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UndoCapacity Property

A value that specifies the capacity of the undo/redo buffer.
public virtual int UndoCapacity { get; set; } 
Public Overridable Property UndoCapacity As Integer 
@property (nonatomic) NSUInteger undoCapacity; 
public int getUndoCapacity() 
public void setUndoCapacity(int capacity) 
   virtual property Int32 UndoCapacity 
      Int32 get() 
      void set(Int32 value) 

Property Value

The number of user actions that can be reversed using Undo or re-applied using Redo.


The AnnAutomation class keeps an internal undo/redo buffer. This internal buffer is updated automatically whenever the user changes objects inside the Container property.

The UndoCapacity property specifies the maximum number of items that are held inside this internal buffer. The default is set at 10. For example, if this buffer has a value of 10, the last 10 reversible operations will be saved in the buffer. Once the internal buffer capacity is reached, each new operation causes the operation at the bottom of the buffer to be removed.

Setting an UndoCapacity of 0 disables the undo/redo functionality for this AnnAutomation object.

For information on undoing or redoing automation operations, refer to Undoing Annotation Automation Operations.


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