Callback function to be fired by the printer driver as a job is being printed.


#include "LtprinterClient.h"



PRNJOBDATA * pPrintJobData

Pointer to a PRNJOBDATA structure that contains the printer job specific data.

L_VOID * pUserData

A void pointer that you can use to access a variable or structure that contains data that your callback function needs. This gives you a way to receive data indirectly from the function that uses this callback function. This is the same pointer that was set in L_PrnClntStartup function in the ppUserData parameter.Keep in mind that this is a void pointer, which must be cast to the appropriate data type within your callback function.


Value Meaning
TRUE The job will be continued.
FALSE The job will be cancelled.


This function will be fired from the printer driver. The user must implement this callback function in the user demo DLL. This callback function is required in order to be called by the printer driver, which will fire this function with the pPrintJobData that contains job specific data.

The user should fill the hUserData and uUserDataSize of the pPrintJobData once this callback is fired, then the pPrintJobData data will be sent automatically by the client printer driver to the server machine.

To obtain the data attached to the print Job ID in the server machine, call the L_PrnGetRemoteData function.

This function should be exported in the DLL module definition (def) file.

Required DLLs and Libraries


Win32, x64.


For an example, refer to L_PrnClntStartup.

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