#include "l_bitmap.h"

L_VOID pEXT_CALLBACK YourFunction(uFlag, nCtlID, pUserData)

Occurs when the user has clicked the Help button, clicked the "?" button on the title bar, or pressed F1 for a control on a dialog.


L_UINT32 uFlag

Flags that determine the options dialog that the Help button was clicked from. Possible values are:

Value Meaning
SCRDLG_HELP_SETCAPTUREOPTION [0x01] Capture options dialog.
SCRDLG_HELP_CAPTUREAREAOPTION [0x02] Capture area options dialog.
SCRDLG_HELP_CAPTUREOBJECTOPTION [0x03] Capture object options dialog.
SCRDLG_HELP_CAPTUREFROMEXE [0x04] Capture from exe file dialog.


Value that represents the control ID. If the user pressed F1 or clicked the context help button "?" and then selected a control on the dialog box, one of the following values is returned. Otherwise, the value is -1

Value Meaning
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_HOTKEY [27079] Hotkey field.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_DELAY [27040] Delay field.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_REPEAT [27043] Repeat field.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_INTERVAL [27048] Interval field.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_CANCELKEY [27085] Cancel key field.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_USE_ESC [27091] Use Esc check box.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_CAP_CURSOR [27081] Capture cursor combo box.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_STAT_CURSOR [27083] Status cursor combo box.
LT_SCRDLG_IDOK [1] Ok button.
LT_SCRDLG_IDCANCEL [2] Cancel button.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_RESTREE [27035] Resource tree.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_COLOR_GROUP [27092] Color group.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_R_TEXT [27070] Label of Red channel.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_R_SLIDER [27055] Slider of Red channel.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_RED [27025] Red channel.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_G_TEXT [27072] Green channel of text color.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_G_SLIDER [27057] Green channel of slider color.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_GREEN [27027] Green channel.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_B_TEXT [27074] Blue channel of text color.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_B_SLIDER [27059] Blue channel of slider color.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_BLUE [27031] Blue channel.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_RESVIEW [27029] Resource view.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_PREV_STATIC [27068] Previous static.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_FILENAME [27076] File name.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_CAPTURE [27053] Capture.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_COUNT [27061] Count.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_SELECTION [27078] Selection.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_BROWSE [27046] Browse.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_COMBO_DRAW_CURSOR [27075] Draw cursor combo box.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_EDIT_BORDER_WIDTH [27089] Edit border width.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_CHECK_INVERT_OBJECT [27090] Invert object checkbox.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_CHECK_ENABLE_KEYBOARD [27036] Enable keyboard checkbox.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_BUTTON_OK [27084] Ok button.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_BUTTON_DEFAULT [27000] Default button.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_BUTTON_CANCEL [27086] Cancel button.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_COMBO_AREA_TYPE [27080] Area type combo box.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_COMBO_LINE_STYLE [27071] Line style combo box.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_COMBO_FILL_PATTERN [27073] File pattern combo box.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_EDIT_ELLIPSE_WIDTH [27087] Edit ellipse width.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_EDIT_ELLIPSE_HEIGHT [27088] Edit ellipse height.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_CHECK_INCLUDE_CURSOR [27034] Check include cursor.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_CHECK_USE_CROSS_LINES_CURSOR [27067] Use cross lines cursor checkbox.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_CHECK_ENABLE_REGION [27041] Enable region checkbox.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_CHECK_SHOW_DRAW_CURSOR [27063] Show draw cursor checkbox.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_COMBO_INFOWND_X [27050] Information Window X position combo box.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_COMBO_INFO_WIDTH [27045] Information Window width.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_COMBO_INFOWND_Y [27069] Information Window Y position combo box.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_COMBO_INFO_HEIGHT [27082] Information Window height.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_EDIT_INFO_X [27052] Edit Information Window X position.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_EDIT_INFO_WIDTH [27056] Edit Information Window width.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_EDIT_INFO_Y [27054] Edit information Window Y position.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_EDIT_INFO_HEIGHT [27058] Edit Information Window height.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_COMBO_ZOOM [27026] Zoom combo box.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_CHECK_SHOW_CURSORPOS [27038] Show cursor position checkbox.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_CHECK_SHOW_INFOWINDOW [27032] Show Information Window checkbox.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_CHECK_SHOW_AREASIZE [27028] Show Area Size checkbox.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_CHECK_SENSITIVE_INFO [27030] Sensitive Information Window checkbox.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_CHECK_OPAQUE_TEXT [27062] Opaque text checkbox.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_COMBO_COLORS [27077] Colors combo box.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_STATIC_COLORS [27065] Static colors.
LT_SCRDLG_IDC_BUTTON_COLORS [27060] Colors button.

L_VOID * pUserData

Void pointer that you can use to pass one or more additional parameters that the help callback function needs.

To use this feature, assign a value to a variable or create a structure that contains as many fields as you need. Then, in this parameter, pass the address of the variable or structure, casting it to L_VOID *. The callback function, which receives the address in its own pUserData parameter, can cast it to a pointer of the appropriate data type to access your variable or structure.

If the additional parameters are not needed, you can pass NULL in this parameter.




Use this callback function to receive notification that the user clicked the Help button on any of the built-in dialogs, such as the dialogs showed by calling any of the functions L_SetCaptureOptionDlg, L_CaptureAreaOptionDlg, L_CaptureObjectOptionDlg, or L_CaptureFromExeDlg.

Required DLLs and Libraries

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