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Parse_RepeatableParentGroupFirst Property


Boolean accessor and setter for parsing the parent's group first. When set to true the parser will try the current parent's group first. In ambiguous cases, the parser cannot decide if a segment belongs to a parent's group or not as a message maybe repeated or because it belongs to a group outside of the current parent. When set to false, the parser will try to match the segments further into the message structure first, then if it cannot find it, it will try to match the parent's group. By default Parse_RepeatableParentGroupFirst is set to true.


Public Property Parse_RepeatableParentGroupFirst As Boolean 
public bool Parse_RepeatableParentGroupFirst { get; set; } 
property bool Parse_RepeatableParentGroupFirst { 
   bool get(); 
   void set (    bool ); 

Property Value

Gets or sets the option of Parse_RepeatableParentGroupFirst. When set to true, the parser will try the current parent's group first.


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