thumbsHitTestBuffer Property


Gets or sets the hit test buffer for all AnnEditDesigner derived classes.

Object.defineProperty(AnnAutomationManager.prototype, 'thumbsHitTestBuffer', 
	get: function(), 
	set: function(value) 
thumbsHitTestBuffer: number; 

Property Value

The hit test buffer, in container units, for all AnnEditDesigner derived classes. The default value is 15.


The hit test buffer is used to make the test point "bigger" to compensate for errors and provide smoother hit-testing. For example, if the buffer value is 2, a square with sides 4 units long will be used around the test point to perform the hit-testing.

When the automation framework creates any of the AnnAutomationObject.EditDesignerType objects, it will set the value of this property into AnnEditDesigner.ThumbsHitTestBuffer.

The value of HitTestBehavior controls how objects are hit-tested through a selection rectangle.

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