struct L_CC_CreditCard 
   L_UINT StructSize; 
   L_TCHAR CardNumber[32]; 
   L_UINT ExpiryMonth; 
   L_UINT ExpiryYear; 
   L_TCHAR CVV[8]; 
   L_TCHAR PostalCode[32]; 
   L_CC_CardType CreditCardType; 
typedef struct L_CC_CreditCard L_CC_CreditCard; 

The L_CC_CreditCard structure provides information about the credit card obtained during the scan.



StructSize Size of this structure in bytes, for versioning. Use the sizeof() macro to calculate this value.
CardNumber 15- or 16-digit card number. All numbers, no spaces. NULL-terminated.
ExpiryMonth Month the credit card expires. The month is in two-digit natural form(January=1, ..., December=12).
ExpiryYear Year the credit card expires. (4-digit number).

Three or four character security code. NULL-terminated.

Usually this field can be found on the back of the credit card. However, American Express cards (AMEX) display it on the front of the card. Usually the field contains 3 digits, but it can contain 4 (AMEX). This field does not get filled when scanning. Fill it manually.


Billing postal code for card. NULL-terminated.

The PostalCode is a string value. It has no specific format and can be any length. This field does not get filled by the credit card scanner. Fill it manually.

CreditCardType The type of credit card. One of the L_CC_CardType enumeration values.


L_CC_CreditCard is used with the L_CC_ToCreditCard function.

Obtaining good results for the ExpiryMonth and ExpiryYear sometimes requires many frames. L_CC_ScanFrame can continue to be called (even after the L_CC_ScanFrameStatus is L_CC_ScanFrameStatus_NumbersFound), as long as ExpiryMonth and ExpiryYear are equal to 0.

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