ErrorCode Enumeration

The list of error codes for generic collection thrown exceptions.
public enum ErrorCode 
Public Enum ErrorCode  
public enum class ErrorCode   
0x80000002E_OUTOFMEMORY Insufficient memory.
0x80000003E_INVALIDARG Argument is invalid.
0x80004001E_NOTIMPL Method is not supported.
0x80004003E_POINTER NULL pointer argument.
0x80004005E_FAIL Failure.
0x8000FFFFE_UNEXPECTED Unexpected error.
0x80030003STG_E_PATHNOTFOUND Path not found.
0x80040200VFW_E_INVALIDMEDIATYPE The specified media type is invalid.
0x80040201VFW_E_INVALIDSUBTYPE The Specified media subtype is invalid.
0x80040202VFW_E_NEED_OWNER This object can only be created as an aggregated object.
0x80040203VFW_E_ENUM_OUT_OF_SYNC The state of the enumerated object has changed and is now inconsistent with the state of the enumerator. Discard any data obtained from previous calls to the enumerator and then update the enumerator by calling the enumerator's Reset method.
0x80040204VFW_E_ALREADY_CONNECTED At least one of the pins involved in the operation is already connected.
0x80040205VFW_E_FILTER_ACTIVE The Operation cannot be performed because the filter is active.
0x80040206VFW_E_NO_TYPES One of the specified pins does not support media types.
0x80040207VFW_E_NO_ACCEPTABLE_TYPES No common media type between these pins.
0x80040208VFW_E_INVALID_DIRECTION Two pins of the same direction cannot be connected.
0x80040209VFW_E_NOT_CONNECTED Operation cannot be performed because the pins are not connected.
0x8004020AVFW_E_NO_ALLOCATOR No sample buffer allocator is available.
0x8004020BVFW_E_RUNTIME_ERROR A run-time error occurred.
0x8004020CVFW_E_BUFFER_NOTSET No buffer space has been set.
0x8004020DVFW_E_BUFFER_OVERFLOW The buffer is not big enough.
0x8004020EVFW_E_BADALIGN An invalid alignment was specified.
0x8004020FVFW_E_ALREADY_COMMITTED Cannot change allocated memory while the filter is active.
0x80040210VFW_E_BUFFERS_OUTSTANDING One or more buffers are still active.
0x80040211VFW_E_NOT_COMMITTED Cannot allocate a sample when the allocator is not active.
0x80040212VFW_E_SIZENOTSET Cannot allocate memory because no size has been set.
0x80040213VFW_E_NO_CLOCK Cannot lock for synchronization because no clock has been defined.
0x80040214VFW_E_NO_SINK Quality messages could not be sent because no quality sink has been defined.
0x80040215VFW_E_NO_INTERFACE A required interface has not been implemented.
0x80040216VFW_E_NOT_FOUND An object or name was not found.
0x80040217VFW_E_CANNOT_CONNECT No combination of intermediate filters could be found to make the connection.
0x80040218VFW_E_CANNOT_RENDER No combination of filters could be found to render the stream.
0x80040219VFW_E_CHANGING_FORMAT Could not change formats dynamically.
0x8004021AVFW_E_NO_COLOR_KEY_SET No color key has been set.
0x8004021BVFW_E_NOT_OVERLAY_CONNECTION Current pin connection is not using the IOverlay transport.
0x8004021CVFW_E_NOT_SAMPLE_CONNECTION Current pin connection is not using the IMemInputPin transport.
0x8004021DVFW_E_PALETTE_SET Setting a color key would conflict with the palette already set.
0x8004021EVFW_E_COLOR_KEY_SET Setting a palette would conflict with the color key already set.
0x8004021FVFW_E_NO_COLOR_KEY_FOUND No matching color key is available.
0x80040220VFW_E_NO_PALETTE_AVAILABLE No palette is available.
0x80040221VFW_E_NO_DISPLAY_PALETTE Display does not use a palette.
0x80040222VFW_E_TOO_MANY_COLORS Too many colors for the current display settings.
0x80040223VFW_E_STATE_CHANGED The state changed while waiting to process the sample.
0x80040224VFW_E_NOT_STOPPED The operation could not be performed because the filter has not stopped.
0x80040225VFW_E_NOT_PAUSED The operation could not be performed because the filter has not paused.
0x80040226VFW_E_NOT_RUNNING The operation could not be performed because the filter is not running.
0x80040227VFW_E_WRONG_STATE The operation could not be performed because the filter is in the wrong state.
0x80040228VFW_E_START_TIME_AFTER_END The sample start time is after the sample end time.
0x80040229VFW_E_INVALID_RECT The supplied rectangle is invalid.
0x8004022AVFW_E_TYPE_NOT_ACCEPTED This pin cannot use the supplied media type.
0x8004022BVFW_E_SAMPLE_REJECTED This sample cannot be rendered.
0x8004022CVFW_E_SAMPLE_REJECTED_EOS This sample cannot be rendered because the end of the stream has been reached.
0x8004022DVFW_E_DUPLICATE_NAME An attempt to add a filter with a duplicate name failed.
0x8004022EVFW_E_TIMEOUT A time-out has expired.
0x8004022FVFW_E_INVALID_FILE_FORMAT The file format is invalid.
0x80040230VFW_E_ENUM_OUT_OF_RANGE The list has already been exhausted.
0x80040231VFW_E_CIRCULAR_GRAPH The filter graph is circular.
0x80040232VFW_E_NOT_ALLOWED_TO_SAVE Updates are not allowed in this state.
0x80040233VFW_E_TIME_ALREADY_PASSED An attempt was made to queue a command for a time in the past.
0x80040234VFW_E_ALREADY_CANCELLED The queued command was already canceled.
0x80040235VFW_E_CORRUPT_GRAPH_FILE Cannot render the file because it is corrupt.
0x80040236VFW_E_ADVISE_ALREADY_SET An IOverlay advise link already exists.
0x80040238VFW_E_NO_MODEX_AVAILABLE No full-screen modes are available.
0x80040239VFW_E_NO_ADVISE_SET This advise cannot be canceled because it was not successfully set.
0x8004023AVFW_E_NO_FULLSCREEN Full-screen mode is not available.
0x8004023BVFW_E_IN_FULLSCREEN_MODE Cannot call IVideoWindow methods while in full-screen mode.
