#include "ltivw.h"

L_LTIVW_API L_INT EXT_FUNCTION L_DispContainerAddCobbAngle(hCellWnd, nSubCellIndex, hFirstLine, hSecondLine)

L_HWND hCellWnd

handle to the cell window

L_INT nSubCellIndex;

index into the image list attached to the cell


the first line of the c obb-angle structure


the second line of the c obb-angle structure

Creates a cobb-angle, which is a text display the angle between two lines, using the specified annotation lines (hFirstLine and hSecondLine).

Parameter Description
hCellWnd A handle to the window that represents the cell on which the function's effect will be applied.
nSubCellIndex A zero-based index into the image list attached to the cell specified in nCellIndex. This sub-cell contains the image that contains the annotation container. Pass -2 to refer to the selected sub-cell.
hFirstLine Handle of the first annotation line that is used to create the cobb-angle.
hSecondLine Handle to the second annotation line that is used to creat the cobb-angle.


SUCCESS The function was successful.
< 1 An error occurred. Refer to Return Codes.


To retrieve the cobb angle value, use the function L_DispContainerGetCobbAngleValue.

To delete a cobb angle, use the functionL_DispContainerRemoveCobbAngle.

Required DLLs and Libraries

For a listing of the exact DLLs and Libraries needed, based on the toolkit version, refer to Files To Be Included With Your Application.
See Also
Functions: L_DispContainerGetCobbAngleValue, L_DispContainerRemoveCobbAngle, L_DispContainerRotateAnnotationContainer, L_DispContainerSetAnnotationContainer, L_DispContainerAnnToRgn, L_DispContainerGetSelectedAnnotationAttributes, L_DispContainerSetAnnotationCallBack, L_DispContainerGetAnnotationCallBack, L_DispContainerGetAnnotationCreatedCallBack, L_DispContainerSetAnnotationCreatedCallBack, DISPCONTAINERANNOTATIONCALLBACK, DISPCONTAINERANNOTATIONCREATEDCALLBACK
Topics: Image Viewer Cells
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This function generate a cobb angle out of the 2 lines drawn in the container.

L_INT nCounter = 0; 
L_INT CALLBACK FindLine(HANNOBJECT hObject, L_VOID * pUserData) 
   pHANNOBJECT hLinesObjects = (pHANNOBJECT)pUserData; 
   L_UINT      uType; 
   L_AnnGetType(hObject, &uType); 
   if (uType == ANNOBJECT_LINE) 
      hLinesObjects[nCounter] = hObject; 
   return SUCCESS; 
L_DOUBLE L_DispContainerAddCobbAngleExample(HWND hCellWnd) 
   L_INT nSubCellIndex; 
   L_DispContainerGetActiveSubCell(hCellWnd, &nSubCellIndex, 0); 
   HANNOBJECT hAnnContainer; 
   L_DispContainerGetAnnotationContainer(hCellWnd, nSubCellIndex, &hAnnContainer, 0); 
   HANNOBJECT hLinesObjects[256]; 
   memset(hLinesObjects, 0, sizeof(HANNOBJECT) * 256); 
   nCounter = 0; 
   L_AnnEnumerate(hAnnContainer, FindLine, hLinesObjects, ANNFLAG_RECURSE, NULL); 
   if (nCounter < 2) 
      MessageBox(hCellWnd, TEXT("You have to have two lines on the cell to create the cobb angle"), TEXT("Error"), MB_OK); 
      return 0.0; 
   L_INT nRet = L_DispContainerAddCobbAngle(hCellWnd, nSubCellIndex, hLinesObjects[nCounter - 1], hLinesObjects[nCounter - 2]); 
   L_DOUBLE dAngle; 
   nRet = L_DispContainerGetCobbAngleValue(hCellWnd, 0, hLinesObjects[nCounter - 1], &dAngle); 
   if (nRet != SUCCESS) 
      MessageBox(hCellWnd, TEXT("The line you sent is not attached to any cobb angle"), TEXT("Error"), MB_OK); 
   return dAngle; 

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