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MedicalViewerLoaderBase Class Methods


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Public Methods

Name Description
Public Method CancelLoadSeries Sets the CancelLoading to true.
Public Method static  | Shared in VB ClearExtractedEncapsulatedPDFFiles Deletes all extracted PDF files from the workstation.
Public Method CloneCell Returns a copy of the _cell_.
Public Method Close Stops loading images into the Leadtools.MedicalViewer.MedicalViewerMultiCell control.
Public Method CopyCellTags Copies the overlay tags from _cell_ to _destinationCell_.
Public Method ExtractPDFData Extracts PDF data from the specified DicomDataSet's encapsulated document tag to a file on disk.
Public Method FindDisplayedCellInstanceInformation Finds the instance information for the image displayed in the specified cell.
Public Method FindSeriesCells Returns an array of Leadtools.MedicalViewer.MedicalViewerMultiCell controls which the provided series is loaded in.
Public Method GetDicom Returns a DICOM instance for the provided SOP Instance UID.
Public Method GetSeriesImages Returns the path of the Leadtools.Dicom.DicomDataSet files which are loaded in the provided Leadtools.MedicalViewer.MedicalViewerMultiCell control.
Public Method GetSeriesInstanceInformation Returns the series instance information for a given loaded series.
Public Method LoadSeries Loads a series of images and related information into a Leadtools.MedicalViewer.MedicalViewerMultiCell controls.

Protected Methods

Name Description
Protected Method Finalize Closes this instance of the MedicalViewerLoaderBase.
Protected Method GetImageInformation Returns the Leadtools.MedicalViewer.MedicalViewerImageInformation for a Leadtools.Dicom.DicomDataSet
Protected Method GetInitializedCell Returns a new Leadtools.MedicalViewer.MedicalViewerMultiCell used to load a series images into.
Protected Method GetPDFImageInformation Gets information about the specified PDF file.
Protected Method OnCellCloned Raises the CellCloned event.
Protected Method OnLoadingCompleted Called when the MedicalViewerLoaderBase finish loading a series in the LoadSeries(String,String) method.
Protected Method OnLoadingStarted Called when the MedicalViewerLoaderBase start loading a series due to a call to the LoadSeries(String,String) method.
Protected Method OnMedicalViewerCellRequested Raises the MedicalViewerCellRequested event.
Protected Method OnViewerCellCreated Raises the ViewerCellCreated event.
Protected Method OnViewerCellCreating Raises the ViewerCellCreating event.
Protected Method RetrieveImages Returns the path of the Leadtools.Dicom.DicomDataSet images for the provided series information.
Protected Method SeriesImagesUpdated Disposes the specified Leadtools.Dicom.DicomDataSet in a study.
Protected Method SetCellImage Sets an image requested by a Leadtools.MedicalViewer.MedicalViewerMultiCell and applies any display processing that is required.
Protected Method SetCellRequestedImage Called when a series Leadtools.MedicalViewer.MedicalViewerMultiCell raises the Leadtools.MedicalViewer.MedicalViewerCell.FramesRequested to set an image for display.

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