0x80040240VFW_E_UNKNOWN_FILE_TYPE The media type of this file is not recognized.
0x80040241VFW_E_CANNOT_LOAD_SOURCE_FILTER The source filter for this file could not be loaded.
0x80040243VFW_E_FILE_TOO_SHORT A file appeared to be incomplete.
0x80040244VFW_E_INVALID_FILE_VERSION The file's version number is invalid.
0x80040247VFW_E_INVALID_CLSID This file is corrupt: it contains an invalid class identifier.
0x80040248VFW_E_INVALID_MEDIA_TYPE This file is corrupt: it contains an invalid media type.
0x80040249VFW_E_SAMPLE_TIME_NOT_SET No time stamp has been set for this sample.
0x80040251VFW_E_MEDIA_TIME_NOT_SET No media time was set for this sample.
0x80040252VFW_E_NO_TIME_FORMAT_SET No media time format was selected.
0x80040253VFW_E_MONO_AUDIO_HW Cannot change balance because the audio device is monaural only.
0x80040255VFW_E_NO_DECOMPRESSOR Cannot play back the video stream: Could not find a suitable decompressor.
0x80040256VFW_E_NO_AUDIO_HARDWARE Cannot play back the audio stream: No audio hardware is available, or the hardware is not supported.
0x80040259VFW_E_RPZA Cannot play back the video stream: Format 'RPZA' is not supported.
0x8004025BVFW_E_PROCESSOR_NOT_SUITABLE DirectShow cannot play MPEG movies on this processor.
0x8004025CVFW_E_UNSUPPORTED_AUDIO Cannot play back the audio stream: the audio format is not supported.
0x8004025DVFW_E_UNSUPPORTED_VIDEO Cannot play back the video stream: the video format is not supported.
0x8004025EVFW_E_MPEG_NOT_CONSTRAINED DirectShow cannot play this video stream because it falls outside the constrained standard.
0x8004025FVFW_E_NOT_IN_GRAPH Cannot perform the requested function on an object that is not in the filter graph.
0x80040261VFW_E_NO_TIME_FORMAT Cannot access the time format on an object.
0x80040262VFW_E_READ_ONLY Could not make the connection because the stream is read-only and the filter alters the data.
0x80040264VFW_E_BUFFER_UNDERFLOW The buffer is not full enough.
0x80040265VFW_E_UNSUPPORTED_STREAM Cannot play back the file: the format is not supported.
0x80040266VFW_E_NO_TRANSPORT Pins cannot connect because they don't support the same transport.
0x80040269VFW_E_BAD_VIDEOCD The Video CD can not be read correctly by the device or the data is corrupt.
0x80040270VFW_S_NO_STOP_TIME The sample had a start time but not a stop time. In this case, the stop time that is returned is set to the start time plus one.
0x80040271VFW_E_OUT_OF_VIDEO_MEMORY There is not enough video memory at this display resolution and number of colors. Reducing resolution might help.
0x80040272VFW_E_VP_NEGOTIATION_FAILED The video port connection negotiation process has failed.
0x80040273VFW_E_DDRAW_CAPS_NOT_SUITABLE Either Microsoft DirectDraw has not been installed or the video card capabilities are not suitable. Make sure the display is not in 16-color mode.
0x80040274VFW_E_NO_VP_HARDWARE No video port hardware is available, or the hardware is not responding.
0x80040275VFW_E_NO_CAPTURE_HARDWARE No capture hardware is available, or the hardware is not responding.
0x80040276VFW_E_DVD_OPERATION_INHIBITED This user operation is inhibited by DVD content at this time.
0x80040277VFW_E_DVD_INVALIDDOMAIN This operation is not permitted in the current domain.
0x80040278VFW_E_DVD_NO_BUTTON The Requested button is not available.
0x80040279VFW_E_DVD_GRAPHNOTREADY A DVD-Video playback graph has not been built yet.
0x8004027AVFW_E_DVD_RENDERFAIL DVD-Video playback graph building failed.
0x8004027BVFW_E_DVD_DECNOTENOUGH A DVD-Video playback graph could not be built due to insufficient decoders.
0x8004028BVFW_E_DVD_NOT_IN_KARAOKE_MODE The DVD Navigator is not in karaoke mode.
0x8004028EVFW_E_FRAME_STEP_UNSUPPORTED Frame stepping is not supported.
0x80040293VFW_E_PIN_ALREADY_BLOCKED_ON_THIS_THREAD Pin is already blocked on the calling thread.
0x80040294VFW_E_PIN_ALREADY_BLOCKED Pin is already blocked on another thread.
0x80040295VFW_E_CERTIFICATION_FAILURE Use of this filter is restricted by a software key. The application must unlock the filter.
0x800403F2VFW_E_BAD_KEY A registry entry is corrupt.
0x80050010E_EVAL_EXPIRED The evaluation period for the filter has expired.
0x80050013LTMM_E_INVALID_DATA Invalid data
0x80050014LTMM_E_INVALID_HEADER Invalid packed data
0x80050015LTMM_E_DISABLED This feature is disabled
0x80050016LTMM_E_INVALID_VERSION This version is not supported
0x80050017LTMM_E_STILLIMAGE_LOCKED The LEADTOOLS still image toolkit needs to be unlocked
0x80070020E_SHARING_VIOLATION The output file is in use.
0x80070490E_PROP_ID_UNSUPPORTED The property is not supported.
0x80070492E_PROP_SET_UNSUPPORTED Setting of the property is not supported.
0xC00D36B0MF_E_PLATFORM_NOT_INITIALIZED Platform not initialized. Please call MFStartup().
0xC00D36B1MF_E_BUFFERTOOSMALL The buffer was too small to carry out the requested action.
0xC00D36B2MF_E_INVALIDREQUEST The request is invalid in the current state.
0xC00D36B3MF_E_INVALIDSTREAMNUMBER The stream number provided was invalid.
0xC00D36B4MF_E_INVALIDMEDIATYPE The data specified for the media type is invalid, inconsistent, or not supported by this object.
0xC00D36B5MF_E_NOTACCEPTING The callee is currently not accepting further input.
0xC00D36B6MF_E_NOT_INITIALIZED This object needs to be initialized before the requested operation can be carried out.
0xC00D36B7MF_E_UNSUPPORTED_REPRESENTATION The requested representation is not supported by this object.
