Feature Description

LEADTOOLS provides fast, highly accurate, and reliable 1D Barcode detection, reading, and writing support for .NET (C# & VB), C/C++, WinRT, iOS, macOS, Java, and web developers. LEADTOOLS award-winning libraries help programmers add amazing, fully featured 1D barcode support to applications in record time.

LEAD prides itself on having the most comprehensive and robust imaging toolkits on the market. Its extensive barcode libraries support a broad range of barcode symbols, including those used in smaller, specialized markets and industries.

Miscellaneous Barcode SDK Symbols

Code 39/USD-3/Code 3 of 9

Code 3 of 9 Barcode

The Code 39 symbol, also known as USD-3 and Code 3 of 9, supports alphanumeric data and is widely used. It is the standard barcode used by the US Department of Defense and the Health Industry Bar Code Council (HIBCC). Code 39 supports the encoding of 43 different alphanumeric characters. LEADTOOLS additionally supports Code 39 "Full ASCII Mode" to support data using all 128 ASCII characters.

Code 93/USS-93

Code 93 Barcode

The Code 93 symbol, also known as USS-93, is similar to the Code 39 symbol, but offers the advantage of supporting the encoding of 47 (versus 43) different alphanumeric characters. LEADTOOLS additionally supports Code 93 "Full ASCII mode" symbols that encode data structures consisting of all 128 ASCII characters.

Code 32/Italian Pharmacode/IMH/Codice 32 Pharmacode/Codice Farmaceutico Italiano/Radix 32 Barcode

The Code 32 symbol, also known as Italian Pharmacode, IMH, Codice 32 Pharmacode, Codice Farmaceutico Italiano and Radix 32 Barcode, is a superset of Code 39 and is used in Italy to identify pharmaceutical products.

Codabar/Ames Code/USD-4/NW-7/Code 2 of 7

Codabar Barcode

Codabar, also known as Ames Code, USD-4, NW-7, and Code 2 of 7, can encode 16 different characters and is used by US blood banks, photo development laboratories, and on FedEx air bills. It was originally designed to be accurately read even when printed by older dot-matrix printers.

Code 11/USD-8

Code 11 Barcode

The Code 11 symbol, also known as USD-8, supports the encoding of 0-9 and the dash (-) character and is used to identify telecommunications hardware.

Patch Code

PatchCode Barcode

Patch code symbols are not true barcodes in the sense that patch codes do not encode data. They are used by scanners to separate batch scanning jobs and to control the scanner.

Other Types of Linear 1D Barcodes

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