate4BRRRRotate4 bottom right right right
8218Rotate4BRRTRotate4 bottom right right top
8219Rotate4BRRBRotate4 bottom right right bottom
8220Rotate4BRTLRotate4 bottom right top left
8221Rotate4BRTRRotate4 bottom right top right
8222Rotate4BRTTRotate4 bottom right top top
8223Rotate4BRTBRotate4 bottom right top bottom
8224Rotate4BRBLRotate4 bottom right bottom left
8225Rotate4BRBRRotate4 bottom right bottom right
8226Rotate4BRBTRotate4 bottom right bottom top
8227Rotate4BRBBRotate4 bottom right bottom bottom
8228Rotate4BTLLRotate4 bottom top left left
8229Rotate4BTLRRotate4 bottom top left right
8230Rotate4BTLTRotate4 bottom top left top
8231Rotate4BTLBRotate4 bottom top left bottom
8232Rotate4BTRLRotate4 bottom top right left
8233Rotate4BTRRRotate4 bottom top right right
8234Rotate4BTRTRotate4 bottom top right top
8235Rotate4BTRBRotate4 bottom top right bottom
8236Rotate4BTTLRotate4 bottom top top left
8237Rotate4BTTRRotate4 bottom top top right
8238Rotate4BTTTRotate4 bottom top top top
8239Rotate4BTTBRotate4 bottom top top bottom
8240Rotate4BTBLRotate4 bottom top bottom left
8241Rotate4BTBRRotate4 bottom top bottom right
8242Rotate4BTBTRotate4 bottom top bottom top
8243Rotate4BTBBRotate4 bottom top bottom bottom
8244Rotate4BBLLRotate4 bottom bottom left left
8245Rotate4BBLRRotate4 bottom bottom left right
8246Rotate4BBLTRotate4 bottom bottom left top
8247Rotate4BBLBRotate4 bottom bottom left bottom
8248Rotate4BBRLRotate4 bottom bottom right left
8249Rotate4BBRRRotate4 bottom bottom right right
8250Rotate4BBRTRotate4 bottom bottom right top
8251Rotate4BBRBRotate4 bottom bottom right bottom
8252Rotate4BBTLRotate4 bottom bottom top left
8253Rotate4BBTRRotate4 bottom bottom top right
8254Rotate4BBTTRotate4 bottom bottom top top
8255Rotate4BBTBRotate4 bottom bottom top bottom
8256Rotate4BBBLRotate4 bottom bottom bottom left
8257Rotate4BBBRRotate4 bottom bottom bottom right
8258Rotate4BBBTRotate4 bottom bottom bottom top
8259Rotate4BBBBRotate4 bottom bottom bottom bottom
8259RotateMaxNumber of effects in this class.
9000ZoomClassZoom class
9000ZoomToCZoom to center
9001ZoomFromCZoom from center
9001ZoomMaxNumber of effects in this class.
10000DripTToBDrip top to bottom
10000DripClassDrip class
10001DripBToTDrip bottom to top
10002DripLToRDrip left to right
10003DripRToLDrip right to left
10003DripMaxNumber of effects in this class.
11000HInterlaceBlind top to bottom
11000VInterlaceRightBlind top to bottom
11000VInterlaceLeftBlind top to bottom
11000BlindClassBlind class
11000BlindTToBBlind top to bottom
11001BlindLToRBlind left to right
11001VInterlaceBlind left to right
11001HInterlaceDownBlind left to right
11001HInterlaceUpBlind left to right
11002BlindGROWINGLToRBlind growing left to right
11003BlindGROWINGRToLBlind growing right to left
11004BlindGROWINGTToBBlind growing top to bottom
11005BlindGROWINGBToTBlind growing bottom to top
11006BlindMaxNumber of effects in this class.
11006Blind2TToBAndLToRBlind2 top to bottom and left to right
12000RandomClassRandom class
12000RandomBarsRToLRandom bars right to left
12001RandomBarsLToRRandom bars left to right
12002RandomBarsBToTRandom bars bottom to top
12003RandomBarsTToBRandom bars top to bottom
12004RandomVLineRandom lines
12004RandomHLineRandom lines
12004RandomLinesRandom lines
12005RandomBlocksRandom blocks
12005RandomLargeBoxRandom blocks
12005RandomMediumBoxRandom blocks
12005RandomPixelRandom blocks
12005RandomSmallBoxRandom blocks
12006RandomBlocksRToLRandom blocks right to left
12007RandomBlocksLToRRandom blocks left to right
12008RandomBlocksBToTRandom blocks bottom to top
12009RandomBlocksTToBRandom blocks top to bottom
12009RandomMaxNumber of effects in this class.
