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DICOMServerEventLogDataTable Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property ClientAETitleColumn Gets the Client AE Title System.Data.DataColumn.
Public Property ClientHostAddressColumn Gets the Client Host Address System.Data.DataColumn.
Public Property ClientPortColumn Gets the Client Port System.Data.DataColumn
Public Property CommandColumn Gets the DICOM Command System.Data.DataColumn
Public Property Count Gets the total number of DicomEventLogDataSet.DICOMServerEventLogRow objects in the System.Data.DataTable.Rows collection.
Public Property CustomInformationColumn Gets the Custom Information System.Data.DataColumn.
Public Property CustomTypeColumn Gets the Custom Type System.Data.DataColumn
Public Property DatasetColumn Gets the System.Data.DataColumn from a Leadtools.Dicom.DicomDataSet.
Public Property DatasetPathColumn Gets the DataSet path System.Data.DataColumn
Public Property DescriptionColumn Gets the Description System.Data.DataColumn.
Public Property EventDateTimeColumn Gets the Event Date-Time System.Data.DataColumn.
Public Property EventIDColumn Gets the Event ID System.Data.DataColumn.
Public Property Item Gets the DicomEventLogDataSet.DICOMServerEventLogRow at the specified index.
Public Property MessageDirectionColumn Gets the Message Direction System.Data.DataColumn.
Public Property ServerAETitleColumn Gets the Server AE Title System.Data.DataColumn.
Public Property ServerIPAddressColumn Gets the Server IP Address System.Data.DataColumn
Public Property ServerPortColumn Gets the Server Port System.Data.DataColumn.
Public Property TypeColumn Gets the event type System.Data.DataColumn

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