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Overview and description of Leadtools Annotations Automation classes, delegates, enumerations, and interfaces.

Class Description
Class AnnAfterObjectChangedEventArgs Provides data for the AnnAutomation.AfterObjectChanged event.
Class AnnAutomation Manages the automation for an AnnContainer.
Class AnnAutomationEventArgs Provides data for the AnnAutomation.OnShowContextMenu and AnnAutomation.OnShowContextMenu events.
Class AnnAutomationManager Manages the automation mode for an annotation application.
Class AnnAutomationObject Defines all the properties needed to automate an annotation object.
Class AnnAutomationObjects The AnnAutomationObjects class represents a dynamic collection of AnnAutomationObject objects and provides notifications when items are added or removed.
Class AnnAutomations Represents a dynamic collection of AnnAutomation objects and provides notifications when items are added or removed.
Class AnnAutomationUndoRedoObject The object holding the undo/redo data for an automation object.
Class AnnBeforeObjectChangedEventArgs Provides data for the AnnAutomation.BeforeObjectChanged event.
Class AnnCursorEventArgs Provides data for the AnnAutomation.SetCursor event.
Class AnnDragDropEventArgs Provides data for the DragDrop event.
Class AnnObjectModifiedEventArgs Provides data for the AnnAutomation.ObjectModified event.
Class AnnPlatformCallbacks Platform-specific callbacks used by the automation manager.
Delegate Description
Delegate AnnGetClipboardDataCallback Callback to get the current annotation data for a clipboard paste operation.
Delegate AnnIsClipboardDataPresentCallback Callback to determine whether a clipboard paste operation can be performed.
Delegate AnnSetClipboardDataCallback Callback to set the current annotation data for a clipboard copy operation.
Interface Description
Interface IAnnPackage Provide support for packaging a group of annotation objects.
Enumeration Description
Enumeration AnnDesignerType Defines an annotation designer type.
Enumeration AnnDragDropOperation Specifies the current operation for a drag and drop event.
Enumeration AnnObjectChangedType Indicates the type of change to the AnnObject.

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