13000CheckboardTToBThenTToBCheckerboard top to bottom then top to bottom
13000CheckboardClassCheckerboard class
13001CheckboardBToTThenBToTCheckerboard bottom to top then bottom to top
13002CheckboardLToRThenLToRCheckerboard left to right then left to right
13003CheckboardRToLThenRToLCheckerboard right to left then right to left
13004CheckboardTToBThenBToTCheckerboard top to bottom then bottom to top
13005CheckboardBToTThenTToBCheckerboard bottom to top then top to bottom
13006CheckboardLToRThenRToLCheckerboard left to right then right to left
13007CheckboardMaxNumber of effects in this class.
13007CheckboardRToLThenLToRCheckerboard right to left then left to right
14000BlocksClassBlocks class
14000BlocksTToB(0x000036B0)Blocks top to bottom
14001BlocksBToT(0x000036B1)Blocks bottom to top
14002BlocksLToR(0x000036B2)Blocks left to right
14003BlocksRToL(0x000036B3)Blocks right to left
14004BlocksSwirlCWToCBlocks swirl CW to center
14004SpiralInBlocks swirl CW to center
14005BlocksSwirlCWFromCBlocks swirl CW from center
14005SpiralOutBlocks swirl CW from center
14006BlocksSwirlCCWToCBlocks swirl CCW to center
14007BlocksMaxNumber of effects in this class.
14007BlocksSwirlCCWFromCBlocks swirl CCW from center
15000CircleCInCircle center in
15000CircleClass(0x00003A98)Circle class
15001CircleCOutCircle center out
15002CircleLInCircle left in
15003CircleLOutCircle left out
15004CircleRInCircle right in
15005CircleROutCircle right out
15006CircleTInCircle top in
15007CircleTOutCircle top out
15008CircleBInCircle bottom in
15009CircleBOutCircle bottom out
15010CircleCInterInThenInCircle center interlace in then in
15011CircleCInterOutThenOutCircle center interlace out then out
15012CircleCInterInThenOutCircle center interlace in then out
15013CircleCInterOutThenInCircle center interlace out then in
15014CircleLInterInThenInCircle left interlace in then in
15015CircleLInterOutThenOutCircle left interlace out then out
15016CircleLInterInThenOutCircle left interlace in then out
15017CircleLInterOutThenInCircle left interlace out then in
15018CircleRInterInThenInCircle right interlace in then in
15019CircleRInterOutThenOutCircle right interlace out then out
15020CircleRInterInThenOutCircle right interlace in then out
15021CircleRInterOutThenInCircle right interlace out then in
15022CircleTInterInThenInCircle top interlace in then in
15023CircleTInterOutThenOutCircle top interlace out then out
15024CircleTInterInThenOutCircle top interlace in then out
15025CircleTInterOutThenInCircle top interlace out then in
15026CircleBInterInThenInCircle bottom interlace in then in
15027CircleBInterOutThenOutCircle bottom interlace out then out
15028CircleBInterInThenOutCircle bottom interlace in then out
15029CircleBInterOutThenInCircle bottom interlace out then in
15030CircleLRInterCircle left right interlace
15031CircleTBInterCircle top bottom interlace
15032Circle2LROutCircle2 left right out
15033Circle2LRInCircle2 left right in
15034Circle2TBOutCircle2 top bottom out
15035CircleMax(0x00003ABB)Number of effects in this class.
