Programming with LEADTOOLS Screen Capture

Capturing Screen Images

LEADTOOLS supports a number of functions for capturing images from the screen. You can capture the entire screen, or you can elect to capture some small part of the screen. L_CaptureFullScreen lets you capture the entire screen, while L_CaptureActiveWindow lets you capture all of the active window. To capture just the client portion of the active window, use L_CaptureActiveClient. L_CaptureWindowUnderCursor captures the window immediately under the cursor, and L_CaptureSelectedObject captures an image of the selected window's object .To capture an image of a window handle, use L_CaptureWindow.

In addition, you can capture wallpaper, menus and the mouse cursor, using L_CaptureWallPaper, L_CaptureMenuUnderCursor and L_CaptureMouseCursor. To capture an area, use L_CaptureArea. LEADTOOLS provides two functions for capturing bitmaps, cursors and icons from EXEs or DLLs, L_CaptureFromExe and L_CaptureFromExeDlg. L_CaptureEXEDlg provides a dialog box for entering capture options. Finally, to stop a capture operation, use L_StopCapture.

The hot key needs to be pressed to complete the capture. The default hot key is F11. To change the hot key you need to call L_SetCaptureOption function. The user can immediately capture by setting the hot key to zero (0).

Getting and Setting Capture Information

In addition to the capture functions given above, there are a number of functions for getting and setting capture information, and two callbacks. These are as follows: L_CaptureAreaOptionDlg, L_GetCaptureOption, L_GetDefaultAreaOption, L_CaptureObjectOptionDlg, L_GetDefaultObjectOption, L_CaptureGetResCount, L_SetCaptureOption, L_SetCaptureOptionDlg, L_CaptureSetHotKeyCallback, L_IsCaptureActive, CAPTURECALLBACK, LTSCRHELPCB, and CAPTUREHOTKEYCALLBACK.

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