0xC00D36B9MF_E_NO_MORE_TYPES An object ran out of media types to suggest therefore the requested chain of streaming objects cannot be completed.
0xC00D36BAMF_E_UNSUPPORTED_SERVICE The object does not support the specified service.
0xC00D36BBMF_E_UNEXPECTED An unexpected error has occurred in the operation requested.
0xC00D36BCMF_E_INVALIDNAME Invalid name.
0xC00D36BDMF_E_INVALIDTYPE Invalid type.
0xC00D36BEMF_E_INVALID_FILE_FORMAT The file does not conform to the relevant file format specification.
0xC00D36BFMF_E_INVALIDINDEX Invalid index.
0xC00D36C0MF_E_INVALID_TIMESTAMP An invalid timestamp was given.
0xC00D36C3MF_E_UNSUPPORTED_SCHEME The scheme of the given URL is unsupported.
0xC00D36C4MF_E_UNSUPPORTED_BYTESTREAM_TYPE The byte stream type of the given URL is unsupported.
0xC00D36C5MF_E_UNSUPPORTED_TIME_FORMAT The given time format is unsupported.
0xC00D36C8MF_E_NO_SAMPLE_TIMESTAMP The Media Sample does not have a timestamp.
0xC00D36C9MF_E_NO_SAMPLE_DURATION The Media Sample does not have a duration.
0xC00D36CBMF_E_INVALID_STREAM_DATA The request failed because the data in the stream is corrupt.
0xC00D36CFMF_E_RT_UNAVAILABLE Real time services are not available.
0xC00D36D0MF_E_UNSUPPORTED_RATE The specified rate is not supported.
0xC00D36D1MF_E_THINNING_UNSUPPORTED This component does not support stream-thinning.
0xC00D36D2MF_E_REVERSE_UNSUPPORTED The call failed because no reverse playback rates are available.
0xC00D36D3MF_E_UNSUPPORTED_RATE_TRANSITION The requested rate transition cannot occur in the current state.
0xC00D36D4MF_E_RATE_CHANGE_PREEMPTED The requested rate change has been pre-empted and will not occur.
0xC00D36D5MF_E_NOT_FOUND The specified object or value does not exist.
0xC00D36D6MF_E_NOT_AVAILABLE The requested value is not available.
0xC00D36D7MF_E_NO_CLOCK The specified operation requires a clock and no clock is available.
0xC00D36D9MF_E_MULTIPLE_BEGIN This callback has already been passed in to this event generator.
0xC00D36DAMF_E_MULTIPLE_SUBSCRIBERS Some component is already listening to events on this event generator.
0xC00D36DBMF_E_TIMER_ORPHANED This timer was orphaned before its callback time arrived.
0xC00D36DCMF_E_STATE_TRANSITION_PENDING A state transition is already pending.
0xC00D36DDMF_E_UNSUPPORTED_STATE_TRANSITION The requested state transition is unsupported.
0xC00D36DEMF_E_UNRECOVERABLE_ERROR_OCCURRED An unrecoverable error has occurred.
0xC00D36DFMF_E_SAMPLE_HAS_TOO_MANY_BUFFERS The provided sample has too many buffers.
0xC00D36E0MF_E_SAMPLE_NOT_WRITABLE The provided sample is not writable.
0xC00D36E2MF_E_INVALID_KEY The specified key is not valid.
0xC00D36E3MF_E_BAD_STARTUP_VERSION You are calling MFStartup with the wrong MF_VERSION. Mismatched bits?
0xC00D36E4MF_E_UNSUPPORTED_CAPTION The caption of the given URL is unsupported.
0xC00D36E5MF_E_INVALID_POSITION The operation on the current offset is not permitted.
0xC00D36E6MF_E_ATTRIBUTENOTFOUND The requested attribute was not found.
0xC00D36E7MF_E_PROPERTY_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED The specified property type is not allowed in this context.
0xC00D36E8MF_E_PROPERTY_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED The specified property type is not supported.
0xC00D36E9MF_E_PROPERTY_EMPTY The specified property is empty.
0xC00D36EAMF_E_PROPERTY_NOT_EMPTY The specified property is not empty.
0xC00D36EBMF_E_PROPERTY_VECTOR_NOT_ALLOWED The vector property specified is not allowed in this context.
0xC00D36ECMF_E_PROPERTY_VECTOR_REQUIRED A vector property is required in this context.
0xC00D36EDMF_E_OPERATION_CANCELLED The operation is cancelled.
0xC00D36EEMF_E_BYTESTREAM_NOT_SEEKABLE The provided bytestream was expected to be seekable but it was not.
0xC00D36EFMF_E_DISABLED_IN_SAFEMODE The Media Foundation platform is disabled when the system is running in Safe Mode.
0xC00D36F0MF_E_CANNOT_PARSE_BYTESTREAM The Media Source could not parse the byte stream.
0xC00D36F1MF_E_SOURCERESOLVER_MUTUALLY_EXCLUSIVE_FLAGS Mutually exclusive flags have been specified to source resolver. This flag combination is invalid.
0xC00D36F2MF_E_MEDIAPROC_WRONGSTATE MediaProc is in the wrong state
0xC00D36F3MF_E_RT_THROUGHPUT_NOT_AVAILABLE Real time I/O service can not provide requested throughput.
0xC00D36F4MF_E_RT_TOO_MANY_CLASSES The work queue cannot be registered with more classes.
0xC00D36F5MF_E_RT_WOULDBLOCK This operation cannot succeed because another thread owns this object.
0xC00D36F6MF_E_NO_BITPUMP Internal. Bitpump not found.
0xC00D36F7MF_E_RT_OUTOFMEMORY No more RT memory available.
0xC00D36F8MF_E_RT_WORKQUEUE_CLASS_NOT_SPECIFIED An MMCSS class has not been set for this work queue.
0xC00D36FAMF_E_CANNOT_CREATE_SINK Activate failed to create a media sink. Call OutputNode::GetUINT32(MF_TOPONODE_MAJORTYPE) for more information.
0xC00D36FBMF_E_BYTESTREAM_UNKNOWN_LENGTH The length of the provided bytestream is unknown.
0xC00D36FCMF_E_SESSION_PAUSEWHILESTOPPED The media session cannot pause from a stopped state.
0xC00D36FEMF_E_FORMAT_CHANGE_NOT_SUPPORTED The data specified for the media type is supported, but would require a format change, which is not supported by this object.
