Programming with LEADTOOLS NITF Functions

The National Imagery Transmission Format (NITF) File is defined by the Department Of Defense of the United States. For background on the origination and purpose of this standard, refer to the Department of Defense Interface Standard MIL-STD-2500B (this link takes a minute to load and requires that you have Adobe .pdf reader installed) and the NITFS Technical Board Public Page.

Creating and Parsing NITF Files

The LNITFFile::Create function must be called before calling any other LNITFFile::XXX function. Otherwise, the other LNITFFile::XXX function will return WRPERR_NITF_NOT_CREATED error code. This LNITFFile::Create function is used to create an empty NITF file, or parse an existing NITF file.

To create an empty NITF file, call the LNITFFile::Create function and pass NULL for the pszFileName parameter. To parse an existing NITF file, call the LNITFFile::Create function with a valid file name for the pszFileName parameter.

If the LNITFFile::Create function was used to parse an existing file, information about the NITF file header can be obtained by passing a pointer to NITFHEADER structure to the LNITFFile::GetNITFHeader function. To change the current information about a NITF file header, change the values in the structure pointed to by the pNITFHeader parameter and pass it to the LNITFFile::SetNITFHeader function. When the NITF file header information is no longer needed the function LNITFFile::FreeNITFHeader should be called.

Save the created NITF file by calling the LNITFFile::SaveFile function.

When the class object is no longer needed, call the LNITFFile::Destroy function. For every call to LNITFFile::Create there must be a call to LNITFFile::Destroy.

Appending Data to NITF Files

The following types of data can be appended to NITF files:

Getting and Setting Data Headers

It is possible to change information about the following data headers from or to the NITF file:

For more information, refer to:

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