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ICamera Interface


A common interface implemented by CameraView


public interface ICamera  


When CameraView is initialized, the Camera property contains an instance of ICamera that can be used to access and modify camera settings. See example Resolution.


Member Description
CameraHeight Gets the camera's preview height.
CameraWidth Gets the camera's preview width.
CaptureQuality Gets and sets the CaptureQuality of this ICamera.
CreateNativeCamera Creates an instance of the native camera object.
Focus Triggers an Auto Focus routine.
FocusMode Gets and sets focus mode of this ICamera instance.
FrameRate Gets and sets the framerate of this ICamera instance.
IsFlashSupported Gets a value that indicates whether the device supports flash.
IsFocusSupported Gets a value that indicates whether the device supports any focus modes.
IsRecording Gets a value that indicates whether the device is currently recording video.
MaxScaleFactor Gets the maximum scaling or zooming factor supported by the device.
NativeCamera Gets the native camera object initialized by CameraView.
NumberofCameras Gets the number of hardware cameras on the device.
Resolution Gets and sets camera's output resolution.
ScaleFactor Gets and sets the zoom value for the selected camera.
Start Starts the camera preview for this CameraView.
StartRecording Starts video recording.
Stop Stops the camera preview for this CameraView.
StopRecording Stops video recording.
TakePicture Captures a still image as viewed on the screen's device.


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