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MessageStructureConverter Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by MessageStructureConverter.

Public Constructors

Name Description
MessageStructureConverter Initializes a new MessageStructureConverter instance.
Options Initializes a new Options instance.

Public Methods

Name Description
MessageStructureToMessage Parses a MessageStructure and creates a Message object with the results. Returns this object.

Public Properties

Name Description
Add_NoneStandardSegmentToRoot Boolean accessor and setter to allow or prevent the addition of non-standard segments during their parsing.
Error Gets or sets the parsing error message.
Forgive_IncompleteMessage Boolean accessor and setter to allow or prevent the passing of incomplete messages. This situation arises when part of the message is parsed and the remaining segment is not. By default is set to false. Note: When Forgive_MissingMandatorySegments is set to true, Forgive_IncompleteMessage will be overridden.
Forgive_MissingMandatorySegments Boolean accessor and setter for passing any messages that are missing a mandatory segment. By default this is set to false;
Ignore_NoneStandardSegment Boolean accessor and setter for overlooking unexpected segments. By default is set to true.
Message Accessor and setter of the parsed IHL7MessageItem message.
Parse_RepeatableParentGroupFirst Boolean accessor and setter for parsing the parent's group first. When set to true the parser will try the current parent's group first. In ambiguous cases, the parser cannot decide if a segment belongs to a parent's group or not as a message maybe repeated or because it belongs to a group outside of the current parent. When set to false, the parser will try to match the segments further into the message structure first, then if it cannot find it, it will try to match the parent's group. By default Parse_RepeatableParentGroupFirst is set to true.

Public Fields

Name Description
Options Options is used by MessageStructureConverter to control message parsing.
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