redactionRealizePassword Property


Gets or sets the password to use for realization of AnnRedactionObject objects.

Object.defineProperty(AnnAutomationManager.prototype, 'redactionRealizePassword', 
	get: function(), 
	set: function(value) 
redactionRealizePassword: string; 

Property Value

The password used for realization of AnnRedactionObject objects. The default value is an empty string.


When an AnnRedactionObject is realized through the user interface at design time, the object will automatically be locked by calling Lock with this value as the password. This will prevent the user from accidentally moving the realized AnnRedactionObject. The user has to manually unlock the object either by using the user interface or programmatically by calling Unlock with this property value as the password.

You can disable this feature by setting this property to an empty string. Therefore, this feature is disabled by default.

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