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MrcSegmenter Class Methods


For a list of all members of this type, see MrcSegmenter members

Public Methods

Name Description
Public Method AddSegment Adds a new segment manually and sets the segment information.
Public Method Clone Copies the segmentation object to another segmentation object with its data.
Public Method CombineSegments Combines two segments.
Public Method DeleteSegment Deletes a segment.
Public Method EnumerateSegments Enumerates the segments.
Public Method static  | Shared in VB GetPagesCount Gets the number of pages in an MRC file.
Public Method static  | Shared in VB LoadImage Loads an MRC image file into an image. The file can be in any supported image file format.
Public Method Save Saves the segments to a specific file.
Public Method static  | Shared in VB SaveBitmapList Saves MRC images contained in an image list to a file using the MRC LEAD, standard Proprietary T44 or PDF format.
Public Method SaveImage Saves an MRC image contained in an image to a file using the LEAD Proprietary T44 format.
Public Method SaveImageT44 Saves an MRC image contained in an image to a file using the Standard T44 format.
Public Method SegmentImage Automatically segments the specified image, finding the best segment combination without specifying minimum segment dimensions.
Public Method SetSegmentData Updates the specified segment.

Protected Methods

Name Description
Protected Method Dispose This member supports the Leadtools infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Protected Method Finalize This method overrides Object.Finalize. and it will stop the segmentation process.

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