The L_CC_ScannerOptions structure provides global (all frames) options for scanning credit cards.

struct L_CC_ScannerOptions 
   L_UINT StructSize; 
   L_BOOL DetectOnly; 
   L_BOOL DetectExpiryDate; 
   L_FLOAT MinimumFocusScore; 
typedef struct L_CC_ScannerOptions L_CC_ScannerOptions; 



StructSize Size of this structure in bytes, for versioning. Use the sizeof() macro to calculate this value.
DetectOnly Do not read the card's value, just detect it. The default value is L_FALSE.
DetectExpiryDate Detect the expiry date. The default value is L_TRUE.

The minimum focus score (from 0.0f to 10.0f). The default value is 6.0f.

The focus score is determined via image processing. A score of 0.0 looks completely out-of-focus. A score between 6.0 and 10.0 is the typical range of acceptable focus and minimal blur. If the focus score is less than the MinimumFocusScore, the LowFocusScore status will be used. If the focus score is above the MinimumFocusScore, the frame is used.


Any frame passed to L_CC_ScanFrame that has a focus score below the MinimumFocusScore set in L_CC_ScannerOptions will be skipped.

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