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Overview and description of Leadtools Converters classes, and enumerations.

Class Description
Class D2DRenderer Provides support for rendering raster image using DirectX components.
Class LTBitmapHandleConverter Converts a CGImageRef to and from a BITMAPHANDLE object.
Class RasterImageConverter Converts a LEADTOOLS RasterImage to and from an image object.
Class RasterImageRenderer Renders a LEADTOOLS RasterImage into the surface of Windows Runtime WriteableBitmap or HTML Canvas objects.
Class RasterImageRenderProperties Controls the speed, quality, and style used when rendering a RasterRenderBuffer object into a RasterImage.
Class RasterRegionConverter Converts between a LEADTOOLS RasterRegion and Android android.graphics.Path object.
Class RasterRenderBuffer Destination buffer information required for rendering a source RasterImage. Can be used to render an image to a Windows Runtime WriteableBitmap object or HTML Canvas.
Enumeration Description
Enumeration ConvertFromImageOptions Options for converting an Android android.graphics.Bitmap to a LEADTOOLS RasterImage object.
Enumeration ConvertToImageOptions Specifies options for converting a LEADTOOLS RasterImage object into an Android android.graphics.Bitmap.
Enumeration ImageIncompatibleReason Indicates the reason why a LEADTOOLS RasterImage object is not compatible with android.graphics.Bitmap.
Enumeration RasterImageRenderDisplayModeFlags Contains value that controls the speed, quality, and style of rendering operations.

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