The Leadtools.Camera.Xamarin namespace is a .NET Standard camera control that supports image capture, video recording, flash, torch, and both auto-focus and touch to focus control. The main class is the CameraView class, a Xamarin.Forms control that allows you to write business code once (without having to write native camera code), and run on both iOS and Android, minimizing your code footprint in the process.

For an outline and description of enumerations and classes, click Leadtools.Camera.Xamarin.


Namespace Description
Leadtools.Camera.Xamarin A camera control, as well as properties, methods and events for capturing images from mobile cameras.


With just one line of XAML code to add the control, developers can get started with a basic camera and preview, including the following features:

  • Control auto-focus and touch-to-focus features
  • Control the Flash and Torch
  • Record video up to the device's maximum resolution
  • Access the live camera feed to implement custom processing or advanced LEADTOOLS features, including Barcode and OCR

For a quick start in your development, refer to Adding a Basic Xamarin Camera Control.

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