0xC00D36FFMF_E_INVALID_WORKQUEUE The operation failed because an invalid combination of work queue ID and flags was specified.
0xC00D3700MF_E_DRM_UNSUPPORTED No DRM support is available.
0xC00D3701MF_E_UNAUTHORIZED This operation is not authorized.
0xC00D3702MF_E_OUT_OF_RANGE The value is not in the specified or valid range.
0xC00D3703MF_E_INVALID_CODEC_MERIT The registered codec merit is not valid.
0xC00D3704MF_E_HW_MFT_FAILED_START_STREAMING Hardware MFT failed to start streaming due to lack of hardware resources.
0xC00D3A98MF_E_ASF_PARSINGINCOMPLETE Not enough data has been parsed to carry out the requested action.
0xC00D3A99MF_E_ASF_MISSINGDATA There is a gap in the ASF data provided.
0xC00D3A9AMF_E_ASF_INVALIDDATA The data provided are not valid ASF.
0xC00D3A9BMF_E_ASF_OPAQUEPACKET The packet is opaque, so the requested information cannot be returned.
0xC00D3A9CMF_E_ASF_NOINDEX The requested operation failed since there is no appropriate ASF index.
0xC00D3A9DMF_E_ASF_OUTOFRANGE The value supplied is out of range for this operation.
0xC00D3A9EMF_E_ASF_INDEXNOTLOADED The index entry requested needs to be loaded before it can be available.
0xC00D3A9FMF_E_ASF_TOO_MANY_PAYLOADS The packet has reached the maximum number of payloads.
0xC00D3AA0MF_E_ASF_UNSUPPORTED_STREAM_TYPE Stream type is not supported.
0xC00D3AA1MF_E_ASF_DROPPED_PACKET One or more ASF packets were dropped.
0xC00D3E80MF_E_NO_EVENTS_AVAILABLE There are no events available in the queue.
0xC00D3E82MF_E_INVALID_STATE_TRANSITION A media source cannot go from the stopped state to the paused state.
0xC00D3E84MF_E_END_OF_STREAM The media stream cannot process any more samples because there are no more samples in the stream.
0xC00D3E85MF_E_SHUTDOWN The request is invalid because Shutdown() has been called.
0xC00D3E86MF_E_MP3_NOTFOUND The MP3 object was not found.
0xC00D3E87MF_E_MP3_OUTOFDATA The MP3 parser ran out of data before finding the MP3 object.
0xC00D3E88MF_E_MP3_NOTMP3 The file is not really a MP3 file.
0xC00D3E89MF_E_MP3_NOTSUPPORTED The MP3 file is not supported.
0xC00D3E8AMF_E_NO_DURATION The Media stream has no duration.
0xC00D3E8CMF_E_INVALID_FORMAT The Media format is recognized but is invalid.
0xC00D3E8DMF_E_PROPERTY_NOT_FOUND The property requested was not found.
0xC00D3E8EMF_E_PROPERTY_READ_ONLY The property is read only.
0xC00D3E8FMF_E_PROPERTY_NOT_ALLOWED The specified property is not allowed in this context.
0xC00D3E91MF_E_MEDIA_SOURCE_NOT_STARTED The media source has not started.
0xC00D3E98MF_E_UNSUPPORTED_FORMAT The Media format is recognized but not supported.
0xC00D3E99MF_E_MP3_BAD_CRC The MPEG frame has bad CRC.
0xC00D3E9AMF_E_NOT_PROTECTED The file is not protected.
0xC00D3E9BMF_E_MEDIA_SOURCE_WRONGSTATE The media source is in the wrong state.
0xC00D3E9CMF_E_MEDIA_SOURCE_NO_STREAMS_SELECTED No streams are selected in the source presentation descriptor.
0xC00D3E9DMF_E_CANNOT_FIND_KEYFRAME_SAMPLE No key frame sample was found.
0xC00D4268MF_E_NETWORK_RESOURCE_FAILURE An attempt to acquire a network resource failed.
0xC00D4269MF_E_NET_WRITE Error writing to the network.
0xC00D426AMF_E_NET_READ Error reading from the network.
0xC00D426BMF_E_NET_REQUIRE_NETWORK Internal. Entry cannot complete operation without network.
0xC00D426CMF_E_NET_REQUIRE_ASYNC Internal. Async op is required.
0xC00D426DMF_E_NET_BWLEVEL_NOT_SUPPORTED Internal. Bandwidth levels are not supported.
0xC00D426EMF_E_NET_STREAMGROUPS_NOT_SUPPORTED Internal. Stream groups are not supported.
0xC00D426FMF_E_NET_MANUALSS_NOT_SUPPORTED Manual stream selection is not supported.
0xC00D4270MF_E_NET_INVALID_PRESENTATION_DESCRIPTOR Invalid presentation descriptor.
0xC00D4271MF_E_NET_CACHESTREAM_NOT_FOUND Cannot find the cache stream.
0xC00D4274MF_E_NET_REQUIRE_INPUT Internal. Entry cannot complete operation without input.
0xC00D4275MF_E_NET_REDIRECT The client was redirected to another server.
0xC00D4276MF_E_NET_REDIRECT_TO_PROXY The client was redirected to a proxy server.
0xC00D4277MF_E_NET_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS The client reached the maximum redirection limit.
0xC00D4278MF_E_NET_TIMEOUT The server, a computer set up to offer multimedia content to other computers, could not handle your request for multimedia content in a timely manner. Please try again later.
0xC00D4279MF_E_NET_CLIENT_CLOSE The control socket is closed by the client.
0xC00D427AMF_E_NET_BAD_CONTROL_DATA The server received invalid data from the client on the control connection.
0xC00D427BMF_E_NET_INCOMPATIBLE_SERVER The server is not a compatible streaming media server.
0xC00D427DMF_E_NET_CACHE_NO_DATA Data is not available.
0xC00D427EMF_E_NET_EOL End of line.
0xC00D427FMF_E_NET_BAD_REQUEST The request could not be understood by the server.
0xC00D4280MF_E_NET_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request.
0xC00D4281MF_E_NET_SESSION_NOT_FOUND Session not found.
0xC00D4282MF_E_NET_NOCONNECTION There is no connection established with the Windows Media server. The operation failed.
0xC00D4283MF_E_NET_CONNECTION_FAILURE The network connection has failed.
