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LoggingDBDataAccessAgent Class Methods


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Public Methods

Name Description
Public Method AddDicomEventLog Insert a new event log entry.
Public Method DeleteDicomEventLog Deletes an existing event log entry.
Public Method FindDicomEventLog Returns a Leadtools.Logging.Medical.DicomLogEntry specified by the event ID.
Public Method GetDicomDataSet Returns a DICOM dataset stored by an event log.
Public Method GetDicomEventLogIdsSum Gets the sum of the Event ID field for all matched event logs.
Public Method QueryDicomEventLogDataset Query the event logs based on the provided matching parameters and return all matching event logs.
Public Method QueryDicomEventLogID Query the event logs based on the matching parameters and returns the Event ID field.

Protected Methods

Name Description
Protected Method CreateDatabaseProvider Creates the database provider for connecting and working with DICOM Event Log database.
Protected Method CreateDefaultCatalog Returns the default Leadtools.Medical.DataAccessLayer.Catalog.ICatalog that is used for mapping matching parameters into database tables/columns.
Protected Method DeleteDicomDataSet Deletes the Leadtools.Dicom.DicomDataSet file in the given path.
Protected Method GetDicomDeleteEventLogCommandText Get the SQL statement for deleting an event log with an Event ID
Protected Method GetDicomEventLogColumnValueCommandText Gets the SQL statement for querying a column in the DICOM Event Log table based on the provided Event ID.
Protected Method GetDicomEventLogDatasetQueryCommandText Gets the SQL statement for querying a single DICOM Event Log based on the provided event ID.
Protected Method GetDicomEventLogIDsQueryCommandText Gets the SQL statement for querying the Event Log ID field for all matching DICOM Event Log.
Protected Method GetDicomEventLogIDsSumCommandText Get the sum of the ID's for all matching DICOM Event Logs.
Protected Method UpdateTable Performs a batch update on a DataSet.

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