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Overview and description of Leadtools Medical Workstation Loader classes, delegates, enumerations, and interfaces.

Class Description
Class CellClonedEventArgs Provides data for the MedicalViewerLoaderBase.CellCloned event.
Class DicomInstanceCellSeparator Separates the MedicalViewerCells based on the DICOM Information.
Class DicomInstanceInformation Provides information about an image in a Leadtools.Dicom.DicomDataSet.
Class LoaderStatusMessage Contains information for specific MedicalViewerLoader status messages.
Class MedicalViewerCellCreatedEventArgs Provides data for the MedicalViewerLoaderBase.ViewerCellCreated event.
Class MedicalViewerCellCreatingEventArgs Provides data for the MedicalViewerLoaderBase.ViewerCellCreating event.
Class MedicalViewerCellRequestedEventArgs Provides data for the MedicalViewerLoaderBase.MedicalViewerCellRequested event.
Class MedicalViewerLoader Loads an image series and information about it and initializes a Leadtools.MedicalViewer.MedicalViewer control.
Class MedicalViewerLoaderBase Loads an image series and information about it and initializes a Leadtools.MedicalViewer.MedicalViewer control.
Class OverlayTag Provides information about the overlay tags displayed on the Leadtools.MedicalViewer.MedicalViewerCell.
Class OverlayTagCollection Represents a collection of OverlayTag objects.
Class ProgressEventArgs Provides data for the MedicalViewerLoaderBase.ProgressState event.
Class RequestedImageUpdatedEventArgs Provides data for the MedicalViewerLoaderBase.RequestedImageUpdated event.
Class SeriesLayout Provides information used to display a series in the Leadtools.MedicalViewer.MedicalViewerCell.
Delegate Description
Delegate ProgressEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the ProgressState event of the MedicalViewerLoader.
Interface Description
Interface IMedicalViewerCellFactory Provides an interface for retrieving a specific cell that corresponds to a Study InstanceUID and Series Instance UID.
Interface IMedicalViewerCellProvider Provides an interface for creating a new Leadtools.MedicalViewer.MedicalViewerMultiCell.
Enumeration Description
Enumeration DisplayMode Specifies the cells to be created and the type of images they will contain.

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