0xC00D4284MF_E_NET_INCOMPATIBLE_PUSHSERVER The Server service that received the HTTP push request is not a compatible version of Windows Media Services (WMS). This error can indicate the push request was received by IIS instead of WMS. Ensure WMS has started and has the HTTP Server control protocol properly enabled and try again.
0xC00D4285MF_E_NET_SERVER_ACCESSDENIED The Windows Media server is denying access. The username and/or password could be incorrect.
0xC00D4286MF_E_NET_PROXY_ACCESSDENIED The proxy server is denying access. The username and/or password could be incorrect.
0xC00D4287MF_E_NET_CANNOTCONNECT Unable to establish a connection to the server.
0xC00D4288MF_E_NET_INVALID_PUSH_TEMPLATE The specified push template is invalid.
0xC00D4289MF_E_NET_INVALID_PUSH_PUBLISHING_POINT The specified push publishing point is invalid.
0xC00D428AMF_E_NET_BUSY The requested resource is in use.
0xC00D428BMF_E_NET_RESOURCE_GONE The Publishing Point or file on the Windows Media Server is no longer available.
0xC00D428CMF_E_NET_ERROR_FROM_PROXY The proxy experienced an error while attempting to contact the media server.
0xC00D428DMF_E_NET_PROXY_TIMEOUT The proxy did not receive a timely response while attempting to contact the media server.
0xC00D428EMF_E_NET_SERVER_UNAVAILABLE The server is currently unable to handle the request due to temporary overloading or maintenance of the server.
0xC00D428FMF_E_NET_TOO_MUCH_DATA The encoding process was unable to keep up with the amount of data supplied.
0xC00D4290MF_E_NET_SESSION_INVALID Session not found.
0xC00D4291MF_E_OFFLINE_MODE The requested URL is not available in offline mode.
0xC00D4292MF_E_NET_UDP_BLOCKED A device in the network is blocking UDP traffic.
0xC00D4293MF_E_NET_UNSUPPORTED_CONFIGURATION The specified configuration value is not supported.
0xC00D4294MF_E_NET_PROTOCOL_DISABLED The networking protocol is disabled.
0xC00D4650MF_E_ALREADY_INITIALIZED This object has already been initialized and cannot be re-initialized at this time.
0xC00D4651MF_E_BANDWIDTH_OVERRUN The amount of data passed in exceeds the given bitrate and buffer window.
0xC00D4652MF_E_LATE_SAMPLE The sample was passed in too late to be correctly processed.
0xC00D4653MF_E_FLUSH_NEEDED The requested action cannot be carried out until the object is flushed and the queue is emptied.
0xC00D4654MF_E_INVALID_PROFILE The profile is invalid.
0xC00D4655MF_E_INDEX_NOT_COMMITTED The index that is being generated needs to be committed before the requested action can be carried out.
0xC00D4656MF_E_NO_INDEX The index that is necessary for the requested action is not found.
0xC00D4657MF_E_CANNOT_INDEX_IN_PLACE The requested index cannot be added in-place to the specified ASF content.
0xC00D4658MF_E_MISSING_ASF_LEAKYBUCKET The ASF leaky bucket parameters must be specified in order to carry out this request.
0xC00D4659MF_E_INVALID_ASF_STREAMID The stream id is invalid. The valid range for ASF stream id is from 1 to 127.
0xC00D4A38MF_E_STREAMSINK_REMOVED The requested Stream Sink has been removed and cannot be used.
0xC00D4A3AMF_E_STREAMSINKS_OUT_OF_SYNC The various Stream Sinks in this Media Sink are too far out of sync for the requested action to take place.
0xC00D4A3BMF_E_STREAMSINKS_FIXED Stream Sinks cannot be added to or removed from this Media Sink because its set of streams is fixed.
0xC00D4A3CMF_E_STREAMSINK_EXISTS The given Stream Sink already exists.
0xC00D4A3DMF_E_SAMPLEALLOCATOR_CANCELED Sample allocations have been canceled.
0xC00D4A3EMF_E_SAMPLEALLOCATOR_EMPTY The sample allocator is currently empty, due to outstanding requests.
0xC00D4A3FMF_E_SINK_ALREADYSTOPPED The stream sink is already stopped.
0xC00D4A40MF_E_ASF_FILESINK_BITRATE_UNKNOWN The ASF file sink could not reserve AVIO because the bitrate is unknown.
0xC00D4A41MF_E_SINK_NO_STREAMS No streams are selected in the sink presentation descriptor.
0xC00D4A43MF_E_METADATA_TOO_LONG A metadata item was too long to write to the output container.
0xC00D4A44MF_E_SINK_NO_SAMPLES_PROCESSED The operation failed because no samples were processed by the sink.
0xC00D4E20MF_E_VIDEO_REN_NO_PROCAMP_HW There is no available procamp hardware with which to perform color correction.
0xC00D4E21MF_E_VIDEO_REN_NO_DEINTERLACE_HW There is no available deinterlacing hardware with which to deinterlace the video stream.
0xC00D4E22MF_E_VIDEO_REN_COPYPROT_FAILED A video stream requires copy protection to be enabled, but there was a failure in attempting to enable copy protection.
0xC00D4E23MF_E_VIDEO_REN_SURFACE_NOT_SHARED A component is attempting to access a surface for sharing that is not shared.
0xC00D4E24MF_E_VIDEO_DEVICE_LOCKED A component is attempting to access a shared device that is already locked by another component.
0xC00D4E25MF_E_NEW_VIDEO_DEVICE The device is no longer available. The handle should be closed and a new one opened.
0xC00D4E26MF_E_NO_VIDEO_SAMPLE_AVAILABLE A video sample is not currently queued on a stream that is required for mixing.
0xC00D4E84MF_E_NO_AUDIO_PLAYBACK_DEVICE No audio playback device was found.
0xC00D4E85MF_E_AUDIO_PLAYBACK_DEVICE_IN_USE The requested audio playback device is currently in use.
0xC00D4E86MF_E_AUDIO_PLAYBACK_DEVICE_INVALIDATED The audio playback device is no longer present.
0xC00D4E87MF_E_AUDIO_SERVICE_NOT_RUNNING The audio service is not running.
0xC00D520EMF_E_TOPO_INVALID_OPTIONAL_NODE The topology contains an invalid optional node. Possible reasons are an incorrect number of outputs and inputs or an optional node is at the beginning or end of a segment.
