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Leadtools.Medical.HL7.V2x Namespace

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Overview and description of Leadtools Medical HL7 V2x classes, enumerations, and interfaces.

Class Description
HL7Request The HL7Request handles HL7 requests made to the TCPServer.
MLPRequest MLPRequest handles MLP message requests. This is the base class for HL7Request.
Request Request is the base class for both MLPRequest and HL7Request.
RequestsQueue RequestsQueue stores a list of requests to be handled in first-in, first-out order.
TCPServer TCPServer listens for HL7 requests.
LTEventLog LTEventLog provides services to log events.
MLPEnvelope MLPEnvelope defines the MLP envelope's headers and trailers.
MLPReader MLPReader renders an MLP packet stream into text.
MLPReader2 MLPReader2 renders an MLP packet stream into text.
MLPWriter MLPWriter wraps a message inside an MLPEnvelope.
ComponentStructure ComponentStructure represents the component part of an HL7 pipe message formatted as text.
EncodingCharacters EncodingCharacters is a class that defines the encoding characters for an HL7 pipe text message.
Field The Field class represents an HL7 message field.
FieldsContainer The FieldContainer class defines a collection of one or more HL7 message fields.
FieldStructure The FieldStructure class represents an HL7 pipe field in the form of a text.
HL7MessageItem HL7MessageItem is the base class for all HL7 messages classes.
HL7Package The HL7Package class provides services for enumerating the toolkit's messages.
MatchMaker The MatchMaker class finds a given Segment's name in an underlying Message or in a SegmentsGroup.
Message Message represents an HL7 message.
MessageConstructor The MessageConstructor is used as an HL7 message factory helper and creates basic segments of a Message.
MessageFactory Creates a Message object for a given name.
MessageItemTypeCracker MessageItemTypeCracker provides a utility function to identify popular HL7 message types.
MessageStructure MessageStructure represents an HL7 pipe message in text form.
Options Options is used by MessageStructureConverter to control message parsing.
MessageStructureConverter MessageStructureConverter parses a message structure into an HL7 Message.
PipeMessageConverter PipeMessageConverter converts a text pipe message into a MessageStructure.
RepetitionStructure RepetitionStructure represents a repetition container for one or more ComponentStructure.
SchemaItem SchemaItem defines the structure of the message of the segment's group.
Segment Segment class is the base class for all segment items.
SegmentFactory SegmentFactory creates a Message object for a given name.
SegmentsGroup SegmentsGroup is the base class for all Segments group items.
SegmentStructure SegmentStructure represents a segment from an HL7 pipe message formatted as text.
SegmentStructureConverter SegmentStructureConverter provides services to convert HL7 message segments from/to text from/to objects.
SizeRule Provides mean to verify the hl7 size type.
TypeFactory TypeFactory represents a generic class factory and creates fields and segments on demand.
UniqueId Unique Id provider.
HL7Response HL7Response is used by a client connected to the TCPServer mainly to handle acknowledgment responses.
MLPResponse MLPResponse handles MLP message responses.
Response Response is the base class for both MLPResponse and HL7Response.
MessageItemCracker Provides some HL7 message-parsing-related services.
Interface Description
IField Represents an HL7 message field object contract.
IHL7MessageItem Represents an HL7 message's contract.
INodeItem Represents an HL7 message contract.
ISchemaItem Represents an HL7 message schema contract
Enumeration Description
Status Represents the TCP/IP server's status
Status Running status of the TCP server.
MessageGroup Values that define some popular HL7 message types.
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