SpecialEffectsTransitionStyle Enumeration

The filling style used for the special effect. The transitionStyle parameter of the PaintTransition method uses this enumeration.
Public Enum SpecialEffectsTransitionStyle  
   Inherits System.Enum 
   Implements System.IComparable, System.IConvertible, System.IFormattable  
public enum SpecialEffectsTransitionStyle 
public enum class SpecialEffectsTransitionStyle : public System.Enum, System.IComparable, System.IConvertible, System.IFormattable   
0SolidSolid filling
0PatternClassPattern Class
1HorzLineHorizontal lines
2VertLineVertical lines
3DownwardDiagnoalDownward diagonal lines
4UpwardDiagnoalUpward diagonal lines
5Cross(0x00000006)Cross lines
6PatternMaxNumber of patterns in this class.
6DiagCrossDiagonal cross lines
1000LineClassLinear gradient class
1000LineLToRLine left to right
1001LineRToLLine right to left
1002LineTToBLine top to bottom
1003LineBToTLine bottom to top
1004LineLTToRBLine left-top to right-bottom
1005LineLBToRTLine left-bottom to right-top
1006LineRTToLBLine right-top to left-bottom
1007LineRBToLTLine right-bottom to left-top
1008Line2LAndRToCLine2 left and right to center
1009Line2CToLAndRLine2 center to left and right
1010Line2TAndBToCLine2 top and bottom to center
1011Line2CToTAndBLine2 center to top and bottom
1012Line2LTAndRBToCLine2 left-top and right-bottom to center
1013Line2CToLTAndRBLine2 center to left-top and right-bottom
1014Line2RTAndLBToCLine2 right-top and left-bottom to center
1015LineMaxNumber of transitions in this class.
1015Line2CToRTAndLBLine2 center to right-top and left-bottom
2000AngleClassAngular gradient class
2000AngleToLTAngle to left-top
2001AngleToLBAngle to left-bottom
2002AngleToRTAngle to right-top
2003AngleToRBAngle to right-bottom
2004AngleFromLTAngle from left-top
2005AngleFromLBAngle from left-bottom
2006AngleFromRTAngle from right-top
2007AngleFromRBAngle from right-bottom
2007AngleMaxNumber of transitions in this class.
3000RectangleToCRectangle to center
3000RectangleClassRectangular gradient class
3001RectangleMaxNumber of transitions in this class.
3001RectangleFromCRectangle from center
4000EllipseClassElliptical gradient class
4000EllipseToCEllipse to center
4001EllipseMaxNumber of transitions in this class.
4001EllipseFromCEllipse from center
5000ConeFromLCone from left
5000ConeClassConical gradient class
5001ConeFromRCone from right
5002ConeFromTCone from top
5003ConeFromBCone from bottom
5004ConeFromLTCone from left-top
5005ConeFromLBCone from left-bottom
5006ConeFromRTCone from right-top
5007ConeFromRBCone from right-bottom
5007ConeMaxNumber of transitions in this class.

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