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LEADTOOLS provides fast, highly accurate, and reliable Micro QR Code API to detect, read, and write for .NET (C# & VB), C/C++, WinRT, iOS, macOS, Java, and web developers. The award-winning LEADTOOLS libraries help programmers create amazing applications that feature Micro QR Code functionality in record time.

Micro QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode based on the popular QR Code. By dropping two of the three position detection patterns of its predecessor, Micro QR Codes are able to be printed at a fraction of the size while still encoding a substantial amount of data. Micro QR Codes have four versions corresponding to sizes and error correction levels, the maximum of which can encode up to 15 bytes, 21 alphanumeric, or 35 numeric digits.

Overview of LEADTOOLS Micro QR SDK Technology

Micro QR Code

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