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ResizeLargeObject Property


Automatically resizes dropped objects when their size is larger than the container.

public bool ResizeLargeObject { get; set; } 
Public Property ResizeLargeObject() As Boolean 
   property bool ResizeLargeObject 
      bool get() 
      void set(bool value) 

Property Value

true to automatically resize dropped objects when the size is larger than the container, otherwise; false. The default value is true.


The ResizeLargeObject and AnnAutomationManager.RestrictDesigners control the behavior when the size of the dropped object is larger than the target container.

The following behavior occurs when the value of AnnAutomationManager.RestrictDesigners is true:

  1. If the value of ResizeLargeObject is true (the default value), then the framework will complete adding the object to the target container and its size will be scaled to fit the container size.
  2. If the value of ResizeLargeObject is false, then the object size will be ignored and the object will not be added to the target container.
  3. If the object size is less than container size then ResizeLargeObject is ignored and the object is added as is.

If the value of AnnAutomationManager.RestrictDesigners is false, then ResizeLargeObject is not used and the same behavior as (3) above will always occur regardless of the size of the object or the container.

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