15035Circle2TBInCircle2 top bottom in
16000EllipseCInEllipse center in
16000EllipseClassEllipse class
16001EllipseCOutEllipse center out
16002EllipseLInEllipse left in
16003EllipseLOutEllipse left out
16004EllipseRInEllipse right in
16005EllipseROutEllipse right out
16006EllipseTInEllipse top in
16007EllipseTOutEllipse top out
16008EllipseBInEllipse bottom in
16009EllipseBOutEllipse bottom out
16010EllipseCInterInThenInEllipse center interlace in then in
16011EllipseCInterOutThenOutEllipse center interlace out then out
16012EllipseCInterInThenOutEllipse center interlace in then out
16013EllipseCInterOutThenInEllipse center interlace out then in
16014EllipseLInterInThenInEllipse left interlace in then in
16015EllipseLInterOutThenOutEllipse left interlace out then out
16016EllipseLInterInThenOutEllipse left interlace in then out
16017EllipseLInterOutThenInEllipse left interlace out then in
16018EllipseRInterInThenInEllipse right interlace in then in
16019EllipseRInterOutThenOutEllipse right interlace out then out
16020EllipseRInterInThenOutEllipse right interlace in then out
16021EllipseRInterOutThenInEllipse right interlace out then in
16022EllipseTInterInThenInEllipse top interlace in then in
16023EllipseTInterOutThenOutEllipse top interlace out then out
16024EllipseTInterInThenOutEllipse top interlace in then out
16025EllipseTInterOutThenInEllipse top interlace out then in
16026EllipseBInterInThenInEllipse bottom interlace in then in
16027EllipseBInterOutThenOutEllipse bottom interlace out then out
16028EllipseBInterInThenOutEllipse bottom interlace in then out
16029EllipseBInterOutThenInEllipse bottom interlace out then in
16030EllipseLRInterEllipse left right interlace
16031EllipseTBInterEllipse top bottom interlace
16032Ellipse2LROutEllipse2 left right out
16033Ellipse2LRInEllipse2 left right in
16034Ellipse2TBOutEllipse2 top bottom out
16035Ellipse2TBInEllipse2 top bottom in
16035EllipseMaxNumber of effects in this class.
17000TwirlClassTwirl class
17000TwirlCWTwirl clockwise
17001TwirlCCWTwirl counter clockwise
17001TwirlMaxNumber of effects in this class.
18000WaveTBWave from top to bottom
18000WaveClassWave class
18001WaveBTWave from bottom to top
18002WaveLRWave from left to right
18003WaveMaxNumber of effects in this class.
18003WaveRLWave from right to left
19000WhiteTurnoverClassPeel class
19000WhiteTurnoverLTToRBLeft top to right bottom
19001WhiteTurnoverLBToRTLeft bottom to right top
19002WhiteTurnoverRTToLBRight top to left bottom
19003WhiteTurnoverRBToLTRight bottom to left top
19004WhiteTurnover2LTLTLeft top and left top
19005WhiteTurnover2LTLBLeft top and left bottom
19006WhiteTurnover2LTRTLeft top and right top
19007WhiteTurnover2LTRBLeft top and right bottom
19008WhiteTurnover2LBLTLeft bottom and left top
19009WhiteTurnover2LBLBLeft bottom and left bottom
19010WhiteTurnover2LBRTLeft bottom and right top
19011WhiteTurnover2LBRBLeft bottom and right bottom
19012WhiteTurnover2RTLTRight top and left top
19013WhiteTurnover2RTLBRight top and left bottom
19014WhiteTurnover2RTRTRight top and right top
19015WhiteTurnover2RTRBRight top and right bottom
19016WhiteTurnover2RBLTRight bottom and left top
19017WhiteTurnover2RBLBRight bottom and left bottom
19018WhiteTurnover2RBRTRight bottom and right top
19019WhiteTurnover2RBRBRight bottom and right bottom
19020WhiteTurnover4LTLTLTLTLeft top left top left top left top
19021WhiteTurnover4LTLTLTRTLeft top left top left top right top
19022WhiteTurnover4LTLTLTRBLeft top left top left top right bottom
19023WhiteTurnover4LTLTLTLBLeft top left top left top left bottom
19024WhiteTurnover4LTLTRTLTLeft top left top right top left top
19025WhiteTurnover4LTLTRTRTLeft top left top right top right top
19026WhiteTurnover4LTLTRTRBLeft top left top right top right bottom
19027WhiteTurnover4LTLTRTLBLeft top left top right top left bottom