0xC00D5211MF_E_TOPO_CANNOT_FIND_DECRYPTOR No suitable transform was found to decrypt the content.
0xC00D5212MF_E_TOPO_CODEC_NOT_FOUND No suitable transform was found to encode or decode the content.
0xC00D5213MF_E_TOPO_CANNOT_CONNECT Unable to find a way to connect nodes.
0xC00D5214MF_E_TOPO_UNSUPPORTED Unsupported operations in the topoloader.
0xC00D5215MF_E_TOPO_INVALID_TIME_ATTRIBUTES The topology or its nodes contain incorrectly set time attributes.
0xC00D5216MF_E_TOPO_LOOPS_IN_TOPOLOGY The topology contains loops, which are unsupported in media foundation topologies.
0xC00D5217MF_E_TOPO_MISSING_PRESENTATION_DESCRIPTOR A source stream node in the topology does not have a presentation descriptor.
0xC00D5218MF_E_TOPO_MISSING_STREAM_DESCRIPTOR A source stream node in the topology does not have a stream descriptor.
0xC00D5219MF_E_TOPO_STREAM_DESCRIPTOR_NOT_SELECTED A stream descriptor was set on a source stream node but it was not selected on the presentation descriptor.
0xC00D521AMF_E_TOPO_MISSING_SOURCE A source stream node in the topology does not have a source.
0xC00D521BMF_E_TOPO_SINK_ACTIVATES_UNSUPPORTED The topology loader does not support sink activates on output nodes.
0xC00D61ACMF_E_SEQUENCER_UNKNOWN_SEGMENT_ID The sequencer cannot find a segment with the given ID.
0xC00D61AEMF_E_NO_SOURCE_IN_CACHE Cannot find source in the source cache.
0xC00D6D60MF_E_TRANSFORM_TYPE_NOT_SET A valid type has not been set for this stream or a stream that it depends on.
0xC00D6D61MF_E_TRANSFORM_STREAM_CHANGE A stream change has occurred. Output cannot be produced until the streams have been renegotiated.
0xC00D6D62MF_E_TRANSFORM_INPUT_REMAINING The transform cannot take the requested action until all of the input data it currently holds is processed or flushed.
0xC00D6D63MF_E_TRANSFORM_PROFILE_MISSING The transform requires a profile but no profile was supplied or found.
0xC00D6D64MF_E_TRANSFORM_PROFILE_INVALID_OR_CORRUPT The transform requires a profile but the supplied profile was invalid or corrupt.
0xC00D6D65MF_E_TRANSFORM_PROFILE_TRUNCATED The transform requires a profile but the supplied profile ended unexpectedly while parsing.
0xC00D6D66MF_E_TRANSFORM_PROPERTY_PID_NOT_RECOGNIZED The property ID does not match any property supported by the transform.
0xC00D6D67MF_E_TRANSFORM_PROPERTY_VARIANT_TYPE_WRONG The variant does not have the type expected for this property ID.
0xC00D6D68MF_E_TRANSFORM_PROPERTY_NOT_WRITEABLE An attempt was made to set the value on a read-only property.
0xC00D6D69MF_E_TRANSFORM_PROPERTY_ARRAY_VALUE_WRONG_NUM_DIM The array property value has an unexpected number of dimensions.
0xC00D6D6AMF_E_TRANSFORM_PROPERTY_VALUE_SIZE_WRONG The array or blob property value has an unexpected size.
0xC00D6D6BMF_E_TRANSFORM_PROPERTY_VALUE_OUT_OF_RANGE The property value is out of range for this transform.
0xC00D6D6CMF_E_TRANSFORM_PROPERTY_VALUE_INCOMPATIBLE The property value is incompatible with some other property or media type set on the transform.
0xC00D6D6DMF_E_TRANSFORM_NOT_POSSIBLE_FOR_CURRENT_OUTPUT_MEDIATYPE The requested operation is not supported for the currently set output media type.
0xC00D6D6EMF_E_TRANSFORM_NOT_POSSIBLE_FOR_CURRENT_INPUT_MEDIATYPE The requested operation is not supported for the currently set input media type.
0xC00D6D6FMF_E_TRANSFORM_NOT_POSSIBLE_FOR_CURRENT_MEDIATYPE_COMBINATION The requested operation is not supported for the currently set combination of media types.
0xC00D6D70MF_E_TRANSFORM_CONFLICTS_WITH_OTHER_CURRENTLY_ENABLED_FEATURES The requested feature is not supported in combination with some other currently enabled feature.
0xC00D6D72MF_E_TRANSFORM_NEED_MORE_INPUT The transform cannot produce output until it gets more input samples.
0xC00D6D73MF_E_TRANSFORM_NOT_POSSIBLE_FOR_CURRENT_SPKR_CONFIG The requested operation is not supported for the current speaker configuration.
0xC00D6D74MF_E_TRANSFORM_CANNOT_CHANGE_MEDIATYPE_WHILE_PROCESSING The transform cannot accept media type changes in the middle of processing.
0xC00D6D76MF_E_UNSUPPORTED_D3D_TYPE The input type is not supported for D3D device.
0xC00D6D77MF_E_TRANSFORM_ASYNC_LOCKED The caller does not appear to support this transform's asynchronous capabilities.
0xC00D6D78MF_E_TRANSFORM_CANNOT_INITIALIZE_ACM_DRIVER An audio compression manager driver could not be initialized by the transform.
0xC00D7148MF_E_LICENSE_INCORRECT_RIGHTS You are not allowed to open this file. Contact the content provider for further assistance.
0xC00D7149MF_E_LICENSE_OUTOFDATE The license for this media file has expired. Get a new license or contact the content provider for further assistance.
0xC00D714AMF_E_LICENSE_REQUIRED You need a license to perform the requested operation on this media file.
0xC00D714BMF_E_DRM_HARDWARE_INCONSISTENT The licenses for your media files are corrupted. Contact Microsoft product support.
0xC00D714CMF_E_NO_CONTENT_PROTECTION_MANAGER The APP needs to provide an IMFContentProtectionManager callback to access the protected media file.
0xC00D714DMF_E_LICENSE_RESTORE_NO_RIGHTS Client does not have rights to restore licenses.
0xC00D714EMF_E_BACKUP_RESTRICTED_LICENSE Licenses are restricted and hence cannot be backed up.
