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LEADTOOLS Special Effects functions can be used to enhance multimedia projects or presentation applications. You can use many paint effects, dissolves, and transitions.  Effect options allow you to choose from over 2000 paint effects, 36 gradients, 80 shapes, 12 3-D text styles, 64 dissolves and 43 transition effects with delays, grain sizes, pattern brushes and a colored wand--all with control over the speed and granularity of each effect.   You can also draw plain or three-dimensional text and graphic shapes on the screen or on the image.

For an outline and description of enumerations, structures, and classes, click "Leadtools.SpecialEffects" under Namespaces, below.


Leadtools.SpecialEffectsOverview and description of Enumerations, Classes and Delegates that give you precise control over a large variety of effects when you paint images, text, patterns, and shapes to a device context.
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Leadtools.SpecialEffects Assembly