19028WhiteTurnover4LTLTRBLTLeft top left top right bottom left top
19029WhiteTurnover4LTLTRBRTLeft top left top right bottom right top
19030WhiteTurnover4LTLTRBRBLeft top left top right bottom right bottom
19031WhiteTurnover4LTLTRBLBLeft top left top right bottom left bottom
19032WhiteTurnover4LTLTLBLTLeft top left top left bottom left top
19033WhiteTurnover4LTLTLBRTLeft top left top left bottom right top
19034WhiteTurnover4LTLTLBRBLeft top left top left bottom right bottom
19035WhiteTurnover4LTLTLBLBLeft top left top left bottom left bottom
19036WhiteTurnover4LTRTLTLTLeft top right top left top left top
19037WhiteTurnover4LTRTLTRTLeft top right top left top right top
19038WhiteTurnover4LTRTLTRBLeft top right top left top right bottom
19039WhiteTurnover4LTRTLTLBLeft top right top left top left bottom
19040WhiteTurnover4LTRTRTLTLeft top right top right top left top
19041WhiteTurnover4LTRTRTRTLeft top right top right top right top
19042WhiteTurnover4LTRTRTRBLeft top right top right top right bottom
19043WhiteTurnover4LTRTRTLBLeft top right top right top left bottom
19044WhiteTurnover4LTRTRBLTLeft top right top right bottom left top
19045WhiteTurnover4LTRTRBRTLeft top right top right bottom right top
19046WhiteTurnover4LTRTRBRBLeft top right top right bottom right bottom
19047WhiteTurnover4LTRTRBLBLeft top right top right bottom left bottom
19048WhiteTurnover4LTRTLBLTLeft top right top left bottom left top
19049WhiteTurnover4LTRTLBRTLeft top right top left bottom right top
19050WhiteTurnover4LTRTLBRBLeft top right top left bottom right bottom
19051WhiteTurnover4LTRTLBLBLeft top right top left bottom left bottom
19052WhiteTurnover4LTRBLTLTLeft top right bottom left top left top
19053WhiteTurnover4LTRBLTRTLeft top right bottom left top right top
19054WhiteTurnover4LTRBLTRBLeft top right bottom left top right bottom
19055WhiteTurnover4LTRBLTLBLeft top right bottom left top left bottom
19056WhiteTurnover4LTRBRTLTLeft top right bottom right top left top
19057WhiteTurnover4LTRBRTRTLeft top right bottom right top right top
19058WhiteTurnover4LTRBRTRBLeft top right bottom right top right bottom
19059WhiteTurnover4LTRBRTLBLeft top right bottom right top left bottom
19060WhiteTurnover4LTRBRBLTLeft top right bottom right bottom left top
19061WhiteTurnover4LTRBRBRTLeft top right bottom right bottom right top
19062WhiteTurnover4LTRBRBRBLeft top right bottom right bottom right bottom right bottom
19063WhiteTurnover4LTRBRBLBLeft top right bottom right bottom left bottom
19064WhiteTurnover4LTRBLBLTLeft top right bottom left bottom left top
19065WhiteTurnover4LTRBLBRTLeft top right bottom left bottom right top
19066WhiteTurnover4LTRBLBRBLeft top right bottom left bottom right bottom
19067WhiteTurnover4LTRBLBLBLeft top right bottom left bottom left bottom
19068WhiteTurnover4LTLBLTLTLeft top left bottom left top left top
19069WhiteTurnover4LTLBLTRTLeft top left bottom left top right top
19070WhiteTurnover4LTLBLTRBLeft top left bottom left top right bottom
19071WhiteTurnover4LTLBLTLBLeft top left bottom left top left bottom
19072WhiteTurnover4LTLBRTLTLeft top left bottom right top left top
19073WhiteTurnover4LTLBRTRTLeft top left bottom right top right top
19074WhiteTurnover4LTLBRTRBLeft top left bottom right top right bottom
19075WhiteTurnover4LTLBRTLBLeft top left bottom right top left bottom
19076WhiteTurnover4LTLBRBLTLeft top left bottom right bottom left top
19077WhiteTurnover4LTLBRBRTLeft top left bottom right bottom right top
19078WhiteTurnover4LTLBRBRBLeft top left bottom right bottom right bottom
19079WhiteTurnover4LTLBRBLBLeft top left bottom right bottom left bottom
19080WhiteTurnover4LTLBLBLTLeft top left bottom left bottom left top
19081WhiteTurnover4LTLBLBRTLeft top left bottom left bottom right top
19082WhiteTurnover4LTLBLBRBLeft top left bottom left bottom right bottom
