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The Leadtools.Jpip.Server assembly provides classes and methods for creating a server for the remote transfer of JPEG2000 images using the JPEG2000 Interactive Protocol (JPIP) protocol.

Key Features

LEADTOOLS JPIP Client/Server Architecture

LEADTOOLS JPIP (JPEG 2000 Interactive Protocol) client/server architecture allows very large, compressed JPEG2000 images to be stored on a server. In addition, the client can specify the image resolution for a transmission, as well as quality and region of interest (ROI) attributes. This allows client applications to interact with a stored image without transmitting the entire image, or decoding the entire image code-stream. The server and client components include a number of options for controlling this image streaming and decoding.

The LEADTOOLS JPIP assemblies comprise high level components that developers can easily plug into enterprise client/server applications, making it possible to immediately start streaming high-resolution images under low HTTP bandwidth connections.

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