0xC00D714FMF_E_LICENSE_RESTORE_NEEDS_INDIVIDUALIZATION License restore requires the machine to be individualized.
0xC00D7151MF_E_COMPONENT_REVOKED Component is revoked.
0xC00D7152MF_E_TRUST_DISABLED Trusted functionality is currently disabled on this component.
0xC00D7153MF_E_WMDRMOTA_NO_ACTION No Action is set on WMDRM Output Trust Authority.
0xC00D7154MF_E_WMDRMOTA_ACTION_ALREADY_SET Action is already set on WMDRM Output Trust Authority.
0xC00D7155MF_E_WMDRMOTA_DRM_HEADER_NOT_AVAILABLE DRM Header is not available.
0xC00D7156MF_E_WMDRMOTA_DRM_ENCRYPTION_SCHEME_NOT_SUPPORTED Current encryption scheme is not supported.
0xC00D7157MF_E_WMDRMOTA_ACTION_MISMATCH Action does not match the current configuration.
0xC00D7158MF_E_WMDRMOTA_INVALID_POLICY Invalid policy for WMDRM Output Trust Authority.
0xC00D7159MF_E_POLICY_UNSUPPORTED The policies that the Input Trust Authority requires to be enforced are unsupported by the outputs.
0xC00D715AMF_E_OPL_NOT_SUPPORTED The OPL that the license requires to be enforced are not supported by the Input Trust Authority.
0xC00D715BMF_E_TOPOLOGY_VERIFICATION_FAILED The topology could not be successfully verified.
0xC00D715CMF_E_SIGNATURE_VERIFICATION_FAILED Signature verification could not be completed successfully for this component.
0xC00D715DMF_E_DEBUGGING_NOT_ALLOWED Running this process under a debugger while using protected content is not allowed.
0xC00D715EMF_E_CODE_EXPIRED MF component has expired.
0xC00D715FMF_E_GRL_VERSION_TOO_LOW The current GRL on the machine does not meet the minimum version requirements.
0xC00D7160MF_E_GRL_RENEWAL_NOT_FOUND The current GRL on the machine does not contain any renewal entries for the specified revocation.
0xC00D7161MF_E_GRL_EXTENSIBLE_ENTRY_NOT_FOUND The current GRL on the machine does not contain any extensible entries for the specified extension GUID.
0xC00D7162MF_E_KERNEL_UNTRUSTED The kernel is not secure for high security level content.
0xC00D7163MF_E_PEAUTH_UNTRUSTED The response from the protected environment driver is not valid.
0xC00D7165MF_E_NON_PE_PROCESS A non-PE process tried to talk to PEAuth.
0xC00D7167MF_E_REBOOT_REQUIRED We need to reboot the machine.
0xC00D716AMF_E_GRL_INVALID_FORMAT The GRL file is not correctly formed: it may have been corrupted or overwritten.
0xC00D716BMF_E_GRL_UNRECOGNIZED_FORMAT The GRL file is in a format newer than those recognized by this GRL Reader.
0xC00D716CMF_E_ALL_PROCESS_RESTART_REQUIRED The GRL was reloaded and required all processes that can run protected media to restart.
0xC00D716DMF_E_PROCESS_RESTART_REQUIRED The GRL was reloaded and the current process needs to restart.
0xC00D716EMF_E_USERMODE_UNTRUSTED The user space is untrusted for protected content play.
0xC00D716FMF_E_PEAUTH_SESSION_NOT_STARTED PEAuth communication session has not been started.
0xC00D7170MF_E_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER Insufficient memory for response.
0xC00D7171MF_E_PEAUTH_PUBLICKEY_REVOKED PEAuth's public key is revoked.
0xC00D7172MF_E_GRL_ABSENT The GRL is absent.
0xC00D7174MF_E_PE_UNTRUSTED The Protected Environment is untrusted.
0xC00D7175MF_E_PEAUTH_NOT_STARTED The Protected Environment Authorization service (PEAUTH) has not been started.
0xC00D7176MF_E_INCOMPATIBLE_SAMPLE_PROTECTION The sample protection algorithms supported by components are not compatible.
0xC00D7177MF_E_PE_SESSIONS_MAXED No more protected environment sessions can be supported.
0xC00D7178MF_E_HIGH_SECURITY_LEVEL_CONTENT_NOT_ALLOWED WMDRM ITA does not allow protected content with high security level for this release.
0xC00D7179MF_E_TEST_SIGNED_COMPONENTS_NOT_ALLOWED WMDRM ITA cannot allow the requested action for the content as one or more components are not properly signed.
0xC00D717AMF_E_ITA_UNSUPPORTED_ACTION WMDRM ITA does not support the requested action.
0xC00D717BMF_E_ITA_ERROR_PARSING_SAP_PARAMETERS WMDRM ITA encountered an error in parsing the Secure Audio Path parameters.
0xC00D717CMF_E_POLICY_MGR_ACTION_OUTOFBOUNDS The Policy Manager action passed in is invalid.
0xC00D717DMF_E_BAD_OPL_STRUCTURE_FORMAT The structure specifying Output Protection Level is not the correct format.
0xC00D717EMF_E_ITA_UNRECOGNIZED_ANALOG_VIDEO_PROTECTION_GUID WMDRM ITA does not recognize the Explicit Analog Video Output Protection guid specified in the license.
0xC00D717FMF_E_NO_PMP_HOST IMFPMPHost object not available.
0xC00D7180MF_E_ITA_OPL_DATA_NOT_INITIALIZED WMDRM ITA could not initialize the Output Protection Level data.
0xC00D7181MF_E_ITA_UNRECOGNIZED_ANALOG_VIDEO_OUTPUT WMDRM ITA does not recognize the Analog Video Output specified by the OTA.
0xC00D7182MF_E_ITA_UNRECOGNIZED_DIGITAL_VIDEO_OUTPUT WMDRM ITA does not recognize the Digital Video Output specified by the OTA.
0xC00D9C40MF_E_CLOCK_INVALID_CONTINUITY_KEY The continuity key supplied is not currently valid.
0xC00D9C41MF_E_CLOCK_NO_TIME_SOURCE No Presentation Time Source has been specified.
0xC00D9C42MF_E_CLOCK_STATE_ALREADY_SET The clock is already in the requested state.
0xC00D9C43MF_E_CLOCK_NOT_SIMPLE The clock has too many advanced features to carry out the request.