19083WhiteTurnover4LTLBLBLBLeft top left bottom left bottom left bottom
19084WhiteTurnover4RTLTLTLTRight top left top left top left top
19085WhiteTurnover4RTLTLTRTRight top left top left top right top
19086WhiteTurnover4RTLTLTRBRight top left top left top right bottom
19087WhiteTurnover4RTLTLTLBRight top left top left top left bottom
19088WhiteTurnover4RTLTRTLTRight top left top right top left top
19089WhiteTurnover4RTLTRTRTRight top left top right top right top
19090WhiteTurnover4RTLTRTRBRight top left top right top right bottom
19091WhiteTurnover4RTLTRTLBRight top left top right top left bottom
19092WhiteTurnover4RTLTRBLTRight top left top right bottom left top
19093WhiteTurnover4RTLTRBRTRight top left top right bottom right top
19094WhiteTurnover4RTLTRBRBRight top left top right bottom right bottom
19095WhiteTurnover4RTLTRBLBRight top left top right bottom left bottom
19096WhiteTurnover4RTLTLBLTRight top left top left bottom left top
19097WhiteTurnover4RTLTLBRTRight top left top left bottom right top
19098WhiteTurnover4RTLTLBRBRight top left top left bottom right bottom
19099WhiteTurnover4RTLTLBLBRight top left top left bottom left bottom
19100WhiteTurnover4RTRTLTLTRight top right top left top left top
19101WhiteTurnover4RTRTLTRTRight top right top left top right top
19102WhiteTurnover4RTRTLTRBRight top right top left top right bottom
19103WhiteTurnover4RTRTLTLBRight top right top left top left bottom
19104WhiteTurnover4RTRTRTLTRight top right top right top left top
19105WhiteTurnover4RTRTRTRTRight top right top right top right top
19106WhiteTurnover4RTRTRTRBRight top right top right top right bottom
19107WhiteTurnover4RTRTRTLBRight top right top right top left bottom
19108WhiteTurnover4RTRTRBLTRight top right top right bottom left top
19109WhiteTurnover4RTRTRBRTRight top right top right bottom right top
19110WhiteTurnover4RTRTRBRBRight top right top right bottom right bottom
19111WhiteTurnover4RTRTRBLBRight top right top right bottom left bottom
19112WhiteTurnover4RTRTLBLTRight top right top left bottom left top
19113WhiteTurnover4RTRTLBRTRight top right top left bottom right top
19114WhiteTurnover4RTRTLBRBRight top right top left bottom right bottom
19115WhiteTurnover4RTRTLBLBRight top right top left bottom left bottom
19116WhiteTurnover4RTRBLTLTRight top right bottom left top left top
19117WhiteTurnover4RTRBLTRTRight top right bottom left top right top
19118WhiteTurnover4RTRBLTRBRight top right bottom left top right bottom
19119WhiteTurnover4RTRBLTLBRight top right bottom left top left bottom
19120WhiteTurnover4RTRBRTLTRight top right bottom right top left top
19121WhiteTurnover4RTRBRTRTRight top right bottom right top right top
19122WhiteTurnover4RTRBRTRBRight top right bottom right top right bottom
19123WhiteTurnover4RTRBRTLBRight top right bottom right top left bottom
19124WhiteTurnover4RTRBRBLTRight top right bottom right bottom left top
19125WhiteTurnover4RTRBRBRTRight top right bottom right bottom right top
19126WhiteTurnover4RTRBRBRBRight top right bottom right bottom right bottom
19127WhiteTurnover4RTRBRBLBRight top right bottom right bottom left bottom
19128WhiteTurnover4RTRBLBLTRight top right bottom left bottom left top
19129WhiteTurnover4RTRBLBRTRight top right bottom left bottom right top
19130WhiteTurnover4RTRBLBRBRight top right bottom left bottom right bottom
19131WhiteTurnover4RTRBLBLBRight top right bottom left bottom left bottom
19132WhiteTurnover4RTLBLTLTRight top left bottom left top left top
19133WhiteTurnover4RTLBLTRTRight top left bottom left top right top
19134WhiteTurnover4RTLBLTRBRight top left bottom left top right bottom
19135WhiteTurnover4RTLBLTLBRight top left bottom left top left bottom
19136WhiteTurnover4RTLBRTLTRight top left bottom right top left top
19137WhiteTurnover4RTLBRTRTRight top left bottom right top right top
