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Leadtools.Multimedia.dll - Leadtools.Multimedia

Demonstrates the capture and save-to-file capabilities of the Multimedia toolkit.


A simple player demo that demonstrates the use of the Video Callback Filter of the Multimedia toolkit. It uses the LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro SDK to perform image processing on each frame of the video.

Note: You must install the LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro SDK (or higher) to build this demo.


Demonstrates the use of the audio callback filter to process each audio sample. The demo changes the volume of the audio stream.


A player demo that demonstrates how to use the Video Callback Filter and the NULL renderer of the Multimedia toolkit to implement your own video rendering using Windows GDI


Demonstrates joining media files with the same format without recompression, using the capabilities of the Multimedia toolkit.

Demonstrates the file to file conversion capabilities of the Multimedia toolkit.
Demonstrates the klv file-to-file conversion capabilities of the Multimedia toolkit.
Demonstrates how to add a user data stream containing KLV metadata to an MPEG-2 Transport stream using Minimal Metadata Set.
Demonstrates how to create Smooth Streaming Files.
Demonstrates how to add Script Metadata Streams to a Windows Media file.
Demonstrates the file-to-flash conversion capabilities of the Multimedia toolkit.

Demonstrates how to create video and audio files that run on mobile devices like iPod™, IPhone™, PSP™, Zen™, Zune™, SmartPhones and Windows Phone.


Demonstrates how to draw objects on a video using the Multimedia toolkit and LEAD Raster objects.


Demonstrates creating DVD images using the capabilities of the Multimedia toolkit (with LEAD DVD Writer).


Demonstrates how to capture using Capture and then use the DVRSink interface to set the DVR buffer folder settings. Also, use the Play control to read from the DVR buffer file.


Demonstrates how to create a file by generating every frame using the Multimedia toolkit.


Demonstrates how to transcode an H.264 stream to an ISO format, without performing decoding and re-encoding. This provides a faster conversion method for some formats.


Provides classes and methods for programmatically burning DVD images and ISO files.


Demonstrates playback of MPEG-2 Transport files from a file or UDP stream. Also shows how to handle KLV metadata. Additionally, control the capture buffering using the new DVR Sink interface.


Demonstrates how to use the Elementary Stream filters to convert a file using multiple convert objects.


Demonstrates how to push data to a Windows Media Server.


Demonstrates the play files from disk capabilities of the Multimedia toolkit.


Demonstrates streaming files to a RTP, UDP or TCP/IP port. The file format can be MPEG-2 Transport or any other format that will be re-compressed to be compatible with MPEG-2 Transport.


Demonstrates streaming files using H264 video and AAC audio compression.


Demonstrates creating a basic video conferencing application (server and client) using the capabilities of the Multimedia toolkit with the LEADTOOLS Streaming Module.


Demonstrates creating MP4 files which is the only file format supported by all the streaming methods. It can be easily modified to create different types of file formats.


Demonstrates how to capture video and store it inside a DICOM file. Examples\DotNet\<CS/VB>\DicomVideoCaptureDemo (LEADTOOLS Main Setup)
Demonstrates how to create custom worker assembly which can be used to perform Multimedia conversions on submitted videos. Examples\DotNet\CS\MultimediaJobProcessorDemo (LEADTOOLS Main Setup)


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