Using the LEADTOOLS THUNK Utility with TWAIN

The LEADTOOLS TWAIN Thunk Utility was created to enable you to interact with Win32 TWAIN drivers from a 64-bit process. For instance, a Scanner driver that is ONLY supported on a 32-bit environment will not be able to interact with a scanner from a 64-bit process application. The LEADTOOLS TWAIN Thunk Utility will help you to do so.

The LEADTOOLS THUNK Utility with TWAIN includes the following components:

Distributed files are:

To register the THUNK utility:

To use the THUNK utility, call L_TwainInitSession2 and pass LTWAIN_INIT_USE_THUNKSERVER to the uFlags parameter. The only time the THUNK server should be used is when using a TWAIN device that does not have a 64-bit driver and a 64-bit operating system is being used to run the application.

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