19138WhiteTurnover4RTLBRTRBRight top left bottom right top right bottom
19139WhiteTurnover4RTLBRTLBRight top left bottom right top left bottom
19140WhiteTurnover4RTLBRBLTRight top left bottom right bottom left top
19141WhiteTurnover4RTLBRBRTRight top left bottom right bottom right top
19142WhiteTurnover4RTLBRBRBRight top left bottom right bottom right bottom
19143WhiteTurnover4RTLBRBLBRight top left bottom right bottom left bottom
19144WhiteTurnover4RTLBLBLTRight top left bottom left bottom left top
19145WhiteTurnover4RTLBLBRTRight top left bottom left bottom right top
19146WhiteTurnover4RTLBLBRBRight top left bottom left bottom right bottom
19147WhiteTurnover4RTLBLBLBRight top left bottom left bottom left bottom
19148WhiteTurnover4RBLTLTLTRight bottom left top left top left top
19149WhiteTurnover4RBLTLTRTRight bottom left top left top right top
19150WhiteTurnover4RBLTLTRBRight bottom left top left top right bottom
19151WhiteTurnover4RBLTLTLBRight bottom left top left top left bottom
19152WhiteTurnover4RBLTRTLTRight bottom left top right top left top
19153WhiteTurnover4RBLTRTRTRight bottom left top right top right top
19154WhiteTurnover4RBLTRTRBRight bottom left top right top right bottom
19155WhiteTurnover4RBLTRTLBRight bottom left top right top left bottom
19156WhiteTurnover4RBLTRBLTRight bottom left top right bottom left top
19157WhiteTurnover4RBLTRBRTRight bottom left top right bottom right top
19158WhiteTurnover4RBLTRBRBRight bottom left top right bottom right bottom
19159WhiteTurnover4RBLTRBLBRight bottom left top right bottom left bottom
19160WhiteTurnover4RBLTLBLTRight bottom left top right bottom left top
19161WhiteTurnover4RBLTLBRTRight bottom left top left bottom right top
19162WhiteTurnover4RBLTLBRBRight bottom left top left bottom right bottom
19163WhiteTurnover4RBLTLBLBRight bottom left top left bottom left bottom
19164WhiteTurnover4RBRTLTLTRight bottom right top left top left top
19165WhiteTurnover4RBRTLTRTRight bottom right top left top right top
19166WhiteTurnover4RBRTLTRBRight bottom right top left top right bottom
19167WhiteTurnover4RBRTLTLBRight bottom right top left top left bottom
19168WhiteTurnover4RBRTRTLTRight bottom right top right top left top
19169WhiteTurnover4RBRTRTRTRight bottom right top right top right top
19170WhiteTurnover4RBRTRTRBRight bottom right top right top right bottom
19171WhiteTurnover4RBRTRTLBRight bottom right top right top left bottom
19172WhiteTurnover4RBRTRBLTRight bottom right top right bottom left top
19173WhiteTurnover4RBRTRBRTRight bottom right top right bottom right top
19174WhiteTurnover4RBRTRBRBRight bottom right top right bottom right bottom
19175WhiteTurnover4RBRTRBLBRight bottom right top right bottom left bottom
19176WhiteTurnover4RBRTLBLTRight bottom right top left bottom left top
19177WhiteTurnover4RBRTLBRTRight bottom right top left bottom right top
19178WhiteTurnover4RBRTLBRBRight bottom right top left bottom right bottom
19179WhiteTurnover4RBRTLBLBRight bottom right top left bottom left bottom
19180WhiteTurnover4RBRBLTLTRight bottom right bottom left top left top
19181WhiteTurnover4RBRBLTRTRight bottom right bottom left top right top
19182WhiteTurnover4RBRBLTRBRight bottom right bottom left top right bottom
19183WhiteTurnover4RBRBLTLBRight bottom right bottom left top left bottom
19184WhiteTurnover4RBRBRTLTRight bottom right bottom right top left top
19185WhiteTurnover4RBRBRTRTRight bottom right bottom right top right top
19186WhiteTurnover4RBRBRTRBRight bottom right bottom right top right bottom
19187WhiteTurnover4RBRBRTLBRight bottom right bottom right top left bottom
19188WhiteTurnover4RBRBRBLTRight bottom right bottom right top left top
19189WhiteTurnover4RBRBRBRTRight bottom right bottom right bottom right top
19190WhiteTurnover4RBRBRBRBRight bottom right bottom right bottom right bottom
