CaptureInputs Class

Contains a collections of the capture device inputs.
public class CaptureInputs : IEnumerable<CaptureInput>, IEnumerable 
Public Class CaptureInputs  
   Implements System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable(Of CaptureInput), System.Collections.IEnumerable  
public ref class CaptureInputs : public System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<CaptureInput>, System.Collections.IEnumerable   

The CaptureCtrl object uses the collection to enumerate and select audio and video capture inputs. A CaptureInputs object is not externally creatable and is only obtained through the parent object's CaptureCtrl.VideoInputs property.

Some video capture devices (i.e. TV Tuners) also have audio inputs. For these devices, the CaptureInputs object controls both video and audio input selection. When a video device is selected, a list of matching video and audio inputs is created and held internally. For those video devices that don't have matching audio inputs, there is no need to be concerned about matching video and audio inputs.

For more information on controlling video and audio inputs, see the Microsoft documentation for the IAMCrossbar interface.


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