DVDSource Class


The DVDSource object gives a greater control when converting or playing a DVD image.

public class DVDSource 
Public Class DVDSource  
public ref class DVDSource  


The DVDSource object can be obtained by passing PlayObject.SourceFilter or ConvertObject.SourceFilter as the ObjType parameter for PlayCtrl.GetSubObject or ConvertCtrl.GetSubObject respectively.

The PlayCtrl.UseDVDSource and ConvertCtrl.UseDVDSource properties should be called set to true before specifying the DVD source image. This forces the player and the converter to use the DVDSource object when attempting to play or convert a DVD image.

Note: Title is the name for a group of related video files (called "Chapters") on your DVD. For example, for a DVD called "My Summer Vacation," you might have the titles "Water Skiing," "New Friends," and "Hiking." For each of those titles, you might have one or more different video files. Chapters are the name for each individual video file on a DVD. For example, under the title "Water Skiing", you might have the chapters "My first try," "My first wreck," and "My first jump".

An ISO image (.iso) is a disk image of a file system. It includes data files that are contained in the ISO image along with filesystem metadata. ISO images are an alternative to physical media for distribution of a "DVD" over the Internet. Most operating systems allow ISO images to be "played" as if they were physical discs.


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