19191WhiteTurnover4RBRBRBLBRight bottom right bottom right bottom left bottom
19192WhiteTurnover4RBRBLBLTRight bottom right bottom right bottom left top
19193WhiteTurnover4RBRBLBRTRight bottom right bottom left bottom right top
19194WhiteTurnover4RBRBLBRBRight bottom right bottom left bottom right bottom
19195WhiteTurnover4RBRBLBLBRight bottom right bottom left bottom left bottom
19196WhiteTurnover4RBLBLTLTRight bottom left bottom left top left top
19197WhiteTurnover4RBLBLTRTRight bottom left bottom left top right top
19198WhiteTurnover4RBLBLTRBRight bottom left bottom left top right bottom
19199WhiteTurnover4RBLBLTLBRight bottom left bottom left top left bottom
19200WhiteTurnover4RBLBRTLTRight bottom left bottom right top left top
19201WhiteTurnover4RBLBRTRTRight bottom left bottom right top right top
19202WhiteTurnover4RBLBRTRBRight bottom left bottom right top right bottom
19203WhiteTurnover4RBLBRTLBRight bottom left bottom right top left bottom
19204WhiteTurnover4RBLBRBLTRight bottom left bottom right bottom left top
19205WhiteTurnover4RBLBRBRTRight bottom left bottom right bottom right top
19206WhiteTurnover4RBLBRBRBRight bottom left bottom right bottom right bottom
19207WhiteTurnover4RBLBRBLBRight bottom left bottom right bottom left bottom
19208WhiteTurnover4RBLBLBLTRight bottom left bottom left bottom left top
19209WhiteTurnover4RBLBLBRTRight bottom left bottom left bottom right top
19210WhiteTurnover4RBLBLBRBRight bottom left bottom left bottom right bottom
19211WhiteTurnover4RBLBLBLBRight bottom left bottom left bottom left bottom
19212WhiteTurnover4LBLTLTLTLeft bottom left top left top left top
19213WhiteTurnover4LBLTLTRTLeft bottom left top left top right top
19214WhiteTurnover4LBLTLTRBLeft bottom left top left top right bottom
19215WhiteTurnover4LBLTLTLBLeft bottom left top left top left bottom
19216WhiteTurnover4LBLTRTLTLeft bottom left top right top left top
19217WhiteTurnover4LBLTRTRTLeft bottom left top right top right top
19218WhiteTurnover4LBLTRTRBLeft bottom left top right top right bottom
19219WhiteTurnover4LBLTRTLBLeft bottom left top right top left bottom
19220WhiteTurnover4LBLTRBLTLeft bottom left top right bottom left top
19221WhiteTurnover4LBLTRBRTLeft bottom left top right bottom right top
19222WhiteTurnover4LBLTRBRBLeft bottom left top right bottom right bottom
19223WhiteTurnover4LBLTRBLBLeft bottom left top right bottom left bottom
19224WhiteTurnover4LBLTLBLTLeft bottom left top left bottom left top
19225WhiteTurnover4LBLTLBRTLeft bottom left top left bottom right top
19226WhiteTurnover4LBLTLBRBLeft bottom left top left bottom right bottom
19227WhiteTurnover4LBLTLBLBLeft bottom left top left bottom left bottom
19228WhiteTurnover4LBRTLTLTLeft bottom right top left top left top
19229WhiteTurnover4LBRTLTRTLeft bottom right top left top right top
19230WhiteTurnover4LBRTLTRBLeft bottom right top left top right bottom
19231WhiteTurnover4LBRTLTLBLeft bottom right top left top left bottom
19232WhiteTurnover4LBRTRTLTLeft bottom right top right top left top
19233WhiteTurnover4LBRTRTRTLeft bottom right top right top right top
19234WhiteTurnover4LBRTRTRBLeft bottom right top right top right bottom
19235WhiteTurnover4LBRTRTLBLeft bottom right top right top left bottom
19236WhiteTurnover4LBRTRBLTLeft bottom right top right bottom left top
19237WhiteTurnover4LBRTRBRTLeft bottom right top right bottom right top
19238WhiteTurnover4LBRTRBRBLeft bottom right top right bottom right bottom
19239WhiteTurnover4LBRTRBLBLeft bottom right top right bottom left bottom
19240WhiteTurnover4LBRTLBLTLeft bottom right top right bottom left top
19241WhiteTurnover4LBRTLBRTLeft bottom right top right bottom right top
19242WhiteTurnover4LBRTLBRBLeft bottom right top right bottom right bottom
19243WhiteTurnover4LBRTLBLBLeft bottom right top left bottom left bottom
