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typedef struct _APPLICATIONDATA 
   L_UINT uStructSize; 
   HWND hWnd; 
   L_TCHAR szManufacturerName [256]; 
   L_TCHAR szAppProductFamily[256]; 
   L_TCHAR szVersionInfo [32]; 
   L_TCHAR szAppName [256]; 
   L_UINT16 uLanguage; 
   L_UINT16 uCountry; 

The APPLICATIONDATA structure provides information about an application data.


Member Description
L_UINT uStructSize Size of this structure in bytes, for versioning. Use the sizeof() operator to calculate this value.
HWND hWnd Handle to the parent window to be used with the TWAIN initialization process. This must be a valid window handle (and it can be set to NULL).
L_TCHAR szManufacturerName [34] Character string that contains the manufacturer's name (optional).
L_TCHAR szAppProductFamily [34] Character string that contains the application product family (optional).
L_TCHAR szVersionInfo [34] Character string that contains the version info (optional).
L_TCHAR szAppName [34] Character string that contains the application name (optional).
L_UINT16 uLanguage The primary language for your Source or application. Use the constants for the CAP_LANGUAGE capability found in the TWAIN specification, i.e., TWLG_ENGLISH_USA, TWLG_GERMAN, etc.
L_UINT16 uCountry The primary country where your Source or application is intended to be distributed, i.e., TWCY_USA, TWCY_GERMANY, etc. For a list of possible values, see the "Data Types and Data Structures" section under "Constants" in the TWAIN specification.


pAPPLICATIONDATA is a pointer to an APPLICATIONDATA structure. Where the function parameter type is pAPPLICATIONDATA, you can declare an APPLICATIONDATA variable, update the structure's fields, and pass the variable's address in the parameter. Declaring a pAPPLICATIONDATA variable is necessary only if your program requires a pointer.

APPLICATIONDATA is used with the L_TwainInitSession and L_TwainInitSession2 functions.

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