0xC00DA028MF_E_NO_MORE_DROP_MODES The component does not support any more drop modes.
0xC00DA029MF_E_NO_MORE_QUALITY_LEVELS The component does not support any more quality levels.
0xC00DA02AMF_E_DROPTIME_NOT_SUPPORTED The component does not support drop-time functionality.
0xC00DA02BMF_E_QUALITYKNOB_WAIT_LONGER The Quality Manager needs to wait longer before bumping the Quality Level up.
0xC00DA02CMF_E_QM_INVALIDSTATE The Quality Manager is in an invalid state. Quality Management is off at this moment.
0xC00DA410MF_E_TRANSCODE_NO_CONTAINERTYPE No transcode output container type is specified.
0xC00DA411MF_E_TRANSCODE_PROFILE_NO_MATCHING_STREAMS The profile does not have a media type configuration for any selected source streams.
0xC00DA412MF_E_TRANSCODE_NO_MATCHING_ENCODER Cannot find an encoder MFT that accepts the user preferred output type.
0xC00DA7F8MF_E_ALLOCATOR_NOT_INITIALIZED Memory allocator is not initialized.
0xC00DA7F9MF_E_ALLOCATOR_NOT_COMMITED Memory allocator is not committed yet.
0xC00DA7FAMF_E_ALLOCATOR_ALREADY_COMMITED Memory allocator has already been committed.
0xC00DA7FBMF_E_STREAM_ERROR An error occurred in the media stream.
0xC00DA7FCMF_E_INVALID_STREAM_STATE The stream is not in a state to handle the request.
0xC00DA7FDMF_E_HW_STREAM_NOT_CONNECTED The hardware stream is not connected yet.
0x00000000S_OK Success. Numerically equivalent to NOERROR.
0x00000000NOERROR No error. Numerically equivalent to S_OK.
0x00000001S_FALSE Success. Condition was FALSE.
0x0004022DVFW_S_DUPLICATE_NAME An attempt to add a filter with a duplicate name succeeded with a modified name.
0x00040237VFW_S_STATE_INTERMEDIATE The state transition is not complete.
0x00040242VFW_S_PARTIAL_RENDER Some of the streams in this movie are in an unsupported format.
0x00040245VFW_S_SOME_DATA_IGNORED The file contained some property settings that were not used.
0x00040246VFW_S_CONNECTIONS_DEFERRED Some connections failed and were deferred.
0x00040250VFW_S_RESOURCE_NOT_NEEDED The resource specified is no longer needed.
0x00040254VFW_S_MEDIA_TYPE_IGNORED Could not connect with the media type in the persistent graph.
0x00040257VFW_S_VIDEO_NOT_RENDERED Could not find a suitable renderer. Cannot play back the video stream.
0x00040258VFW_S_AUDIO_NOT_RENDERED Could not find a suitable renderer. Cannot play back the audio stream.
0x0004025AVFW_S_RPZA Cannot play back the video stream: format 'RPZA' is not supported.
0x00040260VFW_S_ESTIMATED The value returned had to be estimated. Its accuracy cannot be guaranteed.
0x00040263VFW_S_RESERVED This success code is reserved for internal purposes within DirectShow.
0x00040267VFW_S_STREAM_OFF The stream was turned off.
0x00040268VFW_S_CANT_CUE The filter is active, but cannot deliver data. See IMediaFilter.GetState in your SDK.
0x000D36D8MF_S_MULTIPLE_BEGIN This callback and state had already been passed in to this event generator earlier.
0x000D36FDMF_S_ACTIVATE_REPLACED The activate could not be created in the remote process for some reason: it was replaced with empty one.
0x000D4A42MF_S_SINK_NOT_FINALIZED The sink has not been finalized before shut down. This can cause the sink to generate corrupted content.
0x000D61ADMF_S_SEQUENCER_CONTEXT_CANCELED The context was canceled.
0x000D61AFMF_S_SEQUENCER_SEGMENT_AT_END_OF_STREAM Cannot update topology flags.
0x000D6D75MF_S_TRANSFORM_DO_NOT_PROPAGATE_EVENT The caller should not propagate this event to downstream components.
0x000D7150MF_S_PROTECTION_NOT_REQUIRED Protection for stream is not required.
0x000D7168MF_S_WAIT_FOR_POLICY_SET Protection for this stream is not guaranteed to be enforced until the MEPolicySet event is fired.
0x000D7169MF_S_VIDEO_DISABLED_WITH_UNKNOWN_SOFTWARE_OUTPUT This video stream is disabled because it is being sent to an unknown software output.
0x000D7173MF_S_PE_TRUSTED The Protected Environment is trusted.
0x000D9C44MF_S_CLOCK_STOPPED Timer::SetTimer returns this success code if call happened while timer is stopped. Timer is not going to be dispatched until clock is running.
0x400D3A98MF_S_ASF_PARSEINPROGRESS Parsing is still in progress and is not yet complete.
0x400D4272MF_I_MANUAL_PROXY The proxy setting is manual.

The LEADTOOLS Media Foundation toolkit returns error and success notifications to applications in the form of HRESULT values. A return code's LOWORD portion is the return code itself, in hexadecimal format.

The COM Win32 HRESULT documentation contains more information, including how to use the FAILED and SUCCEEDED macros to test return values.

Microsoft VB programmers will see only the decimal equivalent of the error code's first 16-bit portion. This value appears in an error notification dialog box or in the Err object as a run-time error.

If the error is not in the following list, you must convert the decimal number to its hexadecimal equivalent, and then look for the error as described previously. Note that the error's hexadecimal version will be a maximum of four digits long; to find the error, match the last four digits of the hexadecimal code in the error code list to the converted run-time error.

The LEADTOOLS Media Foundation modules will return E_EVAL_EXPIRED (0x80050010) if you attempt to create them after the evaluation period has expired.

The LEADTOOLS Media Foundation toolkit functions will often return error codes native to Media Foundation or DirectShow(legacy support). Please refer to the Microsoft Media Foundation SDK or DirectX SDK for specific information about error codes.

Some Multimedia components, will convert DOS error codes to 0x8003zzzz, where "zzzz" is the error code. For example, the DOS error code ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND (0x03) is converted to 0x80030003. For a complete list, see the GetLastError function in the Microsoft Platform SDK documentation.


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