19244WhiteTurnover4LBRBLTLTLeft bottom right bottom left top left top
19245WhiteTurnover4LBRBLTRTLeft bottom right bottom left top right top
19246WhiteTurnover4LBRBLTRBLeft bottom right bottom left top right bottom
19247WhiteTurnover4LBRBLTLBLeft bottom right bottom left top left bottom
19248WhiteTurnover4LBRBRTLTLeft bottom right bottom right top left top
19249WhiteTurnover4LBRBRTRTLeft bottom right bottom right top right top
19250WhiteTurnover4LBRBRTRBLeft bottom right bottom right top right bottom
19251WhiteTurnover4LBRBRTLBLeft bottom right bottom right top left bottom
19252WhiteTurnover4LBRBRBLTLeft bottom right bottom right bottom left top
19253WhiteTurnover4LBRBRBRTLeft bottom right bottom right bottom right top
19254WhiteTurnover4LBRBRBRBLeft bottom right bottom right bottom right bottom
19255WhiteTurnover4LBRBRBLBLeft bottom right bottom right bottom left bottom
19256WhiteTurnover4LBRBLBLTLeft bottom right bottom left bottom left top
19257WhiteTurnover4LBRBLBRTLeft bottom right bottom left bottom right top
19258WhiteTurnover4LBRBLBRBLeft bottom right bottom left bottom right bottom
19259WhiteTurnover4LBRBLBLBLeft bottom right bottom left bottom left bottom
19260WhiteTurnover4LBLBLTLTLeft bottom left bottom left top left top
19261WhiteTurnover4LBLBLTRTLeft bottom left bottom left top right top
19262WhiteTurnover4LBLBLTRBLeft bottom left bottom left top right bottom
19263WhiteTurnover4LBLBLTLBLeft bottom left bottom left top left bottom
19264WhiteTurnover4LBLBRTLTLeft bottom left bottom right top left top
19265WhiteTurnover4LBLBRTRTLeft bottom left bottom right top right top
19266WhiteTurnover4LBLBRTRBLeft bottom left bottom right top right bottom
19267WhiteTurnover4LBLBRTLBLeft bottom left bottom right top left bottom
19268WhiteTurnover4LBLBRBLTLeft bottom left bottom right bottom left top
19269WhiteTurnover4LBLBRBRTLeft bottom left bottom right bottom right top
19270WhiteTurnover4LBLBRBRBLeft bottom left bottom right bottom right bottom
19271WhiteTurnover4LBLBRBLBLeft bottom left bottom right bottom left bottom
19272WhiteTurnover4LBLBLBLTLeft bottom left bottom left bottom left top
19273WhiteTurnover4LBLBLBRTLeft bottom left bottom left bottom right top
19274WhiteTurnover4LBLBLBRBLeft bottom left bottom left bottom right bottom
19275WhiteTurnover4LBLBLBLBLeft bottom left bottom left bottom left bottom
19275WhiteTurnoverMaxNumber of effects in this class.
20000TurnoverClass(0x00004A38)PagePeel-Turnedpage class
20000TurnoverLTToRB(0x00004A38)Left top to right bottom
20001TurnoverLBToRT(0x00004A39)Left bottom to right top
20002TurnoverRTToLB(0x00004A3A)Right top to left bottom
20003TurnoverRBToLT(0x00004A3B)Right bottom to left top
20004TurnoverMax(0x00004E24)Number of effects in this class.
21000ReplaceHORZLEFTThe old bitmap will move to the left, the new bitmap will come from the right
21000ReplaceClassReplace class
21001ReplaceHORZRIGHTThe old bitmap will move to the right, the new bitmap will come from the left
21002ReplaceVERTTOPThe old bitmap will move to the top, the new bitmap will come from the bottom
21003ReplaceVERTBOTTOMThe old bitmap will move to the bottom, the new bitmap will come from the top
21003ReplaceMaxNumber of effects in this class.
22000LaserClassLaser class
22000LaserLTRBFrom center to left top and from center to right bottom
22001LaserMaxNumber of effects in this class.
22001LaserLBRTFrom center to left bottom and from center to right top
24000FadeNormalThe new bitmap will fade
24000FadeClassFade class
24001FadeBwThe gray bitmap will fade first, then the colored bitmap.
24002FadeColorThe color level bitmap will fade first, then the color bitmap. The crWand parameter will determine the color level bitmap.
24003FadeMaxNumber of effects in this class.

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