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The Leadtools.Printer assembly classes allow users to capture print jobs from any other Windows application as EMF data.

The LEADTOOLS installation program installs a sample LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer.  When printing to this printer from any Windows application, the example program will execute and the print job can be saved as a document file or raster image file.

Key Features

LEADTOOLS Network Printing Features

The LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer supports Network Printing. Users can install a network printer on a server machine, and print to it from any client machine.

Users can customize the printing process on the server and the client, the whole printing process is fully customizable; A user can pass back and forth any raw data from the server side to the client side then use this data to create any dynamic dialog.

For example, the user may define a structure that contains, a list of file formats and save locations, and then pass this list to the client printer. The client printer in turn, receives this data and initialize a demo dialog depending on the data received.

Additionally, the client can send custom data to the printer server. When the printer server receives the data it can process the data according to customized rules.

For example, the file format and name can be sent along with the raw data. When the printer server receives the data it can save the files to different locations, dependent on the file type and name.

Supported Environments

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