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Overview and description of Leadtools Mrc classes, delegates, enumerations, and structures.

Class Description
Class MrcSegmenter MrcSegmenter represents the main class that contains all methods needed to perform a full segmentation process.
Structure Description
Structure MrcCompressionOptions The MrcCompressionOptions structure contains compression information used with mask/picture segments and quality compression factor for the pictures area.
Structure MrcSegmentData The MrcSegmentData structure contains segment information.
Structure MrcSegmentImageOptions The MrcSegmentImageOptions structure contains segmentation options to control the auto segmentation process using the MrcSegmenter.SegmentImage method.
Delegate Description
Delegate MrcEnumerateSegmentsInfo Handles each enumerated segment. This delegate is passed as a parameter to the EnumerateSegments method.
Enumeration Description
Enumeration MrcCombineSegmentFlags Flag that indicates how segments will be combined.
Enumeration MrcGrayscaleCompression2BitCoder Flag that indicates the background (grayscale 2 bit) compression type.
Enumeration MrcGrayscaleCompression8BitCoder Flags that indicate the background (grayscale 8 bit) compression type.
Enumeration MrcImageFormat Flags that are needed to save the MRC image using the LEAD Proprietary T44 format.
Enumeration MrcImageListFormat Flags that indicate the formats of output files used in MrcSegmenter.SaveBitmapList Method.
Enumeration MrcMaskCompression Flags that indicate the mask compression.
Enumeration MrcPictureCompression Flags that indicate the background (picture) compression type.
Enumeration MrcSegmentImageFlags Flags that indicate the segmentation preference, whether to force segments to be 2-bit segments, and whether to search for background segments.
Enumeration MrcSegmentType Flags that indicate the type of segment.
Enumeration MrcT44ImageFormat Flags that are needed to save the MRC image using the Standard T44 format.
Enumeration MrcTextCompression2BitCoder Flags that indicate the